Run Around Businesses That Can Be Run From A Computer

Having your own business is a great successful step for you! Yet there is a way of taking it further: make it digital. Being on the computer is the best way for anyone, customer and contractor alike, to find what they need. Therefore, if you have a business, you should be moving it to the computer. However, a computer is usually a stationary object and isn’t used in all lines of work, yet digital marketing and client booking is a strong modern day method of keeping your business running efficiently and effectively. Here are a few ideas on the kind of traditional run around businesses that can be made better or easier when being run from a computer.

Businesses that can be run from a computer

A Painting and Decorating Service

Having a painting and decorating service won’t cost too much to start up, and the necessary items you’ll need are some paints, brushes, ladders, and a contractor’s license. You’ll also need to be able to drive, but that’s a life skill almost everyone has. However, it can be run from your own computer at home. As a commercial painter, using an online business to find clients and have them easily book appointments is a great way to accumulate business. You can start out doing odd jobs for neighbours and family members and have them leave reviews online, as that’s how everyone find something these days.

Babysitting or Nanny Service

More and more families nowadays are having to hire nannies or babysitters due to increased work hours and all family members bringing in a wage. Yet it’s still quite hard to find a babysitter either at short notice, or at an affordable rate. Having a digital system to keep track of your employees and what they’re currently doing makes it a lot easier for clients to find a babysitter at short notice and hire them long term as their schedules and prices are immediately set out. You can also set out references immediately on your front page, and clients will be greeted with them as soon as they look for you, rather than needing to ask.

A Resale Business

This can be done from usual selling sites like Ebay, and means you can buy products and sell them on. You can bend the rules slightly and make your own products, which takes more skill but is a great investment and can turn you a bigger profit than the other ventures. Otherwise you could use an established model like dropshipping, which means you’ll need a contract with a manufacturer. This can all be done via computer, and means you only sell as much as you can keep in your house,  which saves you wonders on storage.

So none of these business types require a specific office space or a permanent building! An advantage of this is that it gives you the ability to move around and be ultimately flexible. Even better is the digital element, as this can be easily redesigned and redefined to suit you or your market.


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