Should I Develop An App For Android Or iPhone?

If you are currently thinking of creating an application for your business, the main question you may have asked yourself is which format you will create the app for. There are plenty of different platforms out there, but android and iPhone are the two main contenders for your software application. But which one should you choose for your application?


It is very difficult to build an app which works at a good level on more than one type of device, it is hard enough to do it for one platform. Due to the complex nature of different devices, managing to build a version of your app which works perfectly on all platforms is near impossible. This is why you will notice some apps will release one version and then another on a few months later. The waist you need to ask yourself is which one do you want to build first.

The world of ios and android app development is complex, therefore choosing between the two is a decision which will mean looking at different factors.

1. Asia, Africa or South America

if you are building an app for any country in these regions, you will be looking to go for Android because many people struggle to afford Apple products, so more people tend to use android devices such as Samsung.

2. In app purchases or a one off payment?

Generally if you are looking to offer in app purchases for your customers, apple is a better option because more apple users will go for spending more as they use the application. Android users don’t steer towards in app purchases as much so if you are looking for a stand alone fee, this could be the best option for you.
3. Retail app

You may have already guessed this, but iPhone users are more likely to make purchases using apps on their phone than android users. This could be because apple products tend to appeal to those with a higher income and therefore they have the extra money to spend

4. Paid apps and ones with in app purchases

As we’ve already discussed, Apple has the advantage here.

5. Cost

The cost of developing an app for either of these platforms is going to be pretty similar, however designing an app for android can sometimes be a little more expensive due to the high range of devices you will be suiting it for. Apple is the only producer of iPhones so the cost is slightly less.

6. Games and Photography

For these types of apps, both of the platforms are fairly similar in their suitability for you. However it could be argued that android is a better option for these types of apps because they tend to be free and have in app advertisements. It can also be because there are some android phones which have larger screens and better camera quality than the iPhone, which will appeal to the users because they have apps they can use for their phone specifically.


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