My Email Mentor Review

My Email Mentor Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Supposedly free but costs $10 and then $47 per month

Introduction: What is My Email Mentor?

My Email Mentor doesn’t really explain much about exactly how you make money, there is a sign up form on his website and a video which is very vague. The only way to really know what this is about is to sign up. I’ll take you through what happens when you sign up but before I do that I want to tell you exactly what it is in the video on their website.

What is My Email Mentor

So what is on the My Email Mentor video?

You can watch the video if you like … here is what is shared in the video.

It is an 11 minute video which tells you how he (Bobby B) is going to to tell you exactly how you are going to make money. He says very specifically that it is free, he even says to please put your wallet away.

He goes on to say how he lives in a ridiculously huge house, his back yard looks like a resort (yes he actually says that), how he drives a new Range Rover, a Mercedes, a Jaguar AND his favorite car a Bentley Continental GT that he won for free in an email marketing contest. He travels the world and takes ridiculously lavish vacations (his words). This is all thanks to email marketing.

He then stresses that this is not a scam, it is not about buying anything or starting a new website. This is not spam email either, these are people that have signed up and specifically asked this information be sent to them.

BUT he has a problem where he has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and new people signing up every day, and email services have a limit on how many people you can send to. He would love to be able to put all these subscribers into one list and email them all but the email companies just won’t let him no matter what he offers to pay them.

This is where you come in! He needs you to collect email addresses and send emails.. but there are only a limited amount of spaces so you must hurry… although he does want as many people as possible to make as much money as possible because he can’t have any more subscribers. Confused? Yes you should be because he contradicts himself here big time.

He wants you to partner with him, not pay him (stressed again) and here he says you will never pay him a single dime ever. In fact he will pay you! Getting email leads is not always easy and getting exclusive leads of the quality he can is almost impossible to get for beginner marketers. He will get these for you when you partner with him.

He will give you the leads, the information to send out to them and train you exactly how to set it all up so you can make money. Only after you start making money you will split the profits but he never explains how this will work. He then says how this is a complete turn key business for free (yes again) that is ready to go that will make you money immediately… all for free (lol yes again). Once a day follow the steps he has set out which will take you about 10 minutes and then log into your commission account and see how much money you have made.

So why would he do this? Simple answer he says, to clone himself! Every time he “clones” himself his new partner makes money and so does he. Absolutely no risk on your part at all… because yes lets say it again! This system is free and only when you start making money are the profits split. We are in this together he says…

And remember to hurry because he says he is only setting up 100 partners to make sure they all get going and start making money, this is a very limited opportunity… yeah he hammers it down hard.

So what happens when you sign up with My Email Mentor?

So after signing up you go to a getting started page and there is another video of Bobby, thankfully only 4 minutes long this time. He states in this email too that this system will cost you NOTHING to set up. However if you scroll down the screen you will see this is a lie because you actually have to pay $10 to get your email account set up. It is unclear whether this is $10 once off or $10 per month.

My Email Mentor Cost

Strangely enough step 6 is missing? Anyway here are the rest of the steps to make your money.

Is My Email Mentor A Scam?

I find it funny that they now say every step is completely free when step 2 costs $10? So why when I do a search online do I find people complaining that this program costs $47 per month for Email Response?

This program is not free in any way.

Is My Email Mentor a scam?

Yes most definitely! It has all the warning signs associated with a scam. Just the bad sales video on the website should have you running for the hills already, especially as there are false promises made and no clear explanation of how to make money before signing up. The cringy references to “ridiculously huge house”, “ridiculously lavish house with a yard that looks like a resort” and all his fancy cars. He says he is not trying to impress you by sharing these things about his lifestyle, what a load of BS, of course he is. He is trying to make you believe you can have those things and you won’t.

The fact that they clearly state and stress over and over again that there is no cost to this program yes as soon as you hand over your email address you must suddenly pay $10 and as soon as you pay the $10 you must now suddenly pay a $47 fee.

My Verdict for My Email Mentor

Please don’t fall for this. If someone promises you that it is completely free but try and get you to pay something as soon as you sign up just leave, unsubscribe and stay away from the program. This is exactly the same. You don’t need to even look any closer at how this program works. If you join an opportunity and they lie to your face within minutes this is how they will continue throughout, possibly even worse as you get sucked further in.

This type of scam really irritates me!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

My Email Mentor Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Supposedly free but costs $10 and then $47 per month


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hey Lynne

    I joined these guys ages ago and soon realised after doimg some calculations, vs weekly cost of the required email client that could not make money through the email side of things. If i am not mistaken, i would have been loosing money.

    So, it essentially a recruiting scheme… don’t waste your time and money on this one.



  2. Hi, first and for all, thank you for pointing out the scams out there! It’s sad that there are so many and we can nothing do about it!

    I’ve never heard about email mentor before, but if I’ll stumble on it, I definitely know I should not proceed! So thank you for warning us!


    • It is a pleasure Rian. This is just one of many email scams exactly the same, they just have different names. So if you come across anything like this stay far away.

  3. Hello Lynne
    Email Mentor, yet another email scam.
    I’m thinking the name itself is a give-away.
    After all, who needs a mentor to send emails?
    It’s just such a shame that so many people get conned by these ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes and of course the only one getting rich is the purveyor of this rubbish.
    It happens to us all and myself included.
    But I’m older and certainly a wee bit more wiser now and I do try to warn as many people as I can about falling for this type of scam.
    I see your number one recommendation is wealthy affiliate.
    This is somewhere that anyone who wants a scam free way to earn money online should try.
    I have and so have you Lynne so we know what we are talking about.
    Have an excellent day.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for popping by again. Yes My Email Mentor is the first scam like this I have done a review on, however I have been coming across loads of them recently.

      Same scam, different name. I hope to expose some more of them soon.

  4. Hey Lynne,
    It’s an scam to me right about 5th step. 100$ for no reason, I haven’t done anything yet and you give me some money (even it’s potential money). Just in an hour?!!
    Why do they still exist?
    I love sites like yours helping internet marketing to become a safer place. Thanks for your report on this scam.

    • Hi Jagulba
      Yes, I agree with you. Offering $100 for no reason? Why not offer $90 then and give the email set up for free? It is a pity so many people fall for these lies. My Email Mentor is nothing more than a bad money making scam.

  5. Hi Lynne

    Yes, I agree with you on that one. I also think that My Email Mentor is a scam. The $47 upsell is a clear indication of this program.

    Even if it was legit, you will still not be able to make money online with it. Email marketing only forms a part of internet marketing.

    There are so many other components other than email marketing that you should look at in order to make money.

  6. Hi Lynn
    Scams and more scams! They are all over are they not? I love it when they are exposed. Great job! I see you have recommended Wealthy Affiliate. I have to give them a thumbs up as well! No scamming there. It is the Real Deal!


  7. Hey Lynne, thanks you for sharing this review. I had not heard of this system before. There are so many of them out there its hard to keep up with them all!

    I totally agree that this sounds like a complete scam. I tried to view the sales video just for the laugh but it appears to have been taken down? There is just a lot in screen now on the home page.

    You don’t get anything for nothing and you certainly can’t make money on the internet without putting in a little effort!

    Thanks Lynne, all the best,


    • Hi Andrew

      Yes I am also finding that, they all look the same now and it is so boring to even bother trying to review these things.

      Exactly like you say working online and making money takes hard work and time. Anything that says otherwise is taking you for a ride.

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