SEO Tool Reviews

I will be sharing my SEO Tool Reviews to help you make the best choices for your online business success.

There are plenty of online SEO tools and services. Ranging from Free tools to paid services. Some of these SEO tools are brilliant and will make running your online businesses so much easier.

I have also come across plenty of online SEO tools that look great but are actually detrimental for your online business.

There is a lot of information out there on what you should be doing to make your online business successful, and everything you read will be contradicted elsewhere.

Black Hat vs White Hat Techniques

Some services will help rank your website, however you need to know the difference between using Black Hat techniques and White Hat techniques. Black Hat techniques are dubious and yes, they might rank your website today, however in the long term these methods can damage your business.

White Hat techniques are the methods I will recommend, these methods take a little longer and require more work but will have long term results for your business which is what you are wanting to achieve.

SEO Tool Reviews

These SEO Tool Reviews are my own opinion from my personal experience.

Here are some of the SEO Tool Reviews I have done:

Please leave a comment below if there is a service you are curious about and I will happily review it for you.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Nice review…Up until reading your post i though all SEO tools were the same and provided same results.

    It’s a great eye opener to know that some SEO tools don’t produce great results but rather adopts black hat methods which will hurt one’s online business in the long run.

    Thanks you for sharing this.

    but what SEO tool will I suggest I use?

    • Hi Fidel

      Yes it is quite scary what some people get up to! I am currently using Monitor Backlinks. They monitor my keywords and the links to my website. I find them great so far. I will be adding a review on them soon 🙂

  2. Hi Lynne – Short and sweet review. There are a lot of dubious SEO review companies out there. I have fallen fowl to some of these in the past.
    SEO is an important part in the success of any website so all information is gratefully accepted.
    Personally I would add a bit more information and expand a bit on black hat and white hat SEO.

    • Thanks for the advice Mark, I never thought of explaining that! I really appreciate your input, thanks for visiting.

  3. Hello
    I did not know that SEO tools provided different results.To be honest l was not even sure what the difference between White or Black SEO was.
    One thing i want to ask, as a new website woner,what if i used black hat,ranks quick then switch to white hat,will it still affect my site in the long run?thanks for your answer

    • Hi Roamy

      I would advise to stay away from Black Hat techniques completely. I know we all want our websites to rank quickly, of course we do! However if you use any dubious techniques you might find that Google penalizes your website, if this happens your website may as well not exist! It is just way to much of a risk to take.

      I know it is hard to wait for results, but rather do it the right way and have long lasting results than put your online business at risk. I will be writing more articles on Black Hat vs White Hat techniques which will help you understand the difference, so come back soon.

      Kind Regards


  4. I had no idea some SEO tactics could actually damage your business. Great explanation! I am new to website building and internet marketing. What tool would you recommend for a beginner like me? I have no ventured out much with tools as it is overwhelming with so many search results when you try and Google it. I am also not in a position to pay very much. Are there any good free tools?

    • Hi Heather

      Oh yes so many things could damage your business, check out these two articles on black hat techniques (that you want to stay away from) and also white hat techniques.

      The rule is simple, just stay away from anything that looks like a short cut. So things like article spinners where you basically steal someone else’s content and paste it into an article spinner and it rewrites for you so it is not duplicate…., does this sound honest and nice? Obviously no, so this would be a black hat technique 🙂 Buying backlinks, dangerous! Buying social followers, dangerous!

      Just stick to writing good content (yourself), promoting it in ethical ways and being true to yourself. You’ll be fine if you do this.

      I recommend a good place to learn how to work online (such as Wealthy Affiliate), an email autoresponder (such as aWeber) and a great keyword research tool (such as Jaaxy). Those 3 things will take you a long way. Yes they are paid tools but they are essential to your success.

      There are lots of other things you can use but I recommend those as the top 3 things you need and cannot do without.

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