Motor Club of America Review: I suppose if you like MLM…

Motor Club of America Review
Overall Ranking: 20/100
Price: free to join, OR $39.90 sign up fee and $19.95 per month. Various prices for different packages.
Website: www.tvcmatrix.com

Introduction: What is Motor Club of America about?

Motor Club of America is a multi level marketing company. Products include roadside assistance, travel assistance, arrest bonds, attorney fees, credit card protection, emergency costs, hospital benefits, accidental death benefits and discounts on prescription, vision and dental.

So what is Motor Club of America really all about and why all the hype around it? Lets take a closer look.

The first thing I noticed when researching this company is the huge amount of domains apparently registered to Motor Club of America. Some of these websites are very nice and professional looking and I thought I was looking at the official page. However none of these are the official websites of Motor Club of America.

what is motor club of america

There is also no fee to join as an affiliate yet MCA associates are charging a $39.90 sign up fee and then $19.95 monthly which includes a package… Sounds fishy right?

If you want to sign up directly with no sign up costs you can do that at www.tvcmatrix.com. TVC does the marketing side for Motor Club of America.

Who is Motor Club of America for?

It is marketed that it is for anyone which I very much disagree with. For starters MLM is not for everyone and I don’t think any newbies should attempt it.

If you have what it takes to succeed in MLM then this could be what you have been searching for.

I suppose you are wondering what it takes to succeed in MLM? For starters a very thick skin, because you will be pushed away by many people. The willingness to push these overpriced, probably inferior quality products and services on anyone and everyone, including you poor family every time you see them. The willingness to push these products and services on anyone and everyone that comes into contact with you, and perhaps walking from door to door to shove it down people’s throats.

If you can sleep with the knowledge you have not been entirely honest with people, that this is just a pyramid scheme disguised as something else with some inflated products…. then yes you will do well with this.

As I’m sure you can see I am not a great fan of Multi Level Marketing…

You will have to work very hard, be constantly motivated and upbeat even when you are shunned by almost everyone, and of course sell people into doing what you do.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to join if you do it directly on the TVC website
  • Paid weekly via direct deposit


  • Lots of hype surrounding this, but not much to it
  • Complaints about the product, inferior products?
  • Overpriced products (can get the same thing for half the price elsewhere!)
  • No official website
  • MCA associates charge $39.90 sign up fee and $19.90 monthly
  • Only available in USA and Canada
  • MLM – big turn off for me!

Motor Club of America Training

It is up to the person that recruited you to train you. If you were recruited by someone that is willing to help you and train you then you are very lucky.

Motor Club of America does not actually provide any training themselves. If you search online you will find websites that offer MCA training but they are not part of MCA and if you have a look at them you will find they are quite ridiculous. The best way to do online marketing is to have a website and they don’t show you how to do that. It is also essential to know how to add quality content, how to do keyword research, how to get traffic and how to do email marketing just to name a few thing.

Promotional materials are provided but at a cost.

Motor Club of America Support

They do not offer much in the way of support, you can contact them via phone, email, fax, post or on their website, however their support leaves a lot to be desired. You can also contact your team leader for support.

What does Motor Club of America cost?

If you sign up directly through their website it is free, however if you sign up via an affiliate’s website you will pay $39.90 to sign up and then $19.95 per month for a membership plan.

You will also need to pay for any promotional materials, adverts, business cards, flyers and brochures all come at a cost. These can fees can add up quite fast.

Is motor club of america a scamIs Motor Club of America a scam?

No I don’t believe it is a scam, it is just another shoddy MLM scheme that I don’t approve of.

Can you money with Motor Club of America?

Yes you can make money with Motor Club of America, but don’t get too excited you could also win the lottery… the question here isn’t can you, it is will you? Probably not!

My Verdict for Motor Club of America

Just another bad MLM scheme. I don’t like the way there are numerous websites out there that appear to be their official website, this is not good practice. I don’t like the way it is free to be an affiliate directly through them, but if you sign up through an affiliate there is a cost.

The products are way over priced and there have been complaints about the services, typical of MLM products and services. There is no training and barely any support.

Yes I do believe people can make money with this, experienced MLM marketers that know how to do a hard sell and don’t care whether the product/ service they promote has any value to their audience.

You will find loads of positive reviews on this business opportunity, but remember to always keep in mind that where there are affiliates there are always positive reviews! Also anyone that signs up with MCA signs an agreement not to say anything negative about the company!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Motor Club of America Review
Overall Ranking: 20/100
Price: free to join, OR $39.90 sign up fee and $19.95 per month. Various prices for different packages.
Website: www.tvcmatrix.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Lynne,
    Thank you once again for spending time to write so many posts to educate readers like myself to learn new things from you. Once again, I learn more about Motor Club of America which is just another MLM. Once I joined Nuskin which is a MLM company and I didn’t make that far. MLM has yet to proof that it truly benefit most people as I can see it only benefit the top line people thus far.

    • Hi Stanley, that is exactly the problem with MLM. I honestly view MLM as a pyramid scheme and nothing more. Just because it has over priced bad products does not make it something other than a pyramid scheme to me.

  2. Lynne,

    Thank yo for taking the time to write up this review. I’ve bee hearing of Motor Club of America and I wanted to know if it was legit or not. It doesn’t sound like its a scam, but it also doesn’t sound like its a reliable income either.

    I’ve been a part of a few MLM’s before and my sister-in-law currently works for one as well. I would definitely agree that they are tough work, and unless you get really lucky, they wont make you a great income at all.


    • Hi Connor

      Yes that is my feeling too for MLM, I also don’t feel it is very honest because people are often convinced that it is product based and that they will get training in marketing products, but when you are in you are just pushed to get referrals and the products are ignored.

      I’m just not a fan of that!

  3. Lynne,
    Great review of Motor Club of America! I had heard of it though never looked that deep into the workings of the MLM. It is always so sad to me to see people wasting so much money on scams. Thank you for bring this to light!

    The part where you break down the websites is awesome. I would have been fooled more than once! Great job!

    • Hi Heather

      It is a pleasure, thanks for popping by.

      Always take a closer look at any opportunity you come across, do your research and if it is a scam it will come to light soon enough.

  4. Hello Lynne,

    At first glance at the name, it brought to mind a car enthusiasts club. I think there was one with a similar name. You know, the groups that do cars shows and stuff, like the Corvette club and many others. I guess names can be misleading.

    When I read the article I wondered just how overpriced they are to compared to say getting roadside assistance through your car insurance company? Probably a lot more for what you get it sounds like.



    • Hi Xin

      From what I can gather of similar products and services it is about 40% more expensive. No appealing at all. This is typical of MLM because everyone in the line makes a little cut of the profit, so they have to add on more to cover this expense.

  5. Greetings Lynne,

    I have to say right-off-the-bat, that I avoid MLMs like the plague. I have seen a lot of them come and go (mostly go), and this one looks as though it needs to go. Especially this whole concept of building these huge down-lines which is really nothing more than a variation on the old chain-letter schemes of by-gone days.

    The whole idea of their members charging for what should be free, and then providing a very thin layer of support for those getting started, does smell a bit!

    There are a lot of scams out there what are a few of the things we should be looking for to know it is a legitimate business opportunity?


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