Opt For Old School: Traditional Business Tactics Worth Sticking To

In today’s world, we hear a lot about digital, about social, and about the trends that are going to transform the marketing industry as we know it. But as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Although we do have to embrace change, and work with these new trends as they come and go – to at least see if they may make the right impact on our small business marketing activity, it’s naive to focus on them over some of the more traditional tactics that have always served us well. If you want to see success, opt for any one of these old school tactics.

Traditional advertising methods


First up, let’s think about advertising. Now, the methods may be more varied than they always have been, but advertising is still both important and effective. Whether you advertise in print or online, you can create business for your brand. You need to be able to showcase your company to keep it in the mind of your customers. So aim to have at least one advertising campaign running at a time throughout the year. Even better, you should try for a couple of complimentary campaigns, combining both online and offline methods.


The second most known and traditional marketing method is, of course, PR. Again, like advertising, you will find that your options for a PR campaign are also wider, with the introduction of online methods alongside traditional PR. But traditional PR should still be kept in play. A large portion of your target audience isn’t always going to be online. The fact that print media is still going, speaks for itself. So if you want to get traction, you need to keep it traditional.

Traditional PR


Although this section does also fall under PR, it also combines networking too. Because it isn’t just enough to connect with your customers and prospects online, especially if you’re B2B. Way back when, events were one of the only ways you could do that, and they’re still as effective today. So you need to get your event equipment today, like banners with tarps and clear eyelets, and ensure your setup is strong. Then, get your events calendar pulled together and make the most of each opportunity.


Then you’ve got the power of corporate hospitality to consider too. If you’ve been working in the industry for awhile, you’re probably already a fan of it. But if your business is new, you may not be used to entertaining as much as you could be. But it works, especially with B2B. If you want to woo your prospects and keep your customers close, hospitality is often the key.

Direct Marketing

And of course, we still have direct marketing. This definitely always seems to be the most neglected of the more traditional methods. But it still works. Whether you choose to use direct mail methods, which are often great for B2B, or email newsletters, you will find that directly marketing to your customers can have some really impressive results.


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