SMS Marketing – 6 Things You Need To Know To Get Started

Phones have become indispensable to us in recent years and with all the advances in technology our phones are our go to place for everything. Instead of needing to cart around a laptop we can use our phones.

What is the very first thing that you do every morning? Chances are you check your phone first thing before you even get out of bed – according to research 1 in 4 adults check their phones within 1 minute of waking up and 80% of smart phone users check their phones before brushing their teeth in the morning.

Text Messages Have The Best Engagement

Of all the marketing methods SMS marketing tops them all when it comes to open rates. Text messages are usually read immediately while email messages can sometimes be left unread for days, if they are opened and read at all.

This means that if you are not taking advantage of SMS marketing you are letting mobile engagement slip through your fingers.

Make Sure You Have An Opt In

It is essential to ensure that you have a written opt-in so that customers can easily opt in and opt out. It is not legal (or ethical) to send unsolicited text messages.

Track Your SMS Marketing Efforts

Make sure you choose a company that offers excellent analytics so that you can track your customer’s actions every step of the way, including delivery, open and click rates.

Time Your Text Messages

Make sure to send your text messages at the best possible time. Since your customers look at messages immediately track your engagement levels and find the best time when your customers are most likely to be responsive. This is often late afternoon or in the evening but it could be different depending on your target market.

Send Short Actionable Messages

You have 160 characters so make them count. Keep your sentences short and have one goal in mind. Adding too much information is not going to give the best results. Have a clear call to action for your customers.

Be precise in your message and avoid any unnecessary prattling.

Make sure to use words such as “Buy” and “Purchase” in your messages so that your readers understand right from the beginning and are more likely to take that action.

Ways To Make Use Of SMS Marketing

There are many ways to use text messaging to your advantage including:

  • Sending your subscribers exclusive offers
  • Offering coupons to subscribers – which means customers have to sign up to take advantage
  • Drip Campaigns – these are automations that get sent out according to how long a customer has been a subscriber – for example new subscribers get 5% off coupons, one month subscribers get 10% off and subscribers that have been with you longer than 2 months get 20% off – this gives your customers a reason to subscribe and to stay opted in.
  • Set up a poll – this is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers in a more fun way and it can provide you with valuable information about your customers buying habits and product preferences.
  • Run a giveaway – this encourages customers to sign up and for current subscribers to engage.

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