Need To Sell More Online? No Sweat, Just Follow These Smart Rules

What was the last thing you bought online and how much did it cost? Think about it for a minute and then realise that with 96% of Americans doing the same thing every day, selling online is not only possible but expected from current businesses. However making one sale is rarely enough to turn a profit, meaning the real question here is how to increase your sales to a sustainable level. To find out how to do this read on for some smart rules that can help.

Always keep in contact with past customers

Lots of effort and money goes into reaching new customers every day with marketing and advertising. However, they are not always the hottest leads with the best potential of closing a sale. Actually, customers that have already bought from you are. After all, you already have their trust, and you know that they are interested in the area that your product falls.

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That is why it’s so vital to maintain a good level of contact with past and current customers, and go to them first when you want to sell more online. A great example of this is Graze Snack Boxes you can get in the UK. Not only do they have you locked to ordering a certain number of boxes a week, but in each box and by email you get incredibly tempting offers for free products or significant amounts off any additional purchases you make. Something that allows the company to upsell and increase their revenue easily and significantly.

To do this for your own business, you need to send out product information, helpful content, and special offers by email and text. Ones that will encourage customers to buy another of your products and that direct them easily to your website to make the purchase.

Just don’t inundate them with email and offer every day, as their effectiveness will diminish. Something that can cause them to lose their ability to encourage additional sales.

Always choose an excellent commerce platform

Something else that can increase your selling power online is to ensure that you are using now the most up to date ecommerce platforms.

To help with this, you can use companies that specialise in eCommerce solutions designed to help businesses maximise their online sales while minimising the technical knowledge and expertise they have to have on the IT side of things. This means you get an online store that looks gorgeous on a desktop and mobile device that is simple and effective to use for your both customers and employees.

Never promise what you can’t deliver

Another smart rule for increasing your online sales is to remember that you should never promise what you can’t deliver. Yes, it can be very tempting, especially when you want to close a sale to promise the customer the Earth, including things like guarantees and fast delivery.

However, if you then cannot deliver these you have broken the bond of trust with that customer and damaged the potential for a future buying relationship. Also, with the proliferation of places to review and comment on the service they receive online, you also risk putting other potential customers off. So it’s always better, to follow the rule of not over-promising to increase instances of sale in the long run.



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