Should Dallas Enterprises Invest in AWS Training?

Dallas is a major center for businesses, including tech businesses. It’s a city where professionals move fast and companies are always innovating. Competing here isn’t easy for professionals or companies, and doing so demands familiarity with the latest and greatest tools for the work that you do. That’s why you need to know about the cloud and AWS. So what exactly are they?

Understanding the cloud

Competing in the Dallas market means staying efficient, and the internet age has given businesses unprecedented tools with which to do that. Cloud services can give businesses new capabilities and make existing tasks much easier. But how do they work?

In essence, the cloud is just lots of servers and computers connected to the internet. With secure data being sent back and forth quickly, these servers and computers make it easy for remote users to upload files and data, then and access them easily from anywhere. Or, users can perform taxing computations without needing the computing muscle on their local computer.

These capabilities seem to come out of thin air — the “cloud” — and they can change everything for tech and non-tech businesses alike.

AWS and the cloud computing services market

AWS is short for “Amazon Web Services”, and it’s the tech giant Amazon’s take on cloud services. AWS offers a wide range of tools for businesses: it’s useful for cloud storage, data transfer, databases (including those using database management systems like MySQL), mass emails, and more.

AWS isn’t the only cloud services option: Google, Microsoft, SAP, and others are in this business space as well. But AWS is a very big deal — it held roughly a third of the cloud services market share in 2018, and its huge profits have helped make Amazon a very rich company.

Is AWS the right fit for Dallas businesses?

Dallas is a hub for all kinds of businesses, from tech enterprises to financial services companies. But the diversity of businesses here is no problem for AWS, which has something to offer companies of virtually any size and type.

Dallas enterprises should take a good, hard look at AWS and think about the ways in which Amazon’s cloud services branch might be able to help their businesses grow. AWS might be the right choice for your business; if so, here’s how to get started.

Amazon doesn’t have a fixed price for AWS. Instead, Amazon offers various plans at different price points, allowing each of its enterprise customers to choose the plan that makes the most sense for their size and type of business. As you check out the plans, you’ll want to think about how your business will use AWS, and to what degree. Choose the plan that gives you everything you need, but nothing that you don’t.

Just because businesses can benefit from AWS doesn’t mean that every employee is well-versed in the services and how to use them. Job candidates that are already highly familiar with AWS may be out there, but they may be costly hires, especially for companies that are creating new positions just to handle AWS-related tasks.

But it’s crucial to make sure that your business’ team members are ready to make the most of the services you’re spending money on — which is why your Dallas business needs Dallas AWS training. Proper training will turn your team into AWS experts and give you a tech-savvy crew without forcing you to back into the hiring market.

Combine great employees with powerful AWS tools, and you’ve got a recipe for staying ahead of the game, especially in the competitive market out here.


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