Poor Communication: The Office Killer

Do you realize just how important communication is in your workplace? You obviously need to communicate well with your staff, but they also need to communicate well with one another. If your staff are failing to communicate, not only will their quality of work suffer, they will become unhappy at work. This can lead to poor staff retention and a number of other issues.

Invest In Software That Allows For Easy Collaboration

Your staff members need to be able to collaborate with one another effectively and fully. This can be tricky if they work in different departments, or even different ends of the office. Wires can easily get crossed and communication can become a chore. This is why you should consider investing in software that allows easy collaboration. There are many pieces out there that will allow your workforce to communicate online, share documents, make comments, and stay in touch through the entire process.

Rearrange Your Office

Maybe your office isn’t set up for easy communication at all. You obviously want your team to be able to get on with their jobs in peace, but you should also ensure that they can communicate easily. Set up desks and chairs so that it’s easy to collaborate, and don’t have a ‘face the front, no talking’ approach to work.

Have An Open Door Policy

It’s important that you let your staff members know that you have an open door policy. Simply saying it isn’t enough. Communicating openly with them and helping to solve issues will make them feel more confident about coming to you if they need help with something.

If you fail to ensure communication is simple, workplace conflict may become more common.

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