5 New Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs in 2020

There have been many setbacks for entrepreneurs in 2020 due to the pandemic and lockdowns in various countries. Many businesses have had to shut their doors and lots of employees have lost their jobs. While this is devastating to many families there are also many opportunities that have come about too. For budding entrepreneurs it is all about getting creative and finding new opportunities.

More than ever digital marketing is an essential business tool and according to Angela Wei Milk Agency it must not be ignored now. No matter what business you launch make sure to take full advantage of social media, your email list and creating digital marketing materials for your business.

Here are some great new business ideas for entrepreneurs:

5 New Business ideas For Entrepreneurs In 2020

Graphic Design Business

Creating graphics is now not only for graduates of design school. There are now so many online programs that make creating graphics easy as can be.

Many small businesses will be needing cost effective graphics to market their businesses. There are plenty of online courses that will teach you graphic design in a jiffy and you can be up and running very quickly from home.

Make yourself a rate card and start promoting the services you offer such as logo design, graphics for flyers, websites, social media and more.

Shopping and Errands Business

There are many people that are unable to leave their home due to being ill with Covid-19 or because they are isolating after being in contact with someone that has the virus. There are also lots of people that are in the high risk category as they are elderly, have HIV, cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure. Shopping is a high stress activity for them and chances are they would rather stay safe at home.

Offer services to deliver groceries and do other errands that they are unable to do themselves.

Home Cooked Meal Deliveries

There is nothing better than having a healthy, nutritious home cooked meal that you don’t have to prepare yourself! There are many people that are exhausted and ill right now that will need great nutrition but are not always able to provide that for themselves.

You can market your services in local Facebook groups and through word of mouth. The word will quickly get around that you are offering great meals delivered to your door.

Make up a menu for each day and take orders each week for delivery in your area.

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Online Tutoring

How many kids are at home right now that need to get their school work done when their parents are exhausted and trying to work, or perhaps the parents are not home as they have to be out at work?

Offer online tutoring to help kids get through the school year and not fall behind. This will take such a strain off parents all over the world.

Start A Blog

This is the perfect time to start blogging, it does not cost much to get started and will only take a little bit of time to get started and learn the ropes. There are plenty of ways to earn online through blogging such as offering advertising, affiliate marketing, creating digital products and influencer marketing.


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