Review of My Online Business Empire (MOBE): this one is nasty!

Review of My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: prices vary per product
Owners: Matt Lloyd
Website: www.myonlinebusinessempire.com

Introduction: What is My Online Business  Empire?

My Online Business Empire claims to offer the best training available for you to start your own online business. They offer their own training as well as training from other successful online marketers.

What is My Online Business Empire

Who is Matt Lloyd?

Well it depends who you are asking. If you go by the My Online Business Empire website Matt is a self made millionaire. He is a college drop out that made his first million dollars by the age of 25 and is now worth about $80 million. Of course in true guru style he wants to help everyone else also make their millions.

What are other people saying about Matt Lloyd?

Some of the nicest things said about him are that he is dishonest and a scammer. There are so many complaints online about him where someone has queried something or requested a refund (which he claims on his website he will do!) and he has actually gotten rude and insulting towards these people. So much for customer care or any type of service!

Who is Matt Lloyd

So what training does My Online Business Empire offer and what does it cost?

Well if you look on their website you will see loads of training products available. The prices differ depending on the product. Some are once off prices for the training modules and some are recurring fees. Quite frankly the prices are high, especially since looking at the products most of these things you can learn online by yourself or for a much less fee.

The other thing that disturbs me quite a lot is that a lot of the training claims to make you lots of money in a very short amount of time. This is very unrealistic and yes perhaps some people have made lots of money in a short amount of time, however this is not the norm and I sincerely doubt you will manage this. Sorry, but I have to be honest here and give you the bare facts!

Here is a product by Matt Lloyd called MTTB (My Top Tier Business) which is a 21 step training program to making a 5 figure income in the first year. This product comes at a once off price of $47.

MTTB price


So here is what I have heard about this product:

  • Firstly you won’t get your 21 steps! After step 5 you are blocked from accessing the rest of the steps. You have to buy a $1997 MOBE license upsell to continue. This is just so wrong!
  • With the rest of the steps they just try and sell you more dodgy products. There is no training here.
  • There are only “2 steps” how to make money. Generate leads for MOBE and MOBE will pay you when they sell things to those leads. You will be paid commissions for doing nothing.
  • Once you have completed your “training” you must promote this to your network to drive traffic to them.
  • They interview you and have you sign a non-disclosure agreement!
  • On their website they it says there is a 60 day  money back guarantee plus $500 if you are unhappy. The truth is if you try and get any money back Matt Lloyd will be rude and insulting to you!

MTTB money back guarantee

So what is this really then? Well before I go there I just want to look at the affiliate section so it will all come together for you.

My Online Business Empire Affiliate Program

So to become an affiliate marketer for MOBE you have to pay them a monthly fee of $19.95. This to me is just rotten policy, really if you want someone to promote your products and make sales for you, just let them do it, don’t bill them a monthly fee for the privilege of working their ass off for you!

That is just for starters!

You have to actually purchase products before you can start to market them.

If you do want to try this out and make any money from it you will be needing to spend an absolute fortune first.

So what exactly do you think this business really is?

My Online Business Opportunity affiliate program


Is My Online Business Empire a Scam?

Hell yes! Can’t you see it? The evidence is all there.

The products are rubbish, geez they aren’t even real products. All they do is send you to buy more “products”.  Then you have to go out and get other people to buy into the BS and that is how you earn money. This is nothing but a cleverly disguised ponzi scheme.

Is my online business empire a scam


My Verdict for My Online Business Empire

This one really stinks for me because there are none of the bright flashy lights that scream out it is a scam. The website is professional, the images and products look quite real. I can certainly see how someone would fall for this one.

Please stay away from this, I know it maybe looks nice and promising but you will be so disappointed. This website is dishonest and unethical.

The worst part for me about falling for this one is that when you contact Matt Lloyd to ask for your money back you will be personally insulted on top of losing your money, being disappointed and wasting your time.

Review of My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: prices vary per product
Owners: Matt Lloyd
Website: www.myonlinebusinessempire.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,
    I’m so glad that you put it out there. I was considering to join MOBE months ago. It seemed promising to help me earn big commission and some other mouth watering benefits. So I dug some info about it, and bam you’re right, “this one is nasty”. They claim you can make over 10k instantly. Well you can if you’re willing to invest 25k upfront and then scam other people with the same model. making money online is a practical way of living but it doesn’t have to be unethical. I believe there are legit programs out there to help people earn a living online with integrity. keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Dwi, geez that was close, so glad you didn’t get caught!

      Well done for investigating further, I wish more people would do that. It would certainly save a lot of people.

      Yes I agree with you on that, making money online can be done, and it can be done in an honest and ethical way too! The problem is that there are so many scammers out there and it is so easy to get caught. They really target the people that believe they can make a fortune over night. As soon as people start realizing that you need to work hard to earn money the better.

  2. Hi Lynne, excellent review, I’m sure you will save many readers from making a huge mistake. These scams really piss me off! Honest hardworking people, just trying to make a better life for themselves, and they’re cheated out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Hopefully thanks to reviews like yours these people will be out of business, no longer able to prey on the innocent.

    • Hi Hindy, that is exactly it. Honest people, trying to find their way online will easily fall prey to this one. People that have been online for a while will easily spot this, but newbies that are just starting out will fall for this one I am sure! The website has a nice professional feel to it, the products look great on the surface of it at least…

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Your review of MOBE is just spot on. If you are a “guru” or a self-made millionaire and you are interested in helping people to also become successful like you, why do you have to take so much money from them before you help.

    This is absolutely selfish on the part of MOBE, they take so much from you but you are still not guaranteed success. If you are at the top, you don’t help people who are already there, you help people who are down and desire to be up there with you, now that is true success. What MOBE does is to help people who are already rich to become richer.

    If I have that much of money you are requiring from me before you help me achieve success, why in the world would I pay you that much to be trained when there are better, affordable training I can receive some where else to make money online.

    I find such programs bogus. You have just help somebody to avoid this scam.
    Thank Lynne for this review.

    • Hi Douglas, thanks for sharing your views on MOBE, I really agree with you there are some other gurus claiming that MOBE is great and that immediately tells me that they are probably also scammers. I am checking out some of the “gurus” that are supplying MOBE with training and will give some interesting reviews there soon.

  4. hi Lynne
    I have to agree that Online Business Empire seems like a bunch of crap! Sorry just the truth. I mean I absolutely despise that type of businesses, where everything they say is basically false. Just ridiculous. The false promises and the freaking upsells. Promoting “products” that are not really products and annoying the crap of anyone who knows you while doing so. You are right, there is no money to be made here at all and Matt Lloyd does seem like a scammer.

    • Hi Emily, thanks for popping by again. Yes Matt Lloyd seems like a truly shady character after everything I have read about him online. So true what you said, the dishonesty involved is truly disgusting with this type of website!

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative review of My Online Business Empire. I will steer away from MOBE.
    It is despicable that MOBE lure people into their dishonest business by offering products that will make them a vast sum of money in a short time and then charging these people an arm and a leg on top of it!
    I have fallen to scams before and now I am more aware of what to look for. If somebody offers a lot of money (which we all want) in a short time that is a tell tale sign of a scam!
    They have a guarantee to entice you. Do you really think that MOBE will refund you $500 if you complete the course and don’t make a commission? It sounds great that they say that but in reality I think not!

    Thanks for warning us!

    • Hi Dinh, I agree with you on the guarantee. I guess it is supposed to make people feel like they can trust MOBE. If they are so confident in their system working they will not only refund your payment but give you $500 too… well the truth is you will get nothing but a personal insult if you try and get your money back!

  6. Hey Lynne,

    I came across MOBE some time back. At that time I just got out from another scam Empower Network. I think they operate about the same way except that MOBE have much higher end offering.

    And fully agree with your findings… anyone who claims that you can make 10k instantly… Stay Away.


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