Project Payday Review – Exposed

Profit Payday Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $4.95 for a 7 day trial
Website: www.trafficbrokers.com

Introduction: What is Project Payday about?

Project Payday is now known as Traffic Brokers. It is impossible to figure out exactly what project Payday offers when you arrive on their home page. There is a five minute video of Jeff Walker apparently showing all this different accounts which proves that he has made huge amounts of cash. He tells you in the text and in the video that he won’t bore us with fake testimonials and fake screenshots.

The only thing you are told on his website is that he will show you the easiest, quickest and most risk-free way to start making money online. To find out how you must enter your name and email address and choose a password. Oh yes and you don’t need any skills or prior knowledge, apparently anyone can do this.

Sounds great right, so let’s have a look inside.

What is Project Payday about

So immediately after entering Project Payday I am given some information about how making money online is not easy, how you won’t make money doing trivial tasks. Making money online takes work. Ok so here are some truths. So tell me how to make money online please.


Project Payday

So the good news is that he will give you a proven, step by step blueprint for making real money online by promoting products online. Products that people are already buying online. Oh yes and by the way he says you can’t fail. You can also work in your own time and at your own pace.

Ok so if you have read my post on ways to avoid scams online you will already notice some warning signs here. The sales video that does not give any information except what money he has in his bank account, the fact that this is a proven, no fail “step by step blueprint” for making money online but he won’t tell you how.

He then offers you a 7 day trial access to this system for $4.95. He fails to tell you what the normal price is or what you are getting of this. Perhaps it should be what you are getting yourself into?

And included in this price is a free Survey Scout account worth $35. Personally I am not impressed at all. For starters surveys are a waste of time even if they are legitimate companies. The fact that a Survey Scout account apparently costs $35 makes me believe that Survey Scout is a scam. Why pay to find survey companies when you can just find them online. If you want to find survey companies I have plenty listed on my website, just search for them.

So why all the secrecy around what you will be doing to earn money? Big time scam alert and I am not going to give them my money!

So with quite a bit of digging and research into Project Payday I can tell you what the story is. You have to complete offers to make money. Yes I’ve seen this before inside many survey companies and I don’t like it at all.

Firstly the pay is ridiculously low, the next problem is that it often involves downloading unweanted applications to your phone, ipad or laptop. Another problem is that majority of these are “free trials” where you need to give your credit card details. You need to remember to cancel before the free trial or you will be billed.

Some of the offers are actually paid offers, so you need to buy something to get your points. Often these paid offers have a catch, you buy something now but it turns out to be some kind of subscription service in the small print. So you will have to pay say $10 for the first order but there in the fine print it will say that every 3 months you will sent another larger order for $100.

I’m also confused by what Project Payday means by trivial things in their initial slamming of doing trivial things online to earn money? In my eyes taking surveys and filling offers are trivial things. This is not real work, this is messing around online. I thought he said you will be promoting products online? Is Project Payday a Scam?

Pros and Cons for Project Payday


Well I’m really thinking hard here and I can’t come up with one pro. If I manage to get creative and think of something I’ll share it.


  • big time scam alerts
  • $4.95 for a 7 day trial, who knows what the charge will be after that?
  • Dishonest and unethical written all over everything here. Contradictions all over the place.
  • Trivial work that will never pay well
  • You have to hand your credit card details over
  • You need to remember to cancel trials before they are over or you will be billed
  • A lot of the offers you actually have to buy something to earn your points

Who is Project Payday suitable for?

Nobody. If you want to complete offers for money go and look at some survey sites, you can also complete offers on loads of them. I don’t recommend it personally because you won’t earn much but at least you don’t have to pay to join those survey sites and they aren’t being shady about what you will be doing to make money!

Is Project Payday a scam?

I would say so yes., Everything points to this being a scam and like I mentioned above there are plenty of websites that pay you to do offers and you can sign up for free. So why pay $4.95 for a 7 day trial to do the same thing here and then pay who knows what on top of that at a later date?

Besides when a websites says you are going to be promoting products yet you end up buying the products instead isn’t that a completely blatant lie? If you want to promote products try affiliate marketing. 

Is Project Payday a Scam

My Verdict for Project Payday

This company is everything I dislike all rolled into one: sneaky, dishonest and unethical, My advice is to avoid this one at all costs.If filling our offers sounds great to you, check out some legitimate survey companies and see whether they do offers. 

If you truly want a step by step way to earn money online promoting products then have a look at my #1 recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

Profit Payday Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $4.95 for a 7 day trial
Website: www.trafficbrokers.com



Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi there,
    If anybody says absolutely risk-free. Then that´s a signal for me. I don´t trust them.
    Nothing is absolutely risk-free, especially when it comes to making money online.
    Nobody is going to fail? I don´t by that.
    Pros- only thing is that they offer an opportunity, but is it worth wile? That´s an other question.
    I certainly don´t want to give my credit card information, if I don´t know what comes after that!
    Please continue making those reviews, then people make less mistakes and don´t join these programs.
    I like your #1 recommendation. Wealthy affiliate is much better. And its real thing thank god.

    • Hi Ravel
      Yes I agree with you, there are so many so called opportunities that they promote as risk free, that anyone can do and make loads of cash… well sounds way too good to be true to me!

  2. Thanks Lynne for this review. I have a question – what does it mean when you say “complete offers”? I assume you are referring to taking surveys online?

    • No Shaz not at all, this is completely different to surveys.

      An offer can be anything really. So you might have to play a game, or download an app to your phone… sign up for free trials (but enter your credit card and then have to remember to cancel them just before they expire), sometimes you have to buy something at a special rate. So ultimately for me this is a terrible way to earn money. You will most likely end up paying a lot of money and for what? A few cents per offer? No thank you!

  3. Hey Lynne,
    Good review for being honest to save some hassle. I find any online money making survey to be a joke or a lie. From where I live, these surveys do me no good. I can’t even have surveys to fill out. I was fool for even trying these. Wealthy Affiliate? I have seen a lot of positive reviews going around. May I ask what’s your #2 recommendation?

  4. Lynne,

    Wealthy Affiliate is also my number one recommendation. I absolutely love it and I think that everyone should be a member!
    I have tried project payday and I hated it. I couldn’t make a single penny, all they wanted was my credit card info for all the offers! I tried looking for free ones but those don’t exist on project payday.
    Thanks for exposing them!

    • Hi Theresa

      Yes Project Payday is not the way to go for sure! Thanks for sharing your experience with them.

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