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In truth, it’s always been hard to answer the question, ‘What gaps in the market seriously need filling?’ It’s for this reason that a lot of people tend to stick to the mold and develop their own purely online businesses specialising in e-commerce, or become more clothes retailers and interior designers. However, whilst these are all viable business options, it does leave some other sectors neglected in their need to be advertised. So what kind of startups that require heavy duty skills and servicing are required in today’s world? Here’s a few ideas.

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Architectural Needs

Whether it’s because we need more town planners or people able to design buildings around a green energy or affordable themes, starting an architecture firm can mean you’re in high demand and scoped out for the big and best projects. Often you can do it from the ground up, and making sure you have all the necessary permits is the main worry for keeping your startup on its feet.

When there’s plenty of real estate on the market to go around, there’s less of a competition. Follow in the footsteps of architecture firms like Pond and work across all sectors to service people and council needs, and give those of us who can’t afford to buy our own homes or struggle with paying bills on top of rent a better chance of keeping a roof over our heads.

Pharmaceutical Companies

The world is ill, a lot of people can agree on that, and not enough is being done to service the people who need help the most. That’s where you could come in. If you’re just out of college with a biomedical degree or you specialise in chemical engineering, you could fit this gap perfectly with your own brand of research into new cures and vaccines.

Big pharma is a sector that works on both good and bad lines. First of all, they deliver much needed medicines and preparatory items to people able to afford them in countries where healthcare costs money, and make them readily available in countries where it doesn’t. However, this works against them in a big way, as a lot of the time the ones in need are those who can’t afford the astronomical climb in surgery prices. More and more startups are then needed for these people to turn to when they’re in trouble, as it’s often at a cheaper price and offers more options than mainstream companies.

Clean Energy Research

There’s enough clean energy around the world that could put a stop to using fossil fuels and lower the global warming level by incredible amounts. However, people are not aware of this, so having more and more local startups who specialise in researching and fitting clean energy solutions is necessary to better local communities.

You service both people and the environment at once, and set yourself apart from other companies in your area. There’s a slight lack of competition in this sector, so it’d be good to capitalize on.


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