Phoenix Power Rising Review – the latest Shyte to Splatter the Net!

In the last few days I have seen an explosion of posts in Faceboook groups about this absolutely amazing new opportunity with Phoenix Power Rising. So I signed up for free to go and have a look and see what it is all about. Read my Phoenix Power Rising Review below to find out all you need to know about this supposedly incredible system.

Phoenix Power Rising Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free Membership, $120 for 2nd Matrix Position, $500 for 3rd Matrix Position
Owner: Terri Petty
Website: http://www.phoenixpowerrising.net

What is Phoenix Power Rising About?

Well you can go with their explanation which is absolute rubbish… or we can keep it sweet an simple. Let’s call a spade a spade right?

This is a scam and a pyramid scheme.

what is phoenix power rising about

According to Phoenix Power Rising you don’t have to pay anything to join, and once you are in you can just wait for them to automatically allocate people under you in your pyramid.. oh sorry my mistake! I meant your 2 x 3 Matrix. But of course you can still refer people into the system with your referral link, and you are encouraged to. You are also encouraged to get them to pay to upgrade to get their “positions”.

Everyone promoting this website in their Youtube videos seems to know exactly how this works and they seem to think it all makes sense and it is all legit… well I must be completely stupid because all I see is a pyramid scheme without even a pretense of a product.

Check out what a REAL small online business opportunity looks like!

Oh wait there is some strange references to products, but once again it makes no sense at all! Before you sign up there is a page called Products and there they say that once you enter the program you have access to loads of discounted products

Phoenix Power Rising Products


But you will notice nobody mentions the products do they? It is like this page is just stuck there for some strange reason. Oh and dependable company 45 years in the industry… who are they referring to anyway? The Phoenix Power Rising website is not even 4 years old… and this hype about them appears to be very new, only in the last 2 or 3 weeks. In addition the owner of this website is a notorious scammer, so who is the company that is being referred to?

Why are these products and services not mentioned, only making money and the “matrix” system?

Here is the information they give on their About Page, not exactly descriptive is it?

About page Phoenix Power Rising

See now to me this whole thing stinks, it is a blatant scam and pyramid scheme and I can’t understand why so few people can see it. I did a Google search for Phoenix Power Rising and all I see are these Youtube videos claiming you can make thousands really fast by doing absolutely nothing.

This website is owned by Terri Petty, a well known serial scammer. Just do a Google search for Terri Petty and you will run from this so called opportunity!

The website is slow to load, the overall look and feel of it is completely unprofessional, tacky and flashy. In addition once I signed up I spent some time on the website checking it out but I struggled to login every other time after that. I saw some reference to this in a Youtube video where the person promoting it gave reasons and excuses for this which made no sense to me.

Apparently it is so popular it is “like breaking” from the strain of all the users.

Please do yourself a favor and read my article on how to avoid scams online, and also my article on making money fast, easily and on autopilot.

Stick to those guidelines and you just can’t go wrong.

And look out for other crazy things on websites like this.

Here is a brilliant example of what I mean… in one of the Youtube videos I watched the reason why Phoenix Power Rising doesn’t pay anyone via Paypal is “because Paypal like shutting down people’s accounts!”

So Paypal is the one that is unethical and unreliable? Interesting because I have been with Paypal for years and they have been great.

Phoenix Power Rising Pros and Cons


  • You can make money fast, easily, without spending anything, overnight… become stinking rich? If you believe this then yeah go for it.


  • This is a pyramid scheme
  • This is a scam
  • This is unethical
  • The owner is a serial online scam artist
  • You will make an idiot of yourself sharing this link and trying to say it is a legit program (sorry but I have to say it out loud)

Who is this suitable for?

Umm let me think, scam artists? LOL if they can even be paid themselves. Who knows if anyone will even be paid?

Training/ Tools Overview

There is no training or tools within this website. The only thing that is made clear is that you should take your affiliate link and send it out to people. Get people to sign up under you. I suppose this is typical of every pyramid scheme isn’t it?


For a scam? Ok I’ll be honest I didn’t try contacting them to find out if they would give me any help with their program, but come on this is a blatant pyramid scheme. What do you need support for?

Is My Phoenix Power Rising a Scam?

Oh yes. From the moment I saw the ads spamming Facebook Groups recently I could see it was a scam and then everything after that just confirmed what I already knew. This is a scam through and through. I doubt you will ever be paid anything by them and if you do just know it is a pyramid scheme so you are making money at the expense of someone else’s loss down the line.

My Verdict for Phoenix Power Rising

Well I think I’ve said it all already. This website is nothing short of dishonest and unethical. It is a pyramid scheme set up by a serial scam artist.

The whole thing is promoted that you can sign up for free and you are granted the first $120 for free right? Then when the system automatically adds people in your matrix (which you don’t have to get in yourself, that is done umm automatically.. like by the system…yeah right) you will earn some money.

Then when you have earned $120, the system will “take this money back” and then anything earned after this is yours, which you can cash out… but not yo Paypal mind you, because remember they must be dishonest.

Oh and if you feel like recruiting people, for the good of the program, well you can, but like you don’t have to.

My question to you is that is you don’t have to recruit anyone and you don’t have to do anything to make money why recruit right? And if everyone did nothing and just sat on their asses where would new recruit comes from? And if nobody has to pay any money to earn any money… well then where oh where does the money come from?

Wake up and smell the roses. Please don’t sign up for this and please don’t spread this around.

This has exploded all over the internet recently and it really makes me sad. People lose money, they lose hope and they lose their dignity. People sign up for things like this because they are chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… it is not there.

If you want to make money online I hate to break it to you, it takes some work!

Don’t let scams like this pull the wool over your eyes, get involved with something legitimate like Wealthy Affiliate University

***UPDATE  13 JUNE 2016***

So here’s how it was supposed to work.

On the 01 June 2016 all PPR members would be paid their first payments and from 01 June 2016 everyone joining PPR had to pay the $120 fee.

However when 01 June 2016 arrived Terri Petty told everyone that there were too many people that gave incorrect email addresses so payments were being delayed to 08 June 2016.

Then sometime after 01 June 2016 money disappeared out of a lot of PPR members e-wallets. Terri Petty has blamed this on hackers.

Now the 08 June 2016 has come and gone and I am unsure as to whether anyone has actually received any payments or not? If you’ve received any money, or not received money please leave a comment below!

So here’s my theory right? Obviously Terri Petty expected a huge amount of people to join 01 June 2016 and with all this income she planned to pay people… but I think 01 June arrived and nobody joined at the $120 fee leaving her high and dry with no money to pay anyone. Maybe I’m wrong and I am going to eat my words, so if I am wrong and you are being paid, let me know!

And here you go, here are the current Google Trends for the last 5 years that show how Phoenix Power Rising has rose up and then nose dived into nothingness, compared to my number one recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you heard of Phoenix Power Rising, have you made any money from them? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Phoenix Power Rising Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free Membership, $120 for 2nd Matrix Position, $500 for 3rd Matrix Position
Owner: Terri Petty
Website: http://www.phoenixpowerrising.net


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne, I went and had a good look at this stupid phoenix power rising BS for myself. You’ve hit the nail on the head, it is one of the scammiest things I have ever seen online and I have seen a lot of stuff.

    The world needs to know about these dumb scams and MLM in particular is a pet hate of mine, all that pressure you have to put on people to buy something that is crap, your family and friends falling out with you. I prefer stuff like Wealthy Affiliate, which I can see you’ve talked about here. That’s why I joined, you know? Because you gave it a good honest review, everything you said about Wealthy Affiliate is true and then some! Way to go!

    Rant over, thanks!


      • Well Lynne that would be fine for you I have tried to build a website and blogs and it is a DISASTER

        • Hi Barbara – yeah well I guess blogging is not suitable for everyone, but for me it is a brilliant career. I love writing, I love the challenge of getting my content ranked on Google and engaging with social folloers.

          What exactly is it that you struggled with? I mean if you don’t like writing then it wouldn’t be the career choice for you, but if there is something else that was a challenge then there is always a way to work around these things. I am not technically minded really so if I can set up a blog then it honestly can be done.

    • I just watched a video someone text me to watch about this and text them back and told them that I just watched a video about this opportunity with Phoenix Power Rising and I learned absolutely, NOTHING. I recognized it right away as a scam. I hope my buddy didn’t sink to deep into this…..

      • Hey Smurf

        Yeah oh dear… it is amazing how seemingly intelligent people get hooked into these things. It must just be because they so badly want to believe it can be true. There is no other logical reason for such a hype about it and so many people getting involved.

        Like you say it is easily recognizable as a scam!

  2. wow–this is the sort of stuff that gives online marketing a really bad name. What a bunch of BS! I went over to the site just out of morbid curiousity and yep-total scam-fest. Why in the world do people continue to think you can get something for nothing I will never know. Success takes hard work, period!!

    • Hi Hillary

      Exactly, but this is exactly the type of mindset that makes these scammers so successful, people chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… then they wonder why they lose their money to scams.

      Working online is just the same as any other job, it takes time and hard work!

  3. Another scam? Thanks for highlighting, Lynne. I hope not many people have fallen into their trap. Sometimes people are just so easily cheated on their hard earned money. Phoenix Power Rising did provide a couple of testimonials on their website, but none has a name, country or a photo of the person who wrote on it. This is definitely suspicious.

    • Hi Wesley

      Yeah they were some testimonials, all very dubious looking!

  4. Seems to be a huge waste of time. Creating all these ads fir people not to be able to log in. They keep saying you only losing time. Time cant be given back.
    People in the fb groups aee figuring that ots a scam. I was on Terry Petty conference call last week. A guy tried to call her out and she disconnected him.
    Also there was someone in the background talking about a private investigator and she played it off.
    I dont understand what they are getting from this. It maybe website hits
    Idk but I am not wasting time with it

    • Hi Dionne
      Yes I have read some very interesting things about Terri Petty. She did the Freedom Project in I think 2010 where she scam thousands off of investors. The woman is bad news indeed. Last I heard in 2015 she was still trying to convince her investors she was still going to pay them out? M

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for this great review of Phoenix Power Rising review. I’ve tried a couple of these so called internet marketing opportunities and each time I’ve walked away with less money in my pocket than when I started.

    Phoenix Power Rising seems to be just another example of an ethically-shallow business preying upon people’s hopes to earn some extra money. Kudos to letting people know where not to waste their time – or money.

    Over the years, I’ve made money drop-shipping products online but there are a lot of issues in that online business model, such as product availability, credit card fraud, product returns. In looking to get back to an online business for income, what might be the best things for me to look at?

  6. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for this honest and thorough review Phoenix Power Rising. Everyday it seems as if another one of these pyramid scheme keeps popping up. Sooner or later people will realize that it’s not working out for them and just back out. This might be too late for some people, when they have already lost hard earned cash.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Chris

      Yes for sure!

      Of course maybe some people might make money, as is common with pyramid schemes the ones in first make money and then when the pyramid scheme starts losing its momentum everyone else loses.

      This is the nature of a pyramid scheme unfortunately – a few people make it big while everyone else loses. I certainly don’t want to make a huge amount of money to the detriment of others!

  7. You fucking unrealistic idiot. People like you make me fucking sick.
    You don’t have the brains of a cockroach to think up a system like this and
    you only have one person in mind and that is yourself. You make a living and thrive of criticising and looking for people, organizations and companies you can slander with your moronic statements.

    Phoenix has hardly seen the light and you are already full of crap about it. Why not wait for three months and see what happens and if it then turns out to be the biggest “scam” ever I will be the first to back you up. Unfortunately it’s idiots like you that put people in disarray and that causes people to loose there trust in everything and everybody. You must have had a SOB for a father and an even worse mother that made you always look at life from the negative side. Pull yourself to-fuckin-gether and look at the positive side of things and you might find that you may become a happy person. I think you are a horrible specie and that you must be very lonely too because somebody which only look at the dark in things must be.

    To the rest of you folk with their negativity, Get a fucking life. It is because all of you want everything in life for nothing and by doing nothing that you are so full of crap. What the fuck is wrong with the people of this world. When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook there were also those moronic idiots who said he was busy with dark things and look today. Wake up man!!!

    • Hey Theuns

      Oh dear, seems like I hit a serious nerve here? You must be promoting Phoenix Power Rising? Well each one to his own, I certainly won’t swear at you or insult your parents because we have a difference in opinion.

      It seems we are different types of people. I promote ethical opportunities that I agree with and expose scams in the hopes that others don’t get caught out by then.

      If you do one day actually get a payment from Phoenix Power Rising and prove me wrong, then please by all means send that proof of payment to me, along with all the happy and rich people in your down-line.

      I am happy to admit when I have been wrong and let people know when there is a great business opportunity out there.

      However I am sure this is just one of the first rotten reviews of Phoenix Power Rising you will be encountering… and where there is smoke you can bet there is fire.

    • You should go wash your mouth out and stick your head in the sand!

      • LOL thanks Linda. I’ll put washing my mouth out on my to do list for Monday. But sticking my head in the sand is not something I do, that I will leave for you and everyone else involved with Phoenix Power Rising. Can you not see what is happening here?

    • WOW! This has to be Terri Petty herself! She is the worst person on the planet. She is nothing but a common thief. She has scammed this one group for over 5 years and over the last two years telling them literally every week they will finally get paid. Just like PPR tho there is always an excuse. You don’t need 3 months let alone 3 minutes to realize this is a scam. You should be embarrassed by your lack of common sense!

      Great article! How can we get this lady behind bars?

      Great art

      • Hi Walt

        I have no idea why Terri Petty isn’t behind bars, it really is appalling, have you checked out the SmashFund scam too? Shocking and the owner Rob Towles has also scammed loads of people before.

        It appears these scammers can just get away with it each time and come back again a while later with a new scam.

    • How come you don’t have a profile image, Theuns? Is it perhaps cos you are involved with PPR? Are you trying to defend what you know to be a scam?

      Cognitive Dissonance, matey, cognitive dissonance…look it up, you don’t seem too bright to me!

      • Hey James

        There have been lots of people upset by my scam reviews, especially this Phoenix Power Rising review! I think the problem is that people want to believe so badly that they can make money with these pyramid schemes and then they see me blowing it out the water, so they make me the bad one.

        It’s ok, I can take it.

  8. Really great website full of detailed opportunity’s for creating a business which is going to be very helpful to people to give them ideas and help on a business.The other thing i like about this website is it gives honest reviews on different business’s so people can have a good idea of what it is like.

    You have laid it nicely not to bold or colourful i would deficiently take the time to read your content if i was searching for opportunity’s for a online business

    Keep up the hard work lynn its good website.

    • Hi Thomas

      I’m glad you are enjoying my website 🙂 Thank you for your compliments!

  9. It sounds like you or someone you know got scamed in the past. You sound really angry and I could tell why, because many sites like phoenix power rising DO scam people. And the promise of earning money by buying a higher position sounds like a total fraud. Thanks for letting me know of this, because there are so many sites out there just trying to take people`s money.

    • Hey Nahim

      Actually not exactly scammed as such, the worst was I got involved with Amway (Scamway) in my early twenties…and once I answered an ad in the paper that claimed it would show me a way to start my own business. I must just send R10 and a self addressed envelope. About a month later my envelope came back saying “do what I did”.

      Not too bad considering how some people have been scammed. But it does really annoy me when these scams and pyramids just explode online and it is clearly a scam and unethical. There are so many people that get caught out by it!

  10. I havent invested anything and so far love phoenix power rising, so what am i being scammed out of? Nothing there payment processwr is pay quicker which is legit and i am at 750 earned, signing people up. For a program that there is never any cost is easy until there is actual proof then dont post and write a review yet.

    I have a amazing team
    Join me at no cost

    • Hi Sarah

      Sorry but I removed your affiliate link… I just don’t think this program is safe.

      Yes you may have made money.. but have you actually got that cash in your hand or is it just showing on their website? If I look at Two Dollar Click for example, it shows I’ve earned over $2000 already! Unfortunately that money doesn’t get paid out.

      And if you DO get paid out know that one day someone that you recruited will lose money. The question here is not only whether you will lose money, the question here is will you be the one responsible for someone losing money instead of making money. This is a pyramid scheme, that much is very clear. And as is the way of pyramid schemes the people first in can make money, for sure… but then later on everyone else loses.

      It is your choice whether you want to live with that or not.

      For me, I think it is wrong and for that reason I wrote this review. There are lots of ways to make money online, I could promote all sorts of scams here and make buckets of money from that… but I choose not to. I choose to affiliate with honest opportunities and expose scams.

  11. Lynne for you I have a special word. Come by. All you have to do here is register and find two people. There is no cost so I can’t understand what you problem is. If it comes through you have everything to gain, if it doesn’t you lost nothing but a few minutes to register which takes about 2 minutes to be exact.

    Wake up and get a life. You must be very frustrated sitting at home all day and do what ever it is you don’t do

    • Theuns I have registered so I could have a look inside, but I will not share a link to that program. That means I am promoting it and I will possibly gain from others misfortunes. That is how a pyramid scheme works. The firs tin make money and everyone else loses. What happens when there is no-one new that will sign up? All the last people in lose their money.

      I believe it is just nasty to go into these things. Hence my review. This is my opinion, you don’t have to like it at all. You can promote this opportunity, that is not my care. I want to let people know that it is just a pyramid scheme and to sign up at their own risk.

    • Thenus, it’s December & I guarantee they still haven’t paid anyone out. But please correct me if I’m wrong. Theuns (The Uns)… Are you Terri??? PPR is definitely a scam. & you may not have waisted money, but you’ve definitely waisted time… valuable time that could have gone towards something that’s actually productive.

  12. I figure we have been used to promote
    There are 1000’s of people seeing this. So bottomline if enough see this there will be people that want to pay in and purchase positions
    Thats where I believe the scam comes into play
    If I get money from this I will publicly show myself taking money out of the atm on live stream
    I will also apologize for speculating.
    Honestly I dont see either happening though
    Thanks for the heads up!!!

    • Hi Dionne

      I am sure some people WILL make money from this. That is how a pyramid scheme works. The first ones in make some money and the rest… well the rest lose. Do you want to make money knowing others will lose? Promoting this opportunity means you are taking part in others losing money.

  13. Lynne,

    Thanks for the Phoenix Power Rising review. What a load of garbage. I have scams and this has all of the makings of a huge scam. I appreciate that you have taken the time to help us all out and let us know what to be aware of when looking for opportunities on the net. Much appreciated,


    • Hey Steve

      Thanks, and of course it is a pleasure. I can’t believe how all the ads have just gone crazy on Facebook for this in the last week. There are going to be a lot of tears soon over this.

  14. You are not made to pay to join the other higher priced matrixeseseses…lol. you use the money from your cycled matrixes. You pay NOTHING out of pocket at all, unless your impatient. But your not told or asked to. Yes, I joined.

    • Hey Vee

      Thanks for sharing, I do hope it works out for you.

      Can you maybe just explain to me if you pay nothing and almost everyone else pays nothing…. well where does the money come from that you all make? Think about it… if 10 people join and only 2 of those people pay the $120.. that is $240 right? How does everyone get paid out $150? $240 between 10 people works out to $24… #JustSaying

  15. I’m not in PPR YET but I may decide to give it a shot…. What do I have to lose…. doesn’t cost a dime, unlike Wealthy Affiliate, which I personally know at least 10 people who spent a whole bunch of money and didn’t make Jack. I think I will reserve judgement and see if they come through and pay a few of my friends. Seems to me you and your little pals are just a tiny bit biased toward WF…..

    • Hey Kat

      Yes if you make some money please let me know, I would be very interested.

      The thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you actually have to work hard and it takes time. It is a real business and as I am sure you know a real business can take some time before it makes a profit. It also takes some financial investment. While Wealthy Affiliate is my first recommendation here and the one I personally use, there are plenty more places I highly recommend such as Affilorama, Bring The Fresh and The Chris Farrell Membership.

      Unlike this system, where you apparently just sign up and do nothing and within days you will be earning money. Surely you don’t believe this? And if you do make money it is going to be at the expense of someone else that gets in after you. Whether they lose out financially or even if it is just their disappointment.

      This website is geared towards helping people set up their own online business, hence the name of the website right? Does it seem like Phoenix Power Rising is a real online business opportunity? I’ll tell you one thing is that website won’t last long. It will crash as fast as it rose, taking lots of people with it.

      I focus here on helping people set up something that will pay for years to come.

      But please keep me updated, I want to give people a true and real idea of what opportunities are about.

  16. Enjoyed reading your post. I always stay away from pyramid schemes what a load of rubbish! Wish people wouldn’t fall for this scam. Thought i read somewhere anyway that pyramid schemes are illegal.
    I think MLM are just as bad, i signed up to one once, i had to pay $40 only to be told that to progress further i would have to pay $1400! What a waste of my $40

    • Hi Jenny

      It sounds to me like you are sensible! Yes as I understand it pyramid schemes are illegal.

      I agree totally with you on MLM. The way I see it MLM is just a pyramid scheme too, but because pyramid schemes are illegal they add in a hugely overpriced product to disguise it.

  17. Oh Lynne, I loved this review! It’s hilarious – you really had me giggling. I love how you tell it like it is – you never beat about the bush at all. I know not to touch Phoenix Power Rising with a ten foot barge pole – but hey, just the name was a dead give-away, wasn’t it?
    Thanks for a brilliant review, keep them coming!

    • Hi Lauren

      Lovely to have you back here 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed the review, I am busy with uploading a video to Youtube for this review so that might give you another laugh.

  18. Well done, Lynne, for exposing yet another internet marketing scam.
    It is thanks to people like yourself taking the time out to painstakingly review such sites and posting their findings that more and more scam artists are gaining infamy.
    If only more people took more care before jumping into these schemes, eh?

    • Hey David

      It is a pleasure. I quite enjoy doing it, the more people expose these scams the less chance people have of falling victim to rubbish like Phoenix Power Rising websites.

  19. Hello Lynne. I think you have put a lot of work and time researching the so called get rich quick scams out there. You also do a very good job exposing Phoenix Power Rising for what it is. I think you be quite successful with the direction and research you are doing. Good luck

    • Thanks David, once you know what to look for it really isn’t hard to spot a scam… I can see them from a mile away now after looking at so many of them. Even from the Facebook posts people are putting up it is clear it is a scam!

  20. I love how people that joined the program always says “there is nothing to lose” but failed to say “there is nothing to gain”.

    It is a pyramid scheme and people will lose money at the end of the day.

    I also love how Kat said that people don’t make money at Wealthy Affiliate after a very long time. At least 10 people that she knew.
    It is a little bit too low for comparison and making a judgment from it.

    WA has thousands of people that are making money. Some earn big cash, some catch small fish. Either way, 10 people is too small to give a final verdict.

    But a pyramid scheme has been around for ages and it has been branded a scam for ages, too. I think a common sense is needed here.

    • Hi Arief

      Yes you said it… common sense. If you do a few sums to go with this scam you will see very quickly that nothing makes sense and it is so easy to see that.

      Well I am with Wealthy Affiliate and I make money…. money that I have cashed out and received. Cash in my hand… as opposed to a program saying I have earned money but not actually cashed out.

      Exactly like Terri Petty’s previous scam. Lots of people “made money” but they never saw a cent of it now did they? That was in 2010 with Freedom Project and they are all still waiting.

      I get paid every month by Wealthy Affiliate University, on time via Paypal. And I haven’t just affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate, every opportunity I love and every tool I love I affiliate with. This is called honest promotion. I promote things I honestly think are incredible and worthwhile. I use those programs and tools and yes I make money if anyone signs up through me.

      But the thing is that this post is NOT about Wealthy Affiliate, this is about Phoenix Power Rising… a blatant pyramid scheme and a scam.

      If you want to know about Wealthy Affiliate University go to the review I wrote up for them 🙂

  21. Hi Lynne, I went to this site to see just what was going on for myself, and I see nothing but a bunch of BS. There is no real person sharing any real information about their self. People have to be smart and really look at what they are getting into. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Dawn

      That is exactly it. There is no product, there is no business… there is nothing here but a scam. I cringe when I think how people just sign up for these things and believe everything they are told. Lies and BS.

  22. The only “SCAM” I see here is YOU, Lynn. People like you are worse than the scammers. You use, what I like to call, manipulative marketing, which to me is WORSE than someone who scams.

    You want everyone else to believe that you are a so called expert and have all the answers to everything, only to mislead and manipulate them to joining your crap you’re involved with.

    You make yourself look like an idiot. You say there is “no product,” yet, YOU posted the product, which is the access to the discounted shopping network. Then you post “But you will notice nobody mentions the products do they?” So, which is it? You cant say in one breath there is no product then post a comment about no one mentioning the products! What you post is nonsense.

    Also its an advertising portal where people can promote their other opportunities as well. Even IF it was just an advertising site – it is still considered a product/service – and therefore, legal and not a pyramid scheme. A JOB is a pyramid scheme and biggest scam out there!

    Again, YOU are a bigger CON than anyone out there that scams people. Ill take my chances with that over anything you offer any day. its actually sad that people fall for YOUR nonsense. You play on peoples emotions and that’s more disgusting in my opinion.

    It might work, then again, it might not work. Guess time will tell – if it doesn’t, oh well, no one spent a dime.

    • Hey Jon

      Thanks for visiting and for sharing you opinion.

      I wish I was an expert and had all the answers… but unfortunately I don’t! I know some things, I have some experience with online marketing and I am always learning. I love learning.

      Look I love making money, just like everyone else, and if I find something I think is great I will sign up and promote it…so why do you think I am not promoting Phoenix Power Rising? If it is as legit as you say it is and if you can really make money I would be in there like a shot!

      So you say there is a product? Well I signed up, so I am “in the matrix” so to speak. Where are the products? Where can someone buy them? Where are the banners and advertising materials for these products? What’s the marketing pitch? Because I went hunting for them and the only thing about products is that arb page stuck in there. It doesn’t give much does it?

      Show me the products Jon, show me where they are… give it to me and I will share the information with my readers.

      And trustworthy? Terri Petty? Infamous yes, but certainly not trustworthy…. You want to trust this woman that swindled investors out of thousands in 2010 with the Freedom Project?

      Give me facts and show me proof that this is not a scam. I have shown you proof that this is a scam and a pyramid scheme… prove me wrong.

      Prove me wrong and I will admit I am wrong, happily with a smile on my face. I will jump on the bandwagon and make money “easily, without doing anything, on autopilot, without spending money”… Geez it sounds great, I would LOVE to be proven wrong.

      I mean I have already signed up and I am doing nothing as promised I could do. This means within a few days I should be earning right? LOL I will keep you posted.

  23. Thank You for pointing out the fact that this is illegal. I read the fine print and didnt join after reading it. A definite scam and what is worse is that the folks who got suckered into giving money for it end up having to get someone else involved sort of like someone with a gambling addiction or an alcoholic .

    • Hi KK

      Glad to hear you read the fine print and didn’t sign up.. did you notice how light the fine print was? Making it almost impossible to read? Skanky tactic for sure isn’t it?

  24. Lol, thanks so much for this review. I have seen heaps of advertising for this on the net and, well, whilst I was curious, I could smell a rat. You have saved me all the trouble and potential heartache. I have seen some MLM businesses before but the way you describe this one it definitely looks like a pyramid scheme to me – is there even a product?? anyway, thanks again. you have been very comprehensive. cheers James

    • Hi James

      According to all the people defending Phoenix Power Rising there is a product…however I have signed up and I have seen the inside. There are no products to be seen anywhere, not to buy or to promote. Apparently there is “a lot more to come”… oh spare me! LOL

      From what I can see this is just a load of rubbish, they can’t even disguise this as MLM properly and there is only a half arsed attempt to do that with that “product page” which really tells you nothing.

  25. So here you are promoting wealthy affiliate a likewise pyramid scheme or MLM same thing. And your calling out PPR a scam. Worst with no logics or facts?? Hmmm let me guess
    1. Your building a list to sell your wealthy affiliate link.
    2. Hundreds have failed from wealthy affiliate so looks like your guilty of earn money from the losses of others. And for the record what you are trying to spread was openly shared by Terri she ain’t hiding nothing. Get a life Lynn go learn the art of reviewing. Its about facts not fiction. You just sad it’s not your wealthy affiliate link flying allover Facebook. Don’t worry you’ll get your turn. Tip: Next time before you try to tear something down get the facts. Because it’s unethical and unprofessional to speak bad about another business.

  26. Came across an ad for this bunch only this week – seemed like you r more typical pyramid offering. I ilked the way they called their system the Fast Cycling 2 x 3 Matrix – makes it sound very impressive doesn’t it….
    I’d be mighty surprised if this opportunity made it to a year – a lot of people are going to lose money through it

    • Hi Chris

      Yes and the cycling part is also amusing… because apparently you pay $120 and then after that you pay $500…. but that is just 2 payments right? And of course you don’t need to actually pay it, it can be deducted off your “earnings”… That is $620 in total. How can this just cycle around and around and make money continuously?

      I can’t believe they can even pull off a stunt like this!

  27. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for your genuine review on the site. I had lost a lot of money trying to get something out of these scam programs online. But the truth is they never work– at least not for me.

    And you are right, people find these scam programs appealing thinking they can get rich quick but they don’t realize that only people who get rich are those scammers who own the site.

    My question to you is, Is there any legitimate program that can make money quick without putting much effort on our end?

  28. LOL…. u wealthy affiliate people… According to you guys, except wealthy affiliate everything else is a scam. Its a shame u guys have to put down other companies like this to promote your wealthy affiliate link. I don’t say wealthy affiliate is a scam but this is wrong that u call other legit companies as scam just to promote your own.

    • Hi Karishma

      Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation yes, but there are also other great programs I recommend like Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, Bring The Fresh and Shopify.

      I review companies here and I share my opinion on them all. The ones I think are great I affiliate with and the ones that are terrible I say it like it is.

      And if something is a scam I will say it is a scam.

      Once again if Phoenix Power Rising was so great why wouldn’t I just affiliate with them and share my link to make my riches? It is simple… because it is a scam and I don’t affiliate with scams.

      • Don’t worry… I will make sure to post my withdrawal proof from Phoenix Power Rising here so that you can be sure that its not a scam.. Of course if it was a scam i won’t be able to withdraw. Right?

        • Thanks Karishma, I would be very interested to know if anyone gets paid out… so please send that on if you get any money 🙂

          However that still doesn’t solve the bigger problem of a pyramid scheme. The very nature of them is that the people that join first can make good money, to the detriment of everyone else that joins after. It is not sustainable and it will crash.

          If you get any money know that you are lucky…. but every person you recruit in could be in tears soon.

  29. Hi, Lynne. You are so real, I love it! People are still scared to venture out online because of such deceptive programs. You have to know what to look for as far as who runs it and if members are getting paid! I’d be angry too if I’d invested my money in an ‘illegal pyramid-scheme’! 🙂 Poppin’ review!

    • Hi Audra

      Yes, if you know what to look out for it becomes so easy to spot an online scam. If you find an opportunity that looks good always do a Whois search for the owner of the website and then do a Google check. You will be amazed at how many of these scammers just keep doing the same scam over and over again. They run a scam and as soon as it catches up with them they just close the website and up another one pops up in another name. It really is shocking how serial scammers can just keep going like this.

  30. Thank you for this information. I too looked at it myself and came to the same conclusion it is indeed a scam.

    • Hi Heather

      It couldn’t have taken you too long to figure it out right? I’m glad you found my review helpful.

  31. Well all I gotta say is that every opportunity on the net and otherwise has been called a scam by someone. You can find negativity on everything on the internet. I am willing to wait and see before making any judgements on Phoenix..no one has put in any money and have nothing to lose except a few minutes of their time. I can see how Phoenix can make money for its members and wont get into that here. It definitely can be a viable opportunity..again time will tell.

    • Hi Carol

      Yes there is often quite conflicting information on products online, that is true.

      I’m a free member at Phoenix Power Rising, waiting for my free money and free downline to just appear… I’ll let you know when I hit it big 🙂

  32. Hey Lynne,

    Thanks for sharing yet another typical online scam. Well, I went to http://www.phoenixpowerrising.net to check it out, guess what? The page failed to load. I mean if you really want to scam people at least find a proper web host?And the logo looks like some teenage kid that has no designing skills at all smh. And the “45 years of experience” That’s a straight out lie. I don’t think those “guys” were even born man. This is seriously one of the most stupid scams, I have seen online, No I’m serious LOL. I wonder how people will actually fall for it. Thanks again man, cheers ! 🙂


    • Hi Samuel

      Yes I have had the same problem with the website not loading. I saw one person promoting it say that it sometimes has problems loading because it is so popular it is crashing LOL

    • Hi Paula

      Lots of people claim to have made money already, but as in cash in their hands? No I have not seen anyone with a real payout yet.

  33. Seems like everyone who promotes Wealthy Affiliate dumps on every other program online.

    People who make assumptions about programs without actually joining and trying them out shouldn’t be writing negative reviews consisting of only their thoughts.

    • Hi Russ

      I have joined the program and it is terrible. There is nothing of substance. If you actually take the time to go through my website you will see that I give credit to online programs where it is due.

  34. Lynne, I’m curious – I joined to check it out after hearing many of my friends talking about it, but like you suspected it was a scam all along. I figured since it was free to join it couldn’t hurt to find out more. But now I’m wondering if I should delete my account. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Janice

      I have signed up just so I can follow what is going on, as I do with everything I review. I’m not sure there is any harm being registered, but I do think it is pointless. On the other hand you just never know what people like this are going to do with your details. They already have your email address though!

  35. I see a lot of people here that are defending this. I just joined to see what it is all about. I have a question that all people with common sense should have….Where is the money coming from that they pay out. I have watched all the videos and read everything I can get my hands on, still no answer. Is there a magic pot of gold they have sitting somewhere that magically replenishes itself? Is it based off of watching ads? That I could understand a little. To pay money out, there has to be some sort of income. I would like to say that the person who cursed at you and called your parents names is typical of the idiots that fall for these things. Well, only time will tell and hopefully not too many people lose money with this.

    • Hi DJ

      Yes I am really surprised at the amount of people that are defending Phoenix Power Rising and that believe it works. There are going to be a lot of tears very soon over this and that makes me really sad.

  36. Lynne, I just about to do my review for this program. Same as you I just don’t understand all that advertising a on face book, when u enter the program is looking so cheap, how is possible to even trust them.. Another thing I notice u don’t need even press that you agree with term and condition and they will still put you through… Where is a security? How people can believe on this kind of things? People get real and stop believing on getting rich without putting any work to business.

    • Hi NIki

      That is what is confusing me, how many people are defending this rubbish and getting excited about it. There is going to be a lot of upset people in the very near future because of this Phoenix Power Rising scam.

      The program is terrible, everything about it is cheap and pathetic, yet people appear to be signing up like mad. It appears to be a frenzy. Go figure!

  37. What makes Lynne an expert?? Are you a MLM lawyer??
    I’m not defending Phoenix, but it is also scary when people just create a FREE blog and so many take it as the ‘Gospel’ Don’t believe everything you read online whether it is Lynne Or phoenix power rising!!

    • Hi Brian

      Thanks for visiting.

      It doesn’t take an expert or an MLM lawyer to see that Phoenix Power Rising is a downright scam 🙂 All you need is a tiny bit of common sense and the ability to do basic arithmetic.

      I have never claimed to be an “online guru”. I am an online marketer and I like to share my opinion and my experience with others. I would hate people to think of my words as Gospel, that would be a little blasphemous wouldn’t it?

      You are welcome to disagree with my opinion, in fact I welcome it. This website is intended to share great opportunities, expose scams and share some great online marketing tips and how to’s. It is not intended to be one-sided or to slam businesses in any way. Adding your opinion will add value to my website… so if you have anything of value to add on the Phoenix Power Rising scam please share it.

  38. Hi, you really disliked this Phoenix Power Rising company. Cannot argue with you because this is the firts time I have a text about them in front of me. But I just hear yesterday that somebody was attacked on Facebook by the followers if this scheme. So I am wondering if you have any concerns of this sort. You say directly it is a scam, so you might expect some reactions. it appears not everybody shares such view.

    • Hey Jovo

      Yes the response I have had to this is really quite interesting. I suppose I have been “attacked” for my opinion on this program. If you read through all the comments I have been called names, even my parents have been insulted lol. I have also had people attack my integrity and my knowledge and skills.

      The thing here is that my website is an open platform for everyone to share their experiences and opinions on the opportunities I review and any topic about online marketing. It is very interesting to see how people react to things they don’t want to hear.

  39. It looks so much like a scam, and probably it is, I won’t even try it. It’s nice of you to show us the scams we should avoid.

    I see everywhere affiliate link for PPR, and very aggressive people that don’t accept you having another view of the product. A fellow online marketer said the other day she was attacked on a media platform by a member. Stay away.

    • Hi Aless

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. Yes it is scary how aggressive people can get about these things. However I just think why should I be careful and not share my honest opinion because others cannot control themselves?

      I have had some rather nasty comments on my website before and on my Youtube channel but that is not something I can control and I won’t try to.

  40. Hi Lynne
    I think you are doing a fantastic job as there are a lot of scams out there. I personally came across one the other day called Instaniche. If you have the time to check it out I think it is good so you can write another great review.
    Well done and keep with the hard work

    • Hi Francine
      Thank you! I haven’t heard of them but just had a look and they are quite new too… I’ll check them out for a review, thanks for sharing.

  41. Hi Lynne,

    I’m a part of a few groups on Facebook to do with affiliate marketing and every single day you see some new “super money making program” being pushed by one of the members in the group.

    I’d say 90% of these are scams, I’m glad someone is calling them out for what they are! Keep up the good work Lynne!

    • Hi Nate

      I totally agree with you on that one, most of them are complete scams. They pull people in with false expectations and just dash everyone’s hopes. I find it really sad.

  42. I have not heard about the Phoenix power rising, and I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who have not been bombarded by it either.

    When I first hear of different systems some of them, I check out but from what you have written here, I can’t be bothered to waste my time.

    I enjoy your posts because you’re helping people get on the right track, as far as the losers that create the crap to scam people, I prefer not to give them the time of day.

    • Hi Travis

      I’m glad you found this review helpful. It is always a good idea to really investigate any opportunity that you come across before you go ahead with it!

  43. Excellent to see someone is sticking up for us and exposing all the scams! Keep up the good work there and sleep soundly knowing that you have saved some poor soul from possibly pouring there life savings into something like this and then struggling for the rest of there life with no money!
    Well done!

    • Thanks Chris! I hope a lot of people are saved the heart-ache of falling for this scam.

  44. Hi Lynne

    Well you have certainly opened up a can of worms!
    I think it is interesting that people still think that money can be made so easily by doing nothing.

    I believe any business online or not, including affiliate marketing takes time and effort to get a to a stage of making money.

    It doesn’t matter if the program is full of great content some people just can’t stick it out for various reasons, and then they prefer to blame the program rather than face up to self evaluation sometimes.

    But this is just my opinion, just wanted to share.

    Thanks for the review and for opening the discussion.

    • Hi Wade

      Yes its seems I have!

      That’s exactly it Wade, a business (online and offline) takes time and effort to set up. Money doesn’t just fall out of nowhere. This scam artist, Terri Petty, wants everyone to believe that money can come from nowhere. The disturbing thing is that so many people are falling for it.

  45. Wow, it amazes me to see how many scams there are out there ….and how easy people fall for it …thanks for doing the research and bringing some light into the issue

    • Hi J Mario
      Yes and this one really takes the cake. I am shocked so many people are falling for it.

  46. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you so much for this review and your honesty. I had not heard of this “scam” yet, but I am sure it will make it’s way. I have people in my circle that keeps falling for these ridiculous scams, so when It comes my way I will have a reference point.
    I appreciate your blunt honesty. Truthfully, anytime I hear anything with levels I am running for the hills. Only the top of the level win in these kinds of scams and yet people continue to fall for them, looking for easy money.

    I could go on an don for days. But I will stop now., Thank you so much for the warning!

    Take care,


    • Hi Tonya

      Oh I know all about it, there are so many people getting into this, and people I know too. I am exactly the same way, if I hear anything about different levels, a matrix system, independent business owners or MLM I am also running for the hills

  47. Just from the picture I could tell that it was a pyramid scheme. Whenever you are on top and there’s people under you and people under them and so forth it’s a pyramid.
    I do know that there are many companies out there having this structure, some calling it MLM or just own your own business. That in itself does not scare me as I do know people using this structure . What scares me is the scam. The promise of making tons of money for doing nothing. It sounds great and I would love to get paid for doing nothing. So right there is the red flag. I’ve fallen for those tricks before and it’s not until the trigger point that I realise that it’s a scam.
    Phoenix Power rising sounds like a scam to me. And you mention there’s no product? Huh, I don’t know why people are falling for it.
    Thanks for letting us know!

    • Hi Dinh

      Apparently there is a product but I signed up and can’t find any mention of a product and I can’t find any advertising materials for it? People commenting and defending this scam claim there is a product but when I ask what it is suddenly everything goes silent!

      Yes I know some people that make money with MLM, I personally don’t like it one bit though!

  48. working on it from two days earned $300..they saying from tommorow we can withdraw money.
    i m waiting or wasting time tell me. anyway thanks for your review.

    • Please come and let us know if you can cash out tomorrow. I am sorry to say but I honestly doubt it. I think this will fall flat on its face very quickly.

  49. Hey Lynne

    Thanks for putting this out there like this. I have had several people say oh people are making money. I said is that in the “earned account” or in their actual payment processor. She said both but I still to this day have not seen an actual payment proof from anyone in PPR. Had someone spam me with their link on Facebook today and that’s when I found this and posted the link to it on my Facebook timeline. I’m already getting comments.
    I have been in things before like cyclers, etc and all these rev shares and cyclers all work the same. Just as you said people who get in first make the money. I was in a rev share whose money got put on hold by PayPal and they have now moved to Payza. I have since stopped promoting that business because I can’t be honest with people that they will make money with it. I don’t believe the money will ever be released from PayPal and IF it is the owner will run with it as they are also known as a serial scammer and have had failed businesses. PayPal ROCKS!!! They don’t put up with crap businesses because they protect their users.

    • Hi Cindy

      Yes, well said! Paypal is an awesome payment processor that I have nothing but good things to say about.

      I agree with you, if just the first few people that arrive make money and the rest don’t how is that a nice way to earn money online. Like you say where are the proofs of payment anyway? So many people have “earned loads of money” but where is it? Show me the money!

  50. GREAT blog Lynne. I recently signed up for Phoenix Power Rising, I’m in another company right now called Basic Rest which I absolutely love and is not a scam however another affiliate with the company approached me about Phoenix Power Rising, when I first saw the site I thought it was a scam, but then she told me that she’d been paid. But now I’m hearing there not allowing anyone to cash out till June 1st. To my understanding is you can sign up for free till today but you still have to pay back the $120 with your first paycheck and then after today starting on June 1st anyone who wants to join has to pay $120 and that’s how the money is coming in/or will be coming in. I’m registered and have 1 person below me but after talking to my sponsor with Basic Reset she said it’s a scam and I should get away from it. So, I decided to stop promoting it. Something just doesn’t seem right. I was told that I could not even log in or do anything with it and get paid…seems SCAMMISH to me. Financial success doesn’t come without hard work!

    • Hey Heather

      I am so glad you didn’t sign up with them, it looks just plain terrible!

      I’m very interested to see what happens when people have to start paying and when they try to cash out with Phoenix Power Rising.

      This is the first I’ve heard of Basic Reset. As an MLM company it just doesn’t appeal to me. I had a quick look online and it appears there are very mixed feelings about the company and about their products. Are you making any money yourself and do you use their products?

      • I haven’t made money yet. But all things take time, I have 2 affiliates below me. The company is amazing. Yes I take the products myself and they have changed my life ☺️ I back the company 100%

        • Hey Heather

          Yes I’m sure you haven’t made any money yet. Did you know that the date they promised they would start paying out has been delayed from 01 June to 08 June? I’ve seen now they have added a menu tab for Shopping Network.. which has to be honest not much in it yet. So what products are you using?

          • I’m talking about Basic Reset not Phoenix Power Rising. Products I’m using from BR are Ionyte & Vibrant Energy. I’m no longer promoting Phoenix.

          • Hey Heather

            Sorry I got muddled there, yes of course you mentioned Basic Reset. I had a quick look at their website when you first mentioned them… but I am just not a fan of MLM at all! I hope you make some money soon.

  51. You know what’s more common to see now, even more than “work from home scams”? You cannot Google any kind of WFH business without another worthless “sneak attack” blog from some Wealthy Affiliate member promoting WA’s agenda.
    “I’m from Wealthy Affiliate, so I’m a credible.” The hell you guys are. All you guys do is slam (slander) other stuff to make yourself look better. This “scummy” tactic has been done so much that it’s back-fired on you WA morons. You guys aren’t credible. Not to mention it’s insulting. “People are too stupid to see thru all the slander. We’ll slam all the others and clean up. These morons will fall for it everytime” seems to be the M/O of Wealthy Affiliate.
    Now, Lynne, the question to you is “Are you a moron who got duped by WA?” or “Are you a scammer who dupes morons?”

    • Hi Keith

      That is odd, because I don’t slam every opportunity, do I? So how can it be that I slam all opportunities to promote one?

      I review what I come across and the great opportunities I promote, the shitty ones I tell the truth. Wealthy Affiliate is the best opportunity I have come across. It truly is as simple as that. Go check out my Affilorama, Chris Farrell, Bring The Fresh and Shopify reviews.

      The problem is that 99.9% of all the work from home opportunities I come across online are scams. That is not my doing Keith, honestly. I didn’t create those scams, I am not promoting and spreading those scams. I am simply telling everyone to watch out for them.

      In all honestly when I started this website I thought I would come across more great opportunities to share with my readers, and every day I look at something and I get disappointed. I have stopped doing so many reviews because it is just disheartening and sad.

      Each person in this world needs to take responsibility for him or herself. We all need to be accountable for what we do. If you are spreading this Phoenix Power Rising rubbish all over the internet know that you have taken part in it. Know that lots of people will be losing money and if they don’t lose their money they will be losing their faith in being able to work for themselves one day. They will go in thinking they have finally found a way to make money online and then they get dropped back down to earth… less their $120 of course.

      This is horrible. I don’t like this. Take a good hard look at what this really is and then do what is right for you. Writing this review is right for me.

      Let’s just look at it logically Keith, and I’ve said this before… I can get my content ranked on page 1 of Google (oh yes and that is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches me) and I can get traffic and visitors to my website. How did you find this review? If Phoenix Power Rising is so great why am I not promoting it? That would be the logical thing for me to do. Why slam it when I can make money from it too?

      If this was a legit opportunity I would jump on board and share my affiliate link for sure.

      Where on earth is the logic of slamming one opportunity (apparently without reason) to promote another? That logic is as stupid as this scam is.

    • Basic Reset is not considered MLM…it’s affiliate marketing. I don’t like corporate america lol. My upline and her husband are building their first house with her income from BR.

      • Hi Heather

        I am getting confused. How can you say it is not MLM and in the same comment mention your upline. With affiliate marketing you have the person that referred you and it stops there. There is no upline or downline.

  52. Isn’t it amazing that these people are still using these scams even after all this time…?? Pyramid schemes (sorry, 2 x 3 Matrix’s) have been proved time and time again to be scams, but where people are after a quick buck, it ‘seems’ like a good idea. You did good in exposing it, especially considering that it’s turned out no one’s getting their promised cash!! Ha! When will this sort of thing be illegal??

    • Hi Jyl

      Well pyramid schemes are illegal everywhere I think, but the internet just makes it so easy for people to set them up and spread them like wild fire before anyone can stop them. Plus the same scam artists just do the same thing over and over again. It really is shocking but the owner of this scam has done this before.

  53. Hi, Lynne, and thank you for letting me know the truth about Phoenix Power Rising. I will never try this scam. I’m pretty certain it is a scam. When you search a lot about scams you smell it when it appears.
    Thanks again.


  54. Well it seems like more and more of these weird scams/pyramid schemes just keep coming. There’s no stopping them.

    First SmashFund, which was sooo hyped up for no reason, then this. I don’t know where all the legit and long-term platforms go?

    Seriously, I’ve head just good things about the thing you recommend, and I trust it. But what about others? Can you recommend some alternatives?

  55. Hi Lynne, I can see you all for honesty and integrity, I think your information regarding PPR is fair especially since you went in to see exactly what it is about. Thanks for the in depth, detailed report that you have exposed us to. I especially think a nice touch done by finishing with WA university which is an honest way of making money.

    • Hi Melissa

      I’m glad you can see this for what it is. PPR has taken the internet by storm and so many people have fallen for it. There are going to be so many tears soon, possibly already.

  56. Hi Lynne, Thanks for the thorough review of Phoenix Power Rising. I find the events described your update especially disturbing. How can they get away with that?

    • Hi Jeremy

      It seems that these serial scammer can and do just get away with it all the time!

      This lady Terri Petty from Phoenix Power Rising is a perfect example of this, and so is Rob Towles of SmashFund…

  57. Hi Lynne,

    I signed up for PPR a while back, and you are absolutely right, it is a scam. I promoted the program and It says that I cycled and it showed that I earned $300. I haven’t promoted no more after that. I wanted to see if I will get paid to my payza account. I did a withdraw request of $180 this past Thursday, it is now Monday and I still don’t see any payment in my Payza account. But check this out, it now says that I have $660 in my account now! I’m like, where did that come from? I haven’t even promoted PPR for a while. But I saw that somebody in my downline has cycled and earned $300. Which would leave me with at least $420 since I withdrew $180 (which is still showing pending payment) It just doesn’t add up. Wake up, people! If they haven’t paid out by now, they’re not. If its too good to be true, it usually is. Thanks for the blog!

    • Hi Temeka

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have been conned. What a disappointment for you 🙁
      I had someone comment on my latest Youtube video about this Terri Petty and how she works. He said he has been following her for a while. Apparently the excuses are going to be rolled out week after week and each week she is going to promise payment the following week.

  58. Terry Petty has scammed hundreds if not in to thousands. I personally spoke to her on calls in 2011, and 2012 and spoke to several victims of you create freedom. At the time there was an open investigation by the FBI from the following:
    FBI Los Angeles Special Agent Phil Baldree is assigned to this Investment Fraud case (310) 477-6565
    *If you have been scammed like the many I know of simply alert the L.A. Fielf Office of the FBI.
    They are probably building the case which sometimes takes years.

    • I hope they are onto her, she has now resorted to asking people to donate $60 to her so that she can start paying people… because she has financial backing but those finances are just taking a little longer than expected to be available to her.

      Terri Petty needs to be locked away!

  59. I warned people about this as soon as I saw it. Nobody gives 100% away and expect nothing in return.
    It is a pity people get enticed into the luring of BIG MONEY!
    It affects us little guys who try to run an honest Business.

    • Stephen, it is sad how people get pulled into something that is so obviously a blatant scam. And yes I agree with you, it does affect the people that run an honest business, because when someone gets shafted by a scam they become suspicious and untrusting of others that work online. In the long run though honest business owners will come out tops, oh and be able to sleep at night too.

  60. Terri is still out there on the calls scamming people. Stay far far away people! She is a lying scammer. I can *personally* say this with 110% certainty!!!!

  61. Hi, so there is a few things not mentioned in the comments. first there is a 100$ fee to just register, after you watch tons of videos and blah blah blah they tell you about the products which are water filtration system called enagic. Oh and its 10,232$ you have to pay since you have to buy all of it to even get started, i have filled the forms but not submitted them. i will wait it out but i have a few of em on facebook but everything seems weird. i just wish there was a way to make good income online without having to buy something and sell something. Just though i’d let everyone know.

    • Hey Michel

      This review article was written a long while back when it first launched 🙂 Thanks for updating with what is happening with it now I can’t believe they are charging $100 to register. I doubt anyone has even paid yet by Terri Petty. I had assumed this scam was old news and that everyone was onto it already.

      Michel there is a way to make money online without buying or selling anything online. I blog and and I make a full time income from it. My main business is my mommy blog Kaboutjie and this website is more like a hobby but I earn from it too. I have another website where I blog about addiction and I make money from that one also.

      It is an amazing way to make money online, plus it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure it will take some time to learn what you need to do, but you can start for free and learn as you go along. So you can start part time and start earning while you have a full time job.

      Let me know if you want to know more, or you can check out my #1 recommendation for learning how to work online.

  62. These types of pyramid schemes come and go all the time online. The sad fact is there’s always a willing audience that buys into the hype of money for nothing. I haven’t personally ever fallen victim to one but know a few that have.

    This type of scam gives legitimate online marketers a bad name and I am amazed the operator’s of these types of schemes remain free on the streets. Thanks for the heads up and I hope more people take the time to read articles like yours before falling prey to sites like these.

    Keep up the good work Lynne!

    • You are so right about that… there are will always be another pyramid scheme and another scam. It is so sad really – people are just trying to find a real way to make money online and there is a sea of scams out there. It is not easy sifting through all the rubbish to find the real opportunities. 

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