Moving to the Countryside: Your Business Options

In case you are trying to accomplish your long term dream and move to the country, saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, you will need to think ahead and get ready for the challenges. If you are running your business, you might need to pay more for your internet connection and deliveries. Working from home can be challenging in the country, but also rewarding. Looking out of the window and seeing a beautiful landscape will keep you motivated for many years to come. Find out more about your business options when moving to the country below.

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  1. Consider Farming on the Side

No matter what type of business you already have, you can never have enough streams of income. If you have a land that comes with your country house, you could get trained in farming and manage the land for profits. In case you don’t have the affinity to working outdoors, you can get some machinery cheap and employ people. Get a Harvester machine, bale machine, and tractors and get another farmer to manage your fields for you for a yearly rent that will cover the cost of establishing your business at your new location.

  1. Satellite Internet

If your current business involves working on the internet and video conferencing, you will need to research the location and the market to make sure you get a good deal. The more remote your new country home is, the more likely it is that you will need to sign up for a satellite internet service to accommodate your needs. Check out the reviews and ratings before you make an investment in the equipment.

  1. Go Off the Grid

Moving to the country can present you with the opportunity to reduce your business expenses. Go off the grid and find local installers of solar panels and wind turbines. If you have a workshop that uses a lot of electricity, you can save money on energy bills, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

  1. Promote Organic Produce

In case your main motivation to move to the country was to live a healthier and more balanced life, you could set up your organic produce farm shop helping out local farmers. You might even create a farm cafe or a corn maze, depending on the size of your land, and add your home on the map as a main local attraction.

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  1. Creating a Marketing Firm for Local Farmers and Companies

Companies and local firms often find it hard to get their name out there on the national level. If you have a marketing degree, you could create a local association of small and medium sized businesses, hold seminars and training courses, helping communities increase their income, and boosting the economy of the area.

You will face several difficulties if you decide to move to the country, but you can easily overcome them if you are prepared for the challenges. Keep your budget and business needs in mind, and focus on your long term goals. Adjust your activities to the needs of the community and your new environment, and don’t be afraid of trying something new.


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