Must-Have Small Business Tools for 2020

Running a successful business can always be tricky but it’s made easier by having the right tools. When you have the appropriate equipment to hand, you can maximize your productivity and profitability.

For small businesses that may be limited in terms of resources, it’s particularly important to choose your tools well. To ensure you’re optimizing your output in 2020, take a look at these top must-have tools for small businesses…

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1. Accounting Software

Accounting is time-consuming and complicated. Although it’s an unavoidable part of running a business, there are ways to make it easy. With accounting software designed for small businesses, you can keep your books up to date throughout the year. This eliminates stress at the end of the financial year and cuts the cost of paying a professional bookkeeper.

2. Payment Equipment

For small businesses, cash flow can be a critical issue. You’ll need to facilitate fast, on-the-spot payments if you want to make the most of your customer base. Few people carry cash these days, so it’s vital to get a credit card reader if you offer face-to-face or phone sales. For online transactions, choose a reputable and secure payment provider that will boost consumer confidence. By providing a wide range of payment options, you can ensure that every customer is catered for.

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3. Project Management Software

Project management tools aren’t just for major companies and multinational corporations. In fact, there are many project management tools designed solely for small businesses. When you’re short of resources, it’s essential to make the most of them. Project management software will enable you to track productivity, launch new services, optimize efficiency and hit your targets.

Furthermore, many project management tools are accessed via the cloud. This means you can log in from any device, anywhere in the world, and keep your business on track.

4. Network Security

All types of businesses face cybersecurity threats but small enterprises are particularly vulnerable to attacks. If you don’t have effective network security in place, you could find your confidential business information becomes public. Furthermore, your customer’s data could also be accessed or leaked by unauthorized personnel.

As well as attracting bad publicity, this type of data breach could constitute new regulations. To ensure your business and your network are secure, it’s vital to have comprehensive security in place.

5. Online Marketing Software

If you want to manage all or some of your digital marketing in-house, you’ll want appropriate online marketing software in place. With user-friendly platforms, you can create email promotions, PPC ads, and blog content quickly and easily. With no prior knowledge of HTML required, digital marketing software makes it simple to increase your brand awareness.

Increasing Profitability in 2020

With the right range of modern tools, your business can thrive and grow in 2020. As well as freeing up much more of your time, the right tools can dramatically reduce your costs. This increases your profitability and enables you to focus your resources on growing your enterprise and increasing your market share.


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