7 Tips To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

The goal of a business should always be to run as productively and efficiently as possible to ensure that it is not losing money or wasting essential resources.

One of the ways to increase the earnings of your business is to look at ways to make your business run more efficiently. You may think that there is not much that can be done to increase your business’s productivity but there are in fact many ways to maximize your output.

7 Tips To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

7 Tips To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Automate As Much As You Can

Initially it may cost more to automate certain tasks, but in the long run consider how automating monotonous tasks will free up your time and the time of your employees.

You want to focus your time and that of your staff on the things that require a personal touch and critical thinking, rather than the monotonous things that can be automated.

Make Your Website Work For You

Yes many businesses only need a very basic website, however there are many ways to make your website more functional and to automate a lot of your business’s processes.

There are many ways to make your website work for you from taking taking online reservations, having an online store, having a chat bot that can handle most of your customer’s queries and an email subscribe form which will give you a way to contact your customers to send them news, special offers and more.

Stop Multi-tasking

Many people feel that being busy with multiple tasks at one time makes them more efficient but this has not proven to be the case. Make sure to put all your focus on one project or task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next item.

Make sure you and your employees focus on single-tasking rather than spreading your energy and attention between many things at a time.

Business Efficiency

Limit Interruptions

It is not easy for anyone to work with constant interruptions to their thought processes and the current task at hand. Make sure to schedule time to actively work on tasks without any interruptions.

Make sure to assist your employees to work without any distractions too and make it easy for them to work without interruption by introducing tools and apps that keep active work time completely distraction free.

Promote Good Company Culture

Creating a good company culture will help to alleviate work stress and create a workplace that is a positive place for you and your staff.

When employees enjoy their jobs and the challenges that come with their work productivity will be at its best. It will not be necessary for employees to work long hours and overtime if they are highly productive at work, which in turn will allow them to have a good work family balance.

Having a good company culture also means promoting open communication. Having employees that feel safe and secure talking about any concerns they have and giving feedback is essential to having an efficient business.

Batch Meetings Once A Week

It is fantastic for you to connect with your employees every day and to have regular meetings, however having disruptions every single day with long meetings is going to be disruptive and make getting through work tough.

Hold a 10 minute daily meeting every morning to quickly shoot through the priorities of the day and keeps everyone informed. This also reduces the need for unscheduled meetings that distract from productivity.

Keep all other meetings for a specific meeting day each week to keep other work days open and distraction free.

Make Use Of Task Management Software

When working in a team it is essential to make use of task management software such as Trello or Asana. It keeps all communication and progress of projects in one place that is accessible to everyone.

This makes it easier for everyone to work efficiently, track the progress and stay on task.


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  1. I really wanna appreciate you for this great article, I have some growing business and this post definitely render a lot of helps, especially multi tasking, that is what i often do, i always thought that i can handle many things once, and get a lot down within a short period, though some times it comes out good, and other times i mess up, thanks for this, its a master piece, i wish many entrepreneurs can see this, i think i have to try those software… thanks again.

  2. I really appreciate the article. I can actually use those tips you have provided not only for my side online business, but also for my permanent work. With all the working loads, it’s not about the hours you are doing that matters, but the hours you do effectively and efficiently. I will certainly use some of the method you have suggested to improve my productivity and hopefully output. Great work!

  3. The third and fourth points are so important (not that the rest aren’t, but in my opinion those 2 are critical).

    At the beginning, you may multi-task, as it is normal for a brand new business with only one or a couple employees, but you must learn to delegate tasks, so you can focus on other ones.

    And the interruptions, all that wasted time, could be a business killer in the end. Put away your phone, restrict social media if you have to. Focus on what you have to do and do it now. Do not wait

  4. This is a very useful list for people like me who are just starting their small business (an online business in my case). I also find it much better to focus on one task at the time rather than multi-tasking. For reach task that you perform, you need to give it your best if you want your business to be solid. Multi-tasking often leads to wasting energy and not achieving the same results as focusing on one task at a time. I also liked that you mentioned Task Management Software. I am just getting acquainted with Asana. 

  5. Keeping your small business running efficiently is really important and you have given up some valuable tips to make this happen here in this article. Automating is one of the crucial things to do in order to save time.

    I also like your tips on having a ten-minute meeting daily to get through the priorities and the use of apps to keep your employees all on the same page.

    Just curious if you have any ideas on how to minimize distractions, as this seems to be a big problem, and I am sure if we could come up with ways to get rid of distractions, we could get so much more work done?

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