Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion Outpost Review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: Free
Owners: Survey Sampling International
Website: www.opinionoutpost.com

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is an online survey company that pays you for your opinion. They have been around for over 10 years and have a very good reputation online.

What is Opinion Outpost

Each survey is worth 5 points and once you reach 100 points you can cash out with Paypal, or you can cash out 50 points for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Signing up is an easy process, simply fill in your name and email address and they send you an email confirmation. You are then asked to fill in a some profile information.

What is Opinion Outpost ReviewThis is where I hit a little problem. My country (South Africa) was not on their list of regions. I checked their terms and conditions and unfortunately I don’t qualify. I decided to be naughty and say I was from the USA for the sake of having a look inside to do a review.

From Opinion Outpost I was pleased to see that I earned 5 points for completing my profile. When I was inside the members area I was pleased to see that it had a very similar look and feel to the Answered Insight survey company I have been using for many years. To date Answered Insight has been the only decent survey company I have found.

Opinion Outpost is simple, easy to navigate and not full of rubbish and things to try. It is not a social website that is wanting you to click everywhere to send you on a wild journey. They look like they are there for one thing: to provide you with surveys to complete. I am liking this already.

From Opinion Outpost Review

I click on the button that says Take a Survey and I fill in one page of questions and I am not qualified for that survey. I then take another one and I get this page in the screenshot below. It seems I do qualify for this one, but the fact that I am sitting in South Africa and saying I live in the USA must be a problem for them. Fair game, I really didn’t think I would get away with it, I just wanted a little peak inside!

Opinion Outpost review I now have to base the rest of my review on what I have researched online, but before I do that I want to just share with you that I have tried and reviewed countless online survey companies. My general opinion is that trying to make money online with survey companies is a complete waste of time. If you want to understand why, then please click here to read my latest post on the subject.

My limited personal experience from Opinion Outpost has been wonderful in comparison with almost every other survey company I have come across. They appear 100% legitimate and honest. They are not sending me all over the place on a wild goose chase. They really appear to be exactly what they say they are.

So now to what I have researched online about Opinion Outpost. The public opinion is that Opinion Outpost is legitimate, they don’t mess you around with surveys or with paying out your money. There are surveys available and you will qualify for the majority of them once you have filled in your profile completely.

This is exactly how an online survey company should be. It certainly looks like you can benefit from trying out Opinion Outpost.

Pros & Cons


  • Legit Company
  • Paid Cash (in addition to gift card options)
  • User Friendly
  • Honest Work


  • It is not a lot of money at $0.50 per survey. You will need to do 20 surveys to cash out $10 and will not pay the bills

Can you make money from Opinion Outpost?

Yes and no. Yes you can make some money, but no it will not be a lot of money.

Who is Opinion Outpost suitable for?

Anyone that has some spare time and would like a little extra cash will enjoy this.

Training/ Tools Overview

This is a simple system so no need for any training. There is a survey, answer it and your points appear on your profile. There is a training video on the website when you register.


I have not personally tried their support options, but from what I can gather online they respond quickly to queries.


No costs involved.

Verdict for Opinion Outpost? Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Although I certainly wouldn’t give up my day job for this because of the low earning potential, it is an honest and legitimate opportunity to make some extra money. Earning money from Opinion Outpost is definitely an honest and legitimate way to make extra money.If you are wanting to earn a little more money to put away for a rainy day this is something I would recommend you try out.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!



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  1. Good read! I know there’s a lot of sites like this, would you mind writing about a few more? There’s some I heard of with credits you can earn in google play store, what about Amazon and Apple? These besides, I always enjoy learning about new opportunities that are actually worth the time. Thank you, and keep it up!

    • Thanks Peter, I will be adding a lot more reviews and hope that some of them are legit and honest like this one from Opinion Outpost. Just maybe a better earning potential would be great!

      Kind Regards


  2. There are so many survey companies out there and I feel like their all a complete waste of time and effort. Other programs are just so much better for making money online and if you waste your time on surveys, even at a reputable company like Opinion Outpost, you won’t have time for a true online job. Thanks for your honest review!

    • Hi Jillian

      I couldn’t agree with you more! As good as they are earning from Opinion Outpost is still not much of an opportunity!

      Kind Regards


  3. My wife was doing these online surveys for a while and to me it seems that you do not make enough money for the time and effort put in to completing them. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a better alternative. This company is a fountain of knowledge that always has the latest tips and techniques for the ever changing online business world. Thanks for the honest review.

    • Hi James

      Yes I am so with you on that, I have found it impossible to make worthwhile money doing online surveys! It seems making money from Opinion Outpost is easier than most survey companies but still not nearly enough earning potential.

      I am glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best online business opportunity I have found so far. \

      Kind Regards


  4. Your Opinion Outpost review was quiet enlightening. I really don’t know how businesses like this stay afloat. I guess a few good suckers.

    I tried a few of these online survey websites and I’m not sure any of them are actually putting out what they claim.

    It’s just way to easy and frequent for a person to be disqualified after 20 minutes of answering questions. I won’t be doing that again!

    I think you review will be very helpful to any one wanting the inside information on places like this.

    • Hi Debra

      Yes, most of the companies claim you can make good money with surveys and you really can’t. I would advise staying far away from any survey company that claims you can make lots of money taking online surveys.

      Although my experience from Opinion Outpost was pleasant you still can’t make much money!

      Kind Regards


  5. I have spent a bit of money enrolling in companies to do surveys and have found that it is not worth my time as the payout is very small as you found with this one.

    The promise of lots of surveys to complete is not exactly right. As I live in Australia, there are many surveys that do not want input from Australian consumers.

    • Hi Christine

      I agree with you 100% and I also find I have the same problem, being in South Africa there are not very many survey companies that I qualify for and it also cuts me out of a lot of the surveys in the companies that I do manage to register. It is very frustrating, but considering that the income is so low per survey anyway I am not very interested in this option to try and make money.

      Kind Regards


  6. Years ago I was on some survey site that I completely forgot the name of by this point. I got a bit fed up because the screening process to see if I was eligible for the survey seemed to take forever, Then when I finally got to a survey I was able to take that too took forever. Glad to see you only had to go through one page with this to see if you could actually complete the survey or not.

    • Hi Faith

      I agree with you on that one, it is normally a very frustrating process to do the screening questions and then get kicked out after putting all that time in.

      Thankfully I never experienced that with Opinion Outpost.

      Kind Regards


  7. Hey Lynne , another interest review for me because as I was looking for opportunities that product came up…Hmmm , I can see your overall rating is pretty high.

    10 years is a long period , I guess their legitimacy is out of question.But they seem not be able to filter out certain IPs , like from your country…That can question their services.

    Generally I agree with your opinion , surveys are not to be taken as a business.They can only add some extra cash in our wallets and nothing more.

    Hopefully another honest company , if you add 50-100 companies to your portfolio you might generate let’s say $20-$30 per month.Not bad , not brilliant either.

    Thank you for another unbiased review and looking forward for more.

    • Hi Tasos

      Thanks for visiting. I rate them high because they are legitimate and honest. That counts a lot in my eyes online in this day and age where it seems almost all the “opportunities” you come across are unethical and dishonest, as well as the many scams.

      Yes like you say even if you sign up to 100’s of legit survey companies you will still make only a small amount of money.

      Kind Regards


  8. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you for this site. People these days are so weary about the many scams out there. I appreciate you sharing about this smallonlinebusiness. By the reviews I must say that this is a good and honest way of making some extra cash. Good to know that you are a fellow-South African.

    Thank you, again.


    • Hi Rodney

      Nice to meet another South African online 🙂

      It is a pleasure to share honest opportunities like this one from Opinion Outpost, it is just a pity that the earning potential is so low.

      Kind Regards


  9. I enjoyed reading your opinion about opinion outpost! It seems like a legit but tedious way to make just a little money. It’s amazing how many surveys we are faced with now in our day and age. Every receipt wants you to log on and take their survey. At least there’s pay here. Sorry you didn’t get all the way through!

    • Hi Rick

      Thanks for your feedback, I didn’t expect to get through due to my geographical region 🙂 I was just pleased I could have a look inside and see what was happening in there. All in all my experience from Opinion Outpost was very pleasant and it was nice to finally find a legitimate survey company after all the scams I have come across.

      Kind Regards


  10. I find your reviews to be fully comprehensive and inclusive of all pertinent questions I may have had. The only question I do have is if you could recommend a survey company who is straight forward like this one that offers better compensation? I figure instead of robotically scrolling social media sites that earn me no money, that when I am bored I can take surveys and put money in my pocket. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Natalie

      I would love to be able to refer you to a survey company that pays well, the problem is every survey company I have come across that claims to pay well has turned out to be a scam. I honestly don’t think that you can make much money taking online surveys.

      Kind Regards


  11. As I was reading this, I was just wondering is the payout calculated in that person’s country’s currency? The only way it might not be a waste of time is if the pay is in US dollars for example, and the person lived someplace where that minimal payment might actually be worth it, like in Mexico or Peru or some country where $2 USD would actually be worth something. That would be an interesting thing for you to find out and write a post about I think.

    • Yes Donna, it is paid out in USD. I am in South Africa and our exchange rate is terrible…. even so $2 is equal it about R30 here which is not much at all. I do surveys in South Africa too with Answered Insight at R20 a survey. It only takes me about 10 minutes to do a survey but that money is also not really worth it unless I literally leave it piling up there for about 6 months before I cash out.

      Then again lots of people really like doing online surveys for extra money, so I am sure they will find a lot of positives with Opinion Outpost!

  12. Nice review Lynne,

    Like you I’ve looked at lots of ways to boost my income online in my spare time and it isn’t easy to actually find something legitimate and like you I seem to be regionally challenged.
    A lot of the time the application seems like such a lengthy process that I find myself wondering if i am already being used, like they are gleaning some sort of data from the application itself.
    It can be a little discouraging, but I’m appreciative of your reviews as it saves me a lot of work.
    Let me know if you find something good!
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Alison. Thanks for visiting. Unfortunately survey wise I doubt there is anything worthwhile! Have you considered doing website testing? I signed up with User Testing and I have done 2 website tests and each one paid $10. It took me 20 mins to do each one.

      They don’t waste your time at all. There are not a lot of tests I qualify for but there is only one question to answer to see if you qualify for the test.

      This might be something you would enjoy 🙂

  13. Hi Lynne, another interesting article! I was wondering though. Since you say you earn $0.50 per survey, so $10 after 20 surveys. How much time do you spend per survey?

    I mean, if you could do 20 surveys per day, in a month you have earned $300. Not bad if it only takes you an hour work per evening or so 🙂

    • Hi Jurgen, survey lengths will vary slightly but it will probably take about 10 – 15 minutes per survey.

      You could certainly time wise fit in 20 surveys or more per day. However realistically you will probably receive 2 surveys in a month!

  14. Hi Lynne,

    Actually Opinion Outpost looks like something that maybe of use and interest to my hard working friends here in Thailand. After all they do work hard and 9 hour shift for $10 with little or no employment rights.

    20 mins per survey 7hr job working at home and a much easier job. Not a bad idea for them! save them around 3-4hrs daily to if count in the travel time.

    Thanks for forwarding this to me English speaking Thai friends.

    • Hi Derek

      Geez that is a terrible amount of money to earn! Pass on to your Thai friends that they can also do User Testing… it is $10 per test and it takes about 20 minutes to do a test.

  15. Hi there Lynne,

    I am trying to do the math here. Assuming one survey requires about 15 minutes to complete, I would need to spend close to 5 hours, just to earn $10!!!

    That’s WAY too little than the salary of a part timer. I would rather build a blog and diversify my income stream as there are bigger potential for recurring income through the online marketing/route.

    • Hi Cathy

      Yes that calculation sounds about right, bearing in mind you will never receive enough surveys to keep you busy for 15 hours a day. You will be lucky to receive a few a month!

      I agree, having a website and monetizing it with blogs or an online shop will be much more profitable.

  16. Hey Lynne great review of opinion outpost. Got to your review searching if this site is a scam. Looks like it’s not, but I was not aware that the earnings were so small taking surveys.

    I found on another site that you can make more money on survey sites by referring your friends.

    Do you know if opinion outpost has a referral program and if so how much can you make from it?


    • Hi Brok

      Yes they do have a referral program and you can earn up to $5 per referral. Once your referral joins Opinion Outpost via your referral link you can earn up to $1 for each survey completed, up to a total of $5.

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