Superpay Me – pocket money anyone?

Superpay Me review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: free to join
Website: www.superpayme.com

Introduction: What is Superpay Me?

Superpay Me is a Get Paid To website that pays you to fill out online surveys, complete offers, complete simple online jobs, view websites and view videos. Some opportunities have a monetary value and others have a points value.

There is also an affiliate program where you earn 20 points for referring others and then 25% of your referral’s income.

So let’s have a closer look inside and see whether Superpay Me has anything of value to offer.

What is Superpay Me

Who is Superpay Me for?

Anyone that is looking for a little extra income. The most important word here being “little”. This will be pocket money and not a substantial addition to income.

Pros and Cons for Superpay Me


  • Free to join
  • $1.00 cash out threshold
  • Payments made instantly to Paypal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon Gift Cards
  • Points are instantly and easily transferable to cash
  • Live chat with other members and moderators are available to help
  • Can see live what other members are completing and the value
  • Can see what other members are cashing out
  • Available in lots of countries
  • Can refer people and earn points and commission
  • The top 20 highest earners for a period of 3 months each win a cash prize
  • You can see who the top earners are for the current 3 month period and for previous 3 month periods


  • Very low earning potential
  • Although you can join Superpay Me from lots of countries, if you are not in USA, UK, Australia or Canada you will struggle to qualify for surveys and some offers
  • They charge 2% for the Paypal expenses
  • The points are deceptive, 1 point equals $0.01 and some of the Pay To Click offers and Video Views are 0.0001 of a point…
  • A lot of the opportunities are completing offers, which can be very unappealing. You have to download applications, go for free trials (but enter your credit card details) or actually buy things online to qualify.

Can you make money with Superpay Me?

Well once again we are looking at what your definition is of making money. Yes you can make money but it will not be much and you will need to put a lot of time and effort into this.

If you look at a Pay To Click offer where you earn 0.0001 point, but 1 point is $0.01 you will be clicking until retirement age before you can cash out your $1.00! There were pay to click ads that had monetary amounts of $0.001 too, but really that is also going to take a while to get to your cash out amount.

I suspect the best way to make money with this is to get referrals.

There are some people making some money through this, as you can see from this screenshot below the highest earner for this 3 month period (and December is only half way through) has made $1 266 so far. And of course if he stays the top earner he will then make another $350 on top of that.  I guess that is a decent amount of extra income, but remember this is not the norm, I am sure that most people don’t make that.

Is Superpay Me a scam

Is Superpay Me a scam?

Superpay Me is not a scam, just another low paying Get Paid To site.

I chatted to a couple of people in the live chat and they think Superpay Me rocks. Everyone I spoke to said they received their payments instantly and have not had problems with this website.

My Verdict for Superpay Me

I’m not sure exactly which way to go with this one. I liked the transparency within their website, you can see exactly what is going on and chat to other members and moderators.

I can see there is the potential to make a bit of extra income, that is clear but I am sure this is from referring people. I sincerely doubt that the top earner has made that $1 266 clicking on ads that pay 0.0001 points each! If you have a website and use this opportunity as one stream of income this could perhaps be a nice thing to add.

I have added my affiliate links in this post, if I make any money that way I will share and let you know.

Otherwise I spent about 3 hours on their website this evening and all I earned was a measly $0.72 which I can’t even cash out because I didn’t reach the cash out threshold of $1. So I certainly don’t recommend trying this unless you are going to go for affiliate marketing!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

Superpay Me review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: free to join
Website: www.superpayme.com



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  1. Hey there,

    Vet clear and nice review of Superpay. You’re good at clearly expressing your opinion and describing wether the site is worth the time or not. The Get Paid To websites are honestly not really worth the time, as I remember in the past, I tried dozens of them and like you said – you better live in US, UK, Canada or Australia.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Julius

      Yes I find that a big challenge for me living in South Africa, a lot of the online opportunities are not available here. Then again a lot of them are time wasters or scams, so maybe it is a good thing!

  2. Hello Lyn, I love the review that you made about that “Superpay Me”. Even though I haven’t run onto this product yet I certainly be fully aware whenever I come across with this.

    I have been offered before of some click for cash sites that some people are referring to. But the problem with it is majority of them scams. Thanks to the reviews that the likes of you make. Best of luck. 🙂

  3. Most of this kind of sites are just a business for the owners. They get the real money from their clients and just share penies with their websites users.
    This one has a really low Treshold, but work half day for 1$ can only be worth for some people living in poor countries. Other sites have a treshold that 99% of users never reach.
    In addition, I agree that the only way to make money in this site is by referals. However, if someone want to promote an affiliate product, it’s thousand times better to focus in products that gives you bigger profit with each sale.

    • Hi Carlos
      Most definitely! Another point about this opportunity that bothers me is that to get a lot of referrals to it you would probably need to cover up all the negatives and exaggerate the positives so you get a lot of referrals, this is the only true way to make anything from this. I don’t like being dishonest about these opportunities. So I put my referral link in here, BUT I told everyone is is really a waste of time. This is not looking good for me to get referrals, but I don’t feel comfortable promoting this and being dishonest.

      There really are much better ways to earn money online.

  4. Hi Lynne.

    I recently used Superpay Me because I was about £5 short of something I needed to pay for. I did manage to earn the £5 from this website but it took me 3 or 4 days of obsessive survey taking and offer completing.

    If you have lots of free time and are not bothered by low earning potential, this website is pretty cool. For everyone else it’s really not worth it!

    Great review though. You hit the nail on the head.

    • Hi Hannah
      I’m sure that took up a lot of time and effort! But well done, when you desperately needed that cash you managed to get it from Superpay Me… So it could be an emergency option 🙂

  5. Hi Lynne
    I’ve never heard of SuperPay me,so thank you for sharing.
    When we work online most of the day, chances of running into them are so much easier.
    In general, I don’t even try doing surveys anymore. Besides the fact that I felt they are timewasters (low payout for allot of my valuable time), I don’t have time for them anymore either – what I’m learning at Wealthy Affiliate keeps me busy enough.

    • Hi Linda
      Oh yes I agree with you 100%. Why waste time for hardly any money when you can build a profitable business instead? And it is a lot more fulfilling that mind numbing clicking all day!

  6. Hi Lynne, thanks for all the info and your time to check this one out. Based on your review I’ll be sure to avoid Superpay Me. 1 point = $0.01 is just ridiculous!

    • Yes, it is crazy Stacey. But I do think people don’t really take much notice of that sort of thing in the beginning. It is only when you wonder why you have no money and no points after a couple of hours that you look closer lol!

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