Semalt Review – Using Blackhat Techniques?

I came across Semalt while searching for keyword monitoring tools online. I decided to give it a go because of the $0.99 trial and of course because they promised to rank my website! But what is Semalt really and are they worth your money? Let’s check out some Semalt reviews and see for ourselves what is happening here.

Semalt Reviews
$0.99 30 day trial, $99 per month for Auto SEO, Analytics Package and Full SEO Package pricing is dependent on the features chosen.
Can’t find this information and I am not surprised!
Overall Rank:
00 out of 100
Verdict: Blackhat Techniques, Detrimental to your Website!

Introduction: What is Semalt?

Semalt is a company that offers website SEO promotion, website analytics and video promotion.

What is Semalt

Here is a video from Semalt explaining what they do and it looks really nice and professional. What do you think? Impressed? For me this looked great and I was keen to get started when I first came across them.

During the trial I found their keyword monitoring service really nice and enjoyed the weekly reports which showed the changes to all my keyword rankings. In the Auto SEO package they also provide a backlinking service which at the time I found nice.

Semalt review
However towards the end of my trial I decided the $99 per month to watch my keywords wasn’t what I was prepared to pay. I emailed Semalt and said I was not going to subscribe. They immediately offered me a price of $67 instead as they wanted me to see my keywords ranking in the second month as during the trial I wouldn’t see the full effect.

I fell for this and decided to stay with them for another month. The fact is that my rankings did go up significantly. I saw 12 keywords hit no 1 that month.

It was during this time that I learned that backlinks are not always great for your business and it is better to do it naturally yourself rather than trust someone else to make those decisions for you.

I started searching for Semalt reviews and what I found worried me.

I contacted Semalt before the end of the 2nd month and cancelled. I was then warned that if I do that all my backlinks will be immediately removed and my rankings will drop. I told them to cancel anyway. The day my subscription came to an end I had a look at my profile in Semalt (which I can no longer access to get a screenshot unfortunately) and the 600+ links they had “built” for my company disappeared with immediate effect.

So how can links that are naturally built just disappear into this air with immediate effect? This is when I started getting more than a little concerned and I started doing some research. What I found really irritated me because I was at that time a newbie to online marketing and I had believed them. I really felt conned and upset.

Semalt does not offer whitehat technology as claimed!

As you can see from the screenshot above they claim to have whitehat technology for link building. Whitehat link building means it is done manually. How can 600+ links immediately disappear?

Not only that but later on in my online journey I came to realize that back linking strategies are just plain outdated anyway!

According to what I could find out online about Semalt is that they hijack thousands of computers to launch a referrer spam campaign. Not exactly ethical is it?

The Semalt Crawler


Semalt Crawler

If you Google Semalt crawler online you will find lots of complaints about Semalt appearing in referrer traffic. These are bots and give you a skewed view of your Google Analytics. It can also affect your bandwidth costs.

You can go to your Filter on Google Analytics to remove them from your reports, check this video on how to do that properly.

Here is another interesting thing, you can also apparently go to their website and request your website gets removed from their crawler. How bizarre is that? I mean they are like saying to you hey we have referrer spam, do you want to be taken off? I don’t trust anything about Semalt so I don’t know whether going this route on their website is a good idea or not!

So would you trust this website and put your website address here to get removed from their crawler?

The Semalt Crawler

Semalt’s Address

Semalt AddressIf you type in the Ukraine address into Google you will find that this address is registered to another company and not Semalt. The other address in Florida is an office block, however I seriously doubt anyone there knows anything about them.

Is Semalt a Scam?

Yes, I believe so. They are dishonest, they use shady techniques, they send our referrer spam all over the place and their methods can damage your website. And for this they charge $99 per month? There is nothing nice about that.

Is Semalt a scam?

My Verdict for Semalt

Stay away from this company. Everything I learn about them shows them to be dubious! When I searched on Wikipedia for Semalt guess what came up? They were referenced in referral spam!

So if you want to work online and you want your website to rank well just stay far away from Semalt. There are really great ways to get your website to rank and to get traffic, it just takes some time and effort to do this. You don’t have to be an internet marketing expert either.

Here are some simple ways to get your website ranking and to get traffic, see no costs involved!

19 Tips to get your website ranking higher

Free Traffic? Here’s how to get it!

How to do keyword research for content marketing

How to write effective content for your website

How to write SEO juicy content

And be sure also to check the difference between White Hat and Black Hat methods!

If you want to learn how to set up your online business and be taught the right way to do things, then please visit my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on Semalt and very interested if you have had some personal experience with them!

Semalt Reviews
$0.99 30 day trial, $99 per month for Auto SEO, Analytics Package and Full SEO Package pricing is dependent on the features chosen.
Can’t find this information and I am not surprised!
Overall Rank:
00 out of 100
Verdict: Blackhat Techniques, Detrimental to your Website!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the warning.

    A very interesting experience. Have your website rankings dropped back with the removal of the backlinks?

    Personally I did use an auto-posting software for a while, but stopped after the latest Google update.

    So if you’re not using seo services, how do you improve the performance of your content in Google?


    • Hi Richard

      Nope, my rankings actually stayed. But I have been doing a lot of work my side which I think made a difference. I had a few keywords on no1 already, 12 were added during the time I used Semalt and I do think that had a lot to do with what they were up to. A few dropped a few down and I managed to get them back up to no1 again.

      Main way to increase rankings is to write good content, choose great keywords and keep adding new content on a regular basis.

      I also comment on niche related websites when I get the time.

  2. Hello Lynne Good review of Semalt (a company I have never heard of – probably a good thing ha ha ) and you spell out your experience with the very well. Sounds very much like they are using robots /generating traffic to get your rankings up especially if it can drop off so fast when you stop…

    Any way I applaud your efforts to keep your readers up to date with what to watch out for Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hi! Thanks for the warning about this surely dubious company… Very unethical indeed to claim white hat techniques that are no doubt very black hat. I have one question for you: Could it be that if you visit there site and add your URL you actually alert them to your site? Maybe I’m being paranoid here, but sometimes it’s better to be on the suspicious side…

    • I did some searching and a number of people said they had Semalt appear in their analytics and once they submitted their request via Semalt’s website to have them removed they were removed. Although it would make me wary to do that too. With a company like that I would be nervous with anything!

      If Semalt is not showing up in your analytics I certainly wouldn’t alert them to you by adding your URL on their site!

  4. Hello Lynne. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and also putting us on guard. There are many dubious people out there who engage in sharp practices and whose only aim is to rip off unsuspecting and innocent people of their hard earned money.
    I have always known that using all these softwares for the purpose of SEO ranking may initially help but eventually may end up ruining the prospect of one’s website.

    • It is a pleasure Sam, thanks for stopping by. Yes I was disappointed to find out that they were using the wrong techniques to rank me and I tell you something it is still very tempting to carry on because when you have page 1 keywords it really feels good.

      But honesty is the best way to go forward and also to engage in ethical business practices at all times too.

  5. I know all about Semalt and it’s spammy techniques because my Google Analytics account has tracked hundreds of hits on my site from Semalt! Not only does the site affect your traffic statistics, but it also increases the bounce rate too which I find very annoying, to be honest.

    I have had to add multiple filters and block Semalt from being displayed on my Analytics reports.

    For this reason, I do not trust any products or services that Semalt offers, and it just shows the owners go to any lengths to get traffic to their site (including spamming Analytics accounts).

    Thanks for a great review though 🙂


    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for your input. I have heard about that and wondered what it is all about. I am just sad that I didn’t know what they were about before I tried their services!

      Kind Regards


  6. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks so much for warning us about this. It’s very tempting for website owners to try to find ways to increase their website ranking using third party programs. We all get dispondent from time to time when we just can’t get pages and posts to rank. That’s where these companies capitalize.

    It’s not ethical as you say. The fact that you pay for them to effectively ruin the reputation of your website means that you are totally dependent on them to maintain your rankings. The minute you cancel, you lose all that support and your reputation with the search engines is damaged to boot.

    Thanks for the review – i’ll definitely be staying away from this one!

    • Hi Paul, yes this was a learning experience for me as a relative newbie starting online trying to rank my website. I was already a few months in using them before I realized they were using dubious techniques. I think that is one of the biggest problems online, these scammers and black hat marketers can easily trick unsuspecting people before they realize what is happening.

  7. Hi, interesting article, this is the sort of thing I’d be very tempted to get involved in myself, as moving up in the rankings is something that does take time and can be deflating when you think you choose quality keywords – and then don’t rank for them. Do you know of any third party programs with a similar aim that are any good? Or do you think it just comes down to creating good content and targeting the right keywords? thanks

  8. Very informative articles. I love the way it is clear and straight to the point. Your website have a natural flow and nice to look at. I look your free e-book idea. I think it’s great to offer it to other bloggers to help them out. Your reviews are very honest and genuine. Also liked your page on pocket money. I think a lot of people get caught up in them because they are so inexpensive but the time invested is not worth it. Great website.

    • Thanks Lana, I am glad you’ve enjoyed my website. I agree with the pocket money opportunities and that is why I put them together. So many people think you can make a full time income from those, probably because that is what people claim…

  9. Thanks for Sharing and warniing us from semalt. I used semalt for regular rank checking. I found it good and had no any negative impact feel after it. But as you said they do black hat SEO, then I want to deactivate my account from semalt.com. Please suggest me how can I get out of it? and blocking in Google analytic is only way to stop semalt from harming our ranking and visits? or is there any other options to do so..

    Thanks in advance for helping me.

    • Hi Dipali

      Oh yes I suggest you do get far away from them. Like I said I was also caught out by them and fortunately I had no negative effect on my websites. The thing is that although you have no negative effect now, it could catch up with you at any time.

      Once you have stopped paying Semalt that should stop the problem, they will stop doing work on your website and adding backlinks.

  10. Wow! I really, really appreciate your review on Semalt. I’ve heard of Semalt and their ability to boost your Google keyword rankings. From your experience, it does seem like Semalt is a bit of a scam. I suppose that if the income you generated from the #1 keyword rankings was greater than the amount spent on the subscription it would make sense. But it seems like there are so many other ways that an online marketer could generate the same results.

    • Like I said my rankings DID improve, but I believe the ways that they do this are black hat techniques so page 1 today maybe, but where will you be tomorrow? It is really much better to keep with doing things the right way, it will take more time but when you start ranking you will stay there.

  11. I had not heard of this company. I already knew that backlinks were no longer as effective. But if not for your review I might have at least taken them for a solid company

    If they had come to me with mysterious claims of white hat techniques I would certainly have given them a listen.

    Glad to say I won’t be getting any experience in dealing with them!

  12. This is very informative Lynne.

    I’m currently doing a trial period with them. Nothing bad so far as you’ve said.
    I got suspicious when I try to cancel and they’re offering discounts. I out rightly told them I’m cancelling because of the cost and it’s not the best strategy for me right now, but they keep coming back with a lower offer.

    Another grey area was the fact that they said they’ve built backlinks for you, but you can’t verify where exactly.

    I think I’m just going to ignore them and deal with the consequences, if any.

    Thanks once again

    • Hi Samuel

      I would avoid Semalt if I were you, like I said I was with them but there is just so much that I found suspicious. If you need SEO work why not rather try out an online market place like SeoClerks?

      You will have all the control and you decide what work you want done on your websites, plus it won’t break the bank either with a massive monthly fee either 🙂 You can request that sellers give you reports so you can see what is happening with your links.

    • There are various ways to rank a website Guest. There are blackhat techniques which will ruin you and there are whitehat techniques. So yes you choose how you want to get yourself ranked and the risks associated with this.

      It appears Semalt uses dodgy techniques and I certainly won’t risk my websites.

  13. Hi, nice article Lynne. But I already using this semalt autoSEO for $0.99. And it expires within 8 days. After reading your article I want to unsubscribe from this autoSEO. But I don’t see any unsubscribe button. So can you guide me how to do it.

    • Hey Sandeep. I honestly can’t remember how I did it, but I do know that I exchanged a good few emails with support. There is a good chance that I just emailed them to cancel, give that a go 🙂

  14. WOW – don’t even know what prompt me to check out semalt seo reputation. I used semalt trial stage for one month and i must say, i saw great result. I was Planning to used them again when i have the money to subscribe for full seo, but with what i have read here, i don’t think i will try such. Please check my blog and do a little review on what i should correct.

    • Hi Sammy

      Yeah I would stay away from any black hat techniques especially after the latest recent Google Update! I will send you some feedback via email.

  15. Yes Semalt has one of the worst customer service. They charge you 99$ without even giving you an option after the trial if we want to continue. And when asked for cancellation and reimbursement of that 99$ they talk to you very rudely and are ready to tell any lame reason to not reimburse that amount. So be very careful folks and never ever signup to their services as I personally feel they are a fraud company. Their backlinks are just a big waste and inturn will harm your blogs. Take care

  16. Hi Lynne,
    I were working in this company for six months and I can tell you a little bit more:)
    They are not a “blackhat” SEO company (as you wrote) – this is “grey” SEO. Semalt is using technical backlinks that are not visible for different scrawlers and AutoSEO is absolutely useless because it gives too light effect.
    In case if you choose their more expensive services – FullSEO – they will start more complex and effective works including on-site optimization, text writing, etc. But you might not see the desirable result – I mean first page of Google Search Engine for numerous keywords.
    My personal opinion – you won’t harm your website, but you will waste a lot of money without any guarantee.

    • Well opinions differ and my opinion is that Semalt uses black hat techniques. You know if you order SEO services from someone and they create backlinks for you, if you stop ordering services from that person then the links that have been built should stay. That is only right. Imagine all those links just disappearing immediately? I can promise you something is not right with that. It is unethical and I am sure that using methods like this will be dangerous for your website. Google is continuously updating and trying to prevent black hat techniques.

      I would much rather hire an SEO freelancer as and when I need work done, than pay through my teeth for dodgy services.

  17. Hello Lynne I came across this post while I was searching for some semalt review. I am not satisfied with my current SEO and $0.99 is really tempting for me as well. Fortunately, I found this post and I will not use them even if it is free

  18. I just started my first month with this company a week ago, before reading your post of course. Thanks for the info!

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