Promote Your Video Content Online Using These Smart Pro Tips

You think of advertisement, you think of videos. That’s the impact that promotional video content has created all over the advertising industry. Be it an entrepreneur working with a skeletal team in a small room or a booming business giant extending their empire – video promotion is something everyone goes for. With the advent of search engine optimization, video production has seen another boom in the industry, a boom that has catapulted marketing to new extremes.

From an age where videos were meant solely for entertainment to the contemporary era where entertainment is just a camouflage for marketing, videos have come a long way. If you have a good content video, be it a product based or an entertainment based one, you must have a look at the following tips to promote it over the internet:

Blogs: Replacement or Addition?

One might argue with the fact that videos have now replaced blogs to promote web content. However, blogs still play an important role as an addition to video promotion. How? Let’s see:

  • While it might hold true that videos have replaced well-written blog posts for online media promotion, one can use blogs in the description of the videos which the user is promoting.
  • Adding tag-like blogs would do a great deal in highlighting your content, as it helps in SEO. It becomes easier for customers to reach your video by using the relevant content within the blog with appropriate keywords.
  • The tag-content can have a summary of what your video is all about, like its genre, the message (if any), fun factor any other relevant information that might increase the number of impressions on your content, which would mean greater lead generation.
  • You must always keep the ‘keywords’ in mind, and it must find its place in the heading, URL and the description that we are talking about.

Social Media: The Awakening!

Videos and social media go like bread and butter, with one successfully complementing the other. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter in our daily lives, why not capitalize on this opportunity and go the full monty! Here’s how:

  • You can create a Facebook page for your company/firm/Youtube channel. With all the necessary details on the page, you can now start sharing its posts and inviting all your friends to like it. Now when you see a good start, tell everyone to share it. If your content is captivating and developed by names like Awing Visuals Video of Denver you will see it growing in every social media platform.
  • Twitter is a game of hashtags. It is a live demonstration of how search engine optimization and real-time sentiment analysis go hand-in-hand. If you post a video which has a relatable content to a trending hashtag, you can see wonders! Not only will people watch your video, but they would also like and retweet it, thus giving you more leads. If a person with a good number of followers retweets your post, you never know!
  • The functioning of Instagram is much like Twitter, only with a vibrant choice of filters and video editing options. It gives you much more freedom to market your content the way you want. A recent study has shown that Instagram is seeing more traffic than Facebook, and is more sensitive to relevant content. So, if you upload a cool video and use relevant hashtags, your content will surely get great exposure.
  • Youtube is tailor-made for videos. Not only can you promote your videos but you can also get returns in the form of monetization that Youtube gives you back. If you upload your video with good tags and a vibrant description, it would surely appear on top. If one of your videos already has a good number of views, you can include the link to the new video in the popular one.

Target Influencers

Influencers are the ordinary people who have a high number of followers which they can use to target or say, ‘influence’ their followers as the potential customers to your brand. Suppose you try to reach out to your friend who can work as an influence on any of their social media accounts, you could just ask them to upload your videos on their account, with a link to your account/site.

Let’s say your influencer friend uploads your video over their story on Instagram with a link to your website/Instagram profile. If a lot of people follow them, the link of their story would surely get a good number of hits, leading to an increase in your web traffic. Same goes for a Facebook post or a tweet on Twitter. Having a friend with a good number of followers always helps.

Mails Over Databases

If you have a well-prepared database of your potential clients, you could choose to mail your content to all of them at once, in a way that doesn’t offend them. The reason for this is that you do not offend them. Most people find it nagging when someone sends them an unnecessary mail and they end up marking that as spam. It might turn out into a backlash, so you have to be careful.

While sending the mail, use the words in framing the description in such a way that it doesn’t sound like a promotional content. Most users won’t even see your content unless it stands out of the common genre. So, you need to apply your creativity to make the content captivating and thought-provoking. Try to make the content helpful for the user so that there is a higher chance of them visiting your site and checking out the brand.

Last but not least, you can go for paid marketing which will help you considerably enhance your outreach over the internet. Be it the paid social media promotions or layovers on websites, and you can make your videos reach out to common masses in many ways. There are content creators, and then there are successful content creators. Be the later one, always.



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