SEO Diamonds: Boost Site Visits To Your Business

With around ⅔ of all internet users never scrolling past the first page of online results, being on that first page is pretty darn important! Luckily good SEO will get you there, but what doe that actually look like? Well, while it’s a wide topic with many nuances you can get some little nuggets that will help improve your business SEO by reading the post below.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is all about how optimised your site is, allowing it to rank high in the naturally. To have great onsite SEO your title’s, keywords, content all need to contain the right phrasing that will bring people looking for your products or services to you.

Something that can help you with this is to use a keyword trending tool, as this can show you phrases that are related to your areas of specialism are popular. Choose ones in the medium range for the best effect as these will be effective in getting you pushed up the ranks. Although, you won’t have to fight too many other tops sites using them to get to page one.

Boost site visits SEO

Off-site SEO

Offsite SEO is all of the search engine optimised that you engage in that isn’t directly on your site. This means content placed with bloggers, on forums, and on other platforms like Youtube and social media pages.

Engaging, high-quality content designed to answer reader questions and offer advice for specific niches it much more helpful here that promotion our generalized writing. Something you can read more about online.

Backlinks are so crucial for two reasons. The first is that it can lead potential customer directly to your form the article or content they are using. Secondly, and more significantly, useful content with keywords and links positively affects how the search engines rate your site, making it easier to rise through the ranks to that all important first page.


Technically PPC or pay per click advertising isn’t SEO because you pay for site visits rather than get them naturally. However it does all you to be placed on the first page, so it’s still an important tool to get people to visit your site.

To help you with this it can be useful to get some expert PPC management of your campaign. Something that will ensure that you get the best returns for the money that you spend. After all, there is no law against using both strategies to increase site visits. Just make sure that you have put in place ways to convert those visits into actual sales, and don’t let them slip through your fingers.


Lastly, for a real increase in site visits don’t forget to optimise for mobile use. This is vital because a large proportion of people surf the internet on their smartphones as opposed to traditional PCs or laptops. That means you will want to appeal directly to this audience and provide them with as much access as possible. Otherwise, you will unnecessarily lose out on-site visits that your SEO or PPC could be the directing to you.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. great article about how important SEO is. It’s quite amazing what page 1 and page 2 can mean both in term of traffic and revenue when you get into this.

    Two things I want to add though (correct me if i’m wrong) — backlinks now a days are not very important to google anymore. I know back in the day they were, but I think they had an update making them carry less value.

    Secondly about making ur website mobile friendly, I think most themes do that now a days — but it never hurts to get ur phone out and see how ur website looks on it. 🙂

    Great article again.

    • Hi Michael

      Actually I beg to differ on the backlinks, I believe that they are still incredibly important. I know that if I build some good quality backlinks to my websites it makes a massive difference still. There was a time when any backlink would do, but that is no longer the case, now backlinks must be very carefully built.

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