Presenting Your Business To The Public – What Really Matters?

When you’re running a new business, showing yourself to the market can be a scary prospect. All of the long hours in your humble office with your limited staff members were on thing, but at least that was closed and away from criticism. Opening yourself up to public scrutiny then makes the process real, and can feel like having your soul judged before the scales of the ancient Egyptian God Anubis.

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Of course this is a gross exaggeration, but when you’re in the moment and worried, it might feel pretty true to life. No one wants their risk to be completely condemned. For this reason, how you present yourself to the public is just as important as what you present to them.

Instead of telling you how to go about things, we’re here to show you what matters to an audience member being sold to. This way you can tailor your own creative output using a creative booth studio such as Studio Mojo https://www.studio-mojo.com/, or you may hire a motion graphics studio to develop online video presences.

Without further ado:


The strength of trade booths is that they keep a sense of intimacy. They show the potential client the project in question, maybe even giving them a sample of what to expect. If you stock this trade show booth with affable and charming employees, or you simply take control of this yourself, you can keep that unfiltered, easy to communicate press release but in a more customized presented way.

It’s one thing for a customer to read a public announcement online. Those words they read are curated and careful, as inoffensive as possible, and it comes off a little insincere. You can’t help this, it’s your job to appeal to as many people as possible.

When presenting on a face-by-face basis, you are able to make use of a wider range of communication tactics. You can smile, seem jovial, read their body language and adapt to it, as well as genuinely show the passion which set you on the path in the first place. Which one do you think is the most engaging to a potential customer? Exactly.


It’s your job to sell your customer base on an idea. You want them to be just as excited about your idea as you are. You need them to enjoy all possibilities of your presentation. There are many ways to go about this. It’s important to take them all into consideration. For one, continually reinforce the long-term idea of your firm.

You might have one product or service offering right now, but it’s important to hammer home the fact that this will improve in the near future. Without this to hold on to, a customer might see you as a ‘one and done’ type of firm, the type they see at a trade show and never again. You might do this by presenting the history of your firm largely visible on the walls of your booth, or play a video which constantly details this throughout the event. Another great way might be to give freebies out, such as t-shirts, wristbands and pens. As people wear your client name on them, you literally gain free, constantly moving advertisement space around the entire event. Not bad from a marketing perspective.

Clients aren’t looking to be read the dead sea scrolls in order to be impressed. It takes simplicity, authenticity, and passion for them to feel interested in your idea, even if they’re not completely sold just yet.

We wish you the best of luck in your presentation efforts. We know you’ll do just fine.


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