SEO Secrets For Beating Google At Its Own Game

So, we all know that your very existence online is governed by the Gods of Google – a wrathful deity with the power to send your site skidding down the ranking should you dare to cross it.  Google wants customers, just like you do.  As such, it’s Google’s job to present its customers with relevant and high quality search results – that’s what it does.  As a business, you no doubt have SEO strategies in place to try to make your site more visible – that’s what you do.   Here, we’ll let you into the secrets of beating Google at its own game in order to score top ranking.

Quality over quantity

He sees you when you’re sleeping……..there’s very little that gets past Google; including the practice of churning out huge amounts of mindless content to try to increase visibility.  Google will always prioritise original, high value content – and it’s taught its algorithms to weed out low value content and send the good stuff spinning up the ranks.  For this reason, it’s always better to produce a few engaging, high value pieces of content rather than 20 rubbish ones. At Ultimate Banners (the pull up banners builder), we know very well how important it is to get the right message to the right people – at the right time.

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Sharing is caring

Kind of like a nosy neighbour, Google keeps an eye on who’s looking at your content and, who is actively sharing it.  All shares and likes get added to the mix but, celebrities and influencers are the high scorers if you’re looking to improve your ranking.  Make sure you share your content across a number of social media platforms and encourage engagement in order to see some results.

What’s in a word?

Despite what you may have heard, keywords and phrases are still very much relevant when it comes to Google ranking.  This means that it’s time to stop leaving your keywords to chance and invest in a tool which will help you find the high value words and phrases for your brand, product or service.  When using keywords on your page or site, don’t forget to name images too.

The missing link

It’s great that your brand is represented on multiple platforms but, that’s not quite enough.  To make sure that you’re optimising your visibility and SEO, you need to make sure that each and every one of your platforms is linked.  Not only that but, you need to make sure that each platform is populated with great content as, linking to an empty Facebook page or Twitter feed is just bad user experience.

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Pleased to meta you

He knows if you’re awake……….Don’t listen to those who tell you that Google doesn’t use meta tags for indexing.  Although this isn’t Google’s biggest priority, it’s still used to a certain extent.  Make sure that your meta description is interesting, SEO optimised and, most importantly, accurate.  Don’t even think about trying to ‘trick’ Google with your meta description – you won’t win.

No prizes for runner up

There are those who try to solve the content conundrum by simple sharing the bejeezus out of other people’s hard work.  Guess what?  It doesn’t work.  The crafty folk at Google are onto this and will mark the first person to post the content as the original owner – and rank accordingly.

Although it is nigh on impossible to ‘trick’ Google’s algorithms, by using these few tips, you can make sure that you get on its good side – and start climbing to that coveted number one spot.

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