5 Real Ways to Earn Money Online

ways to make money onlineAre you looking for some real ways to earn money online? There are a number of fun and interesting opportunities I have come across in my search for great ways to earn money online.

I know I am so sick and tired of coming across online scams so I am sure you are too. Here are some real ways to earn money online and I will include the cons about each one too.

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

There online survey companies that will pay you for your opinion. Don’t quit your day job for this though as the pay is very little.

Make sure you research the survey company well and look for reviews before registering.

Unfortunately just like every earn online opportunity there are many scams out there as well as time wasting survey websites!

My personal opinion on taking online surveys is that they just don’t pay enough, however there are lots of people that really enjoy this opportunity!

If you are looking for a good survey company to try out my recommendation is Clixsense. You can make money doing surveys, clicking on ads, completing tasks and offers. I have made some nice side income from Clixsense.

Offer Services Online

You can sell services online such as graphic design, online marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming and technical services.

Check out Fiverr, this is a great platform to showcase your services. I have not yet had the time to review Fiverr but it is in the pipeline!

Make Money Testing Websites

Yes there are companies that will pay you to view and give feedback on websites. Companies need to know how users interact on their websites and they are willing to pay for this.

The standard pay per test is $10 and it usually takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

User Testing is a great website to register with for this type of work, view my review here. I will be adding plenty more websites once I have personally reviewed them.

Make Money Blogging

Make money bloggingIf you enjoy writing and you are good at it why not earn from it? There are websites you can send your articles to that will pay you if they publish your article.

Listverse will pay you $100 for your list of 10 things if they publish it. It isn’t as easy at just listing 10 things, the post must be about 1500 words long and you must explain why each item is on your list.

The Dollar Stretcher pays $0.10 per word, which can mean a really great income per article.

There are plenty more websites that pay for your articles, just do a search online and find something that fits your passion!

Just remember that you are only paid for an article that is published, so you might end up putting some work in that does not get published.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote products and services and earn commission on sales, clicks or leads generated.

This is the online business opportunity I highly recommend to anyone looking to make a decent amount of money online.

This is ultimately your own business, unlike the above options where you are dependent on working for someone else.

If you choose to make money blogging why not blog on your own website instead of submitting your articles to someone else’s website?

Firstly your article might not be accepted, and secondly you can reap all the rewards yourself.

Click here if you want to learn all about affiliate marketing and building your very own online business.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Thx for this Ive learn about new website my favorite part new niche to make money online business will pay you $100 for your list of 10 things if they publish it. It isn’t as easy at just listing 10 things, the post must be about 1500 words long and you must explain why each item is on your list.

    The Dollar pays $0.10 per word, which can mean a really great income per article. good idea 🙂

    • Yes List Verse and the Dollar Stretcher are great, just remember though that they only pay if they publish your content! So make it good. Have a look at articles they have already published so you know what they are looking for before you send anything in to them.

  2. Gotta check out these sites-10 cent a word means $50 for 500 words! Never thought such a thing existed.

    • Hi Ben, yes do a bit of searching online. There are quite a few websites that will pay you to write for them. Just keep in mind that they only pay if they publish your article, so make sure you know what they are looking for. Read published articles on their websites to see the style that they enjoy and make sure you send in something great otherwise you will be working for nothing.

  3. Excellent sharing of information here. Anyone looking to make any sort of living online would be well served to stop here. Even your ads are loaded with info associated with your blog. I’m still learning and this is a great place to learn. Thank you!

    • Hi Lenny

      Happy to help you along the way! If you sign up for my newsletter you will be more guided in how to make money online 🙂

  4. Hi Lynne, you’ve got a great site with interesting content. I detest online and offline scams as much as you do. I learned a lot from your article on real ways to make money online. Testing websites and earning from your writing the way you described it was new to me – I will certainly check them out. Great job.

    • Hi Henning

      Yes user testing can be a nice way to make some extra income. It is usually just $10 per test but this past Friday was a lucky one for me, I made $50 doing a 30 minute test for Userlytics! Sometimes you get really lucky!

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