More Business Scholarships For Female Creatives – The Vision Of Benjy Grinberg

When you consider the tuition expenses for tertiary education, it does not come cheap, particularly in the fields of music, art, and film. Things can really add up when you wish to attend the top institutions in the country. Benjy Grinberg seeks to reduce the gender gap that has been prominent in academia for years, to provide more business study opportunities for female creatives. 

 In this post we will be providing more information on finding the right scholarships and grants for women in creative fields. While there are scholarships available, you must focus on the ones that are specifically suited for women, permitting you to access more funds for education.

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How to locate art, film, and music scholarship and grants

As far as locating grants and scholarships for art, film, and music is concerned, you can find them almost everywhere. But first you need to understand what field you want to major in and the area where you wish to attend school. Once you have established this, it would be easier to find scholarships that provides you the most compensation and are perfectly suited for the field you are planning on studying. 

There are typically two kinds of scholarships. Need-based scholarships are granted to those who require financial aid to attend college. Then there are merit-based scholarships which are obtained through a high GPA, community projects performed, competitions won, etc.

Essential search criteria for scholarships and grants

Numerous grants or scholarships are available, and it can be beneficial to you if you can apply to as many as possible. When you search for different scholarships, pay attention to the following requirements to make sure you are meeting the criteria:

  • Student type they are looking for – this is generally highlighted in the details section of the scholarship. Contingent on whether you are still attending high school, are preparing for attending college for the first time, are currently enrolled and looking for funds for the next year or have finished a major and are looking to broaden your horizons, you need to identify which one you are.

 Look for the specifics of the given scholarships to ensure you are applying for scholarships that are applicable to your circumstances. It is no use applying for a scholarship that is only for high school seniors or juniors. 

  • The field of study
  • Location
  • GPA

How to get the most out of grants and scholarships for women

When you are looking for a scholarship or grant in the music, film, or art industries, it is essential that you emphasize on areas that allow you to stand out to try and be eligible for as many grants and scholarships as possible. There are many grants and scholarships available, each with specific criteria that might go unclaimed each year. They might be a lot easier to get since you will be competing with fewer candidates.


There are scholarships and grants available for females that are interested in the fields of art, music, and film. You just need to look for the ones that are more suited for female academics and be sure to take our tips and information into account if you are interested in applying for scholarships or grants in the fields mentioned above. 


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