Outside Of Online Presence: The Physical Secrets To Ecommerce Success

Online presence is, understandably, the focus for ecommerce businesses. If you don’t get that down, you stand no chance. Hence, we spend hours reading how to perfect websites and boost social media followings.

But, it’s not all about the online stuff. Even when you’re operating online, you’ll be offering a physical product for the most part. If so, there are at least some aspects of business which take place offline.

Secrets to ecommerce success

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So, as important as it is to master your online presence, it’s crucial you focus on offline features as well. Often, these are what set you apart from your competition. Here are some areas worth focusing on.

Speedy Delivery

Anyone ordering from your ecommerce store should receive their products as soon as possible. The one thing online shopping hasn’t got over its physical counterpart is speed. When you go into a shop, you get your items straight away.

Online shopping will probably never be that fast. But, you should do everything possible to ensure fast delivery. You can do this by working with private mailing companies. It may sound pricey, but it’s often a cheaper option for businesses as they offer bulk discounts.

This way, you can rest assured that products will reach your customers in no time. Plus, services like DHL send emails or texts with exact timings. Your clients never need to miss a parcel again!

Speedy delivery

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The Right First Impression

When shopping in a physical store, customers buy products they’ve held, looked at, and settled on. With ecommerce shopping, things are a different. Your clients won’t see what they’ve bought until it turns up on their doorstep.

As such, you need to make an effort to get your products looking their best. You can’t fall back on the fact that they’ve been hand-picked. You also can’t distract with shop layouts and marketing methods.

Instead, it all comes down to that first impression. You want products which have the wow factor. And, as it’s the first thing any customer will see, you need packaging which instantly impresses.
So, instead of packaging in plain bags, opt for something like this printed pouch packaging. It would look classier, and show a little bit more of what your brand is all about. Equally, don’t settle for plain boxes. Add logos and colouring to increase interest. Otherwise, the experience may leave customers feeling a little flat.

The Personal Touch

The emphasis in business has always been on that personal touch. This is what creates a connection that keeps people coming back. And, it’s increasingly difficult to get through online operations. You have social media, of course, and that will take you far. But, you’ll always be behind a screen.

The personal touch

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Instead, consider adding personal touches to your deliveries. Something as simple as a handwritten note, or a small free addition will make all the difference. You don’t have to break the bank here. Something as simple as a handful of boiled sweets in a beautiful bag is all it takes to show you care.


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