5 Tips On How To Start A Business With No Money

In this post, we will be sharing 5 tips on how to start a business with no money. You don’t always need a huge lump sum of cash to take the plunge and start doing your own thing. There are various ways to start a business by using your talents, available resources, and limited capital. Keep reading to find out more.

5 Tips On How To Start A Business With No Money

1. What Can You Get Or Do For Free?

Often it is easy to think of limitations and obstacles that prevent you from starting a business. And in many instances, it’s even more challenging to see the opportunities that you already have access to and can take advantage of, because you’re so focused on the money issue.  

Think about what you can do right away. If you’ve already built up an inventory of homemade goods or crafts that you’re looking to sell, you can start by selling them on platforms like Etsy. Or, if you have a specific skill set that allows you to offer a service, why not create a Facebook page to advertise your services? Free design platforms like Canva are excellent tools for creating advertisements without spending a dime.

Operate your business from home at first until you’ve built up the funds to hire business premises or convert a room or garage into a home office.

2. Start Saving Whatever You Can For Expenses

Not all of us have a big fat savings account that we can tap into to launch a business. However, you are going to need some cash for expenses. When drafting a business plan, you need to look at how much money you’re looking to spend and the amount of revenue you are likely to generate. Be realistic with yourself about the time it will take before you start seeing a profit. 

Create a goal for yourself to start saving whatever you can every month until you’ve built up sufficient funds for living expenses during the first months after starting your business. This way you can put all your focus and devotion into your business to make it a success, without worrying about how you’re going to pay for things like rent or food.

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3. Ask People Close To You For Additional Funding

It can be hard to lean on family or friends when you need extra money. But keep in mind that you are not asking for a donation. If friends or family have access to funds and are supporting your business, they will be more than likely to lend you the money, especially if you have a solid business plan. Borrowing additional funds from friends or family can be a more affordable option since you can negotiate with them about repayment terms.

4. Apply For a Business Loan

If you have no friends or family that you can ask for extra cash and you are already operating on a tight budget, you can opt for applying for a business loan. There are various options available with favorable terms that suit your individual needs. Some online lenders are more lenient in their requirements. Just be mindful of high interest rates and only consider loans that you know you can pay back within the specified timeframe. Another option is to apply for a credit card to use on an as-needed basis.

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5. Look For Possible Angel Investors

Angel investors become an option when you’re looking to scale your business to beyond just you. Unlike venture investors or outside firms, angel investors use their personal funds to back your business. Many of them are entrepreneurs themselves and can make excellent mentors. They’ve already started a business from the ground and can give you valuable business tips and tricks to help you make a success of your business.


We hope you have found this post about how to start a business with no money useful and that you will consider some of them when you are ready to start doing your own thing. 


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