Mintvine Review: The first bad review?

I recently heard about Mintvine and the impression I got was quite favorable so I couldn’t wait to check them out and see if I could make some money. So what is Mintvine and are they all they’ve been cracked up to be? Hardly! And I’ll show you exactly why in my Mintvine review.

Just be patient with me with this one because this time I am going to walk you through what happened every step of the way. I want you to see for yourself exactly why I gave them a big fat zero!

Mintvine Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owners: Branded Research
Website: www.mintvine.com

Introduction: What is Mintvine?

Mintvine is a platform where you can surveys, do polls and take up offers to earn money or gift cards. You earn points and once you have 1000 points you can cash out. 1000 points is equal to $10.

what is mintvineI registered with them and I will take you through the entire process of my personal experience so can make up your own mind. I am going to take you through what happened to me with screenshots at every single turn so you can feel what I felt!

The registration process was simple and fast. They asked a few questions and once I was in I saw I had already earned 310 points by filling in some basic info. I had already earned $3.10, great now I want to see if I can make some more points and what it entails.

mintvine review

I moved around their website in a methodical fashion, if you look at the above image I clicked on Check out Survey Street to “take my first survey” and the result was nothing available as per the screenshot below.

can you make money from mintvineI clicked on the next option for Points Place and it started to look a little more promising, 70 points per survey and 15 minutes per survey.

from mntvineWhen I clicked continue it once again tells me that there are no surveys available as per the below screenshot. Very disappointing.

checking points placeThe next option was to take the poll for 5 points which I did and I earned my 5 points and made it to 315.

for mintvineNow I have clicked on everything available in the main dashboard so I start exploring the top menu items. The first thing I click on is MVP. This turns out to be a Mintvine referral program. I can earn 15% from anyone I refer to Mintvine as well as receive 50 points when they complete their first survey. Yes I do affiliate programs and I am all for that… IF I believe in the product. I will never promote anything that I don’t believe in or is not worthwhile for me. I decide to first complete my investigation before I make up my mind.

I click on Local Deals and there is an error so I can’t see what this is about. I did research about this section later on and from what I can gather you can purchase things and earn points. For me personally I have one goal and that is to see if I can make money here. For me that means I can do things and earn. It does not involved me spending money or buying anything so this section does nothing for me.

local dealsThe next section up is Offers, no I don’t want to play Lotto. I also don’t want to download useless things to my phone, not even if I make money. Sorry but I am not religious and I am happily married – not applicable.

mintvine offersLet’s scroll down and see what else they have to offer… once again I don’t want OLX, wallpapers or Gumtree on my phone. I certainly don’t want to pay $1 to sign up for a trial to watch movies and then have to cancel before they bill me the full price whatever that may be. Once again I am wanting to make money, not spend it!

offers 1Let’s scroll some more. Once again useless apps which I have no interest in. My phone, ipad and laptop are for work purposes, I don’t want these things.

offers 2I am starting to really feel bored now and scroll down a bit more. There is a game I can play for 9 points or another useless thing I can pay $1 for. I decide to try the game, what the heck I am researching right?

play gamesI click on the game and realise it is not up my ally and reallyΒ  don’t want to register my details in another place. I will have to play 5 games to earn my 9 points and this really looks like a game I saw my brother in law playing. I think he played one game for days on end. I have better things to do with my day, I skip the game and look around some more.

sparta play gameI click on another tab in the offers section and hey I can unlock High Paying Surveys! Maybe I have just been in the wrong place? All I have to do is answer a few simple questions, lets click!


Here we go this has to be it. I am not 40 mins into Mintvine and really wanting to find something worthwhile here.

offeronto unlock

I get taken through 3 sets of questions, one of which is the screenshot below. Easy enough and simple.

survey questionsHere we go, it seems I have finally found where they keep the surveys. Seems a little roundabout to me, but I know where to go now.

surveys offers unlockedSo I click on the first 2 surveys on offer with the same results, sorry not available. I am trying to be open-minded here, but really why is it that every single survey I click on is suddenly “unavailable”?

I try out the 3rd survey and I wonder why I have been taken to Toluna Surveys and have to register again? But hey I can win money (R9 900 is approximately $800) so lets go with it. Plus I will earn 36 points.

Toluna surveys

Next page up, yes I agree to this “study” lets move along now. I really am getting bored and agitated!

tolunaI go through 6 survey questions about where I live what sort of work do I do and suddenly this comes up. Hang on, it said it was a daily survey I can take part in? This theme is getting old now. I go check my points to see if I have moved up and I am still on 315 points so they didn’t give me my 36 points.

toluna not availableI head back to the dashboard to see how else Mintvine can waste my time today. I find a Personly button. Clicking on it I find it is going to take me to a new window. Fine, does it really even matter anymore where you send me? I am all over the place today.


And this is where I land up. Got it? No I don’t get it at all. I don’t know where I am or what for. I click on the big green “Got It” button anyway.

Personly got itNo I don’t get it, really I am now on a Personly website with more offers and I can earn points. In the name of research I plod on and start clicking on various “surveys” and “offers” which you can see on the screenshot below.

personly offersAnd here is what happens with each and every survey.. Are you surprised yet? I am now well over an hour into this expedition.

personly survey not availableFine, lets click on the voucher rewards. Yes I know I don’t even want a voucher, I want cash but I want to see if anything anywhere actually works. Does anything work on any of these websites?

And here we go. I can win a voucher… Hang on wasn’t I earning a voucher? I really am confused now, I didn’t realise I was entering competitions!

Mintvine win R2000 checkers shopping voucherOh dear now they want my address, phone number… What the heck I’m in so deep now, lets do this.

personal detailsAnd you know what? Here comes some actual questions. Do you notice anything strange about these questions? And there were loads of questions!

skanky survey questionsHere comes the next page, with offers on. Another long process of saying NO.

skanky offers 2And here we go, now I can win a whole YEAR worth of groceries! Hang on wasn’t I entering this to win a R2000 grocery voucher? Well we had better keep going, who knows maybe I can win both? Yes let’s click how exciting!

win 1 year groceries with checkers scamAnd now you want my details again? Haven’t I filled my details in about 4 times since I started on Mintvine… oh wait remember I’m not on Mintvine. I am travelling through cyber space now at a rapid pace. Not even sure where I am, where I’ve been, where I am going and certainly not where I will land up in the end.

win checkers voucher scamThen I had to laugh out loud what happened next. I am taken to a count down screen! I have to call that number before the line closes in 1:03 minutes. I had to force myself to stop shaking with laughter just long enough to take a screen shot. I then managed to take a good look at what was really happening here. A bit later we’ll check out the Terms and Conditions in the small print that you won’t notice in those seconds while you are frantically scrambling for your phone!

count downPlease just bear with me while we just stop and back track. This started out as an earn voucher offer right? Then it suddenly became a win a R2000 grocery voucher. It then suddenly changed into being a year’s worth of groceries. Look at the screen shot above and see what it says? Win Computer and under that Win Groceries for a year. Now look at the screenshot below in the small print. What is maximum R6500? The amount of yearly groceries you win? I can easily spend that in a month on my family. Perhaps it is the value of the computer you win, hardly a state of the art computer for that value!

Then look at the really small bits. You will be charged R10 a minute to call them, you need to fill in an activation code and then you answer questions over the phone. You get 100 points by answering the questions correctly. The person with the most points wins, in other words you have to stay on the phone and keep answering questions? Even the way to enter the competition and win the competition is quite frankly not clear. Neither is the prize. Further more Shoprite and Checkers are upstanding companies, they are well thought of. When I think of Shoprite and Checkers I just can’t believe they would get involved with something like this. I sincerely doubt they are sponsoring anything.

shoprite checkers competition for groceries voucher scamOk let’s go back to Mintvine again, there are a few things I haven’t looked at yet. I’m not sure why I am bothering, this is clearly not the make money opportunity I was lead to believe. I have now been online messing around with this for well over 2 hours.

I click on something called Peanut Labs, and I am so relieved it isn’t working, I get a completely blank screen. That probably just saved me an hour of wasted time.

I click on something called Adwalls and it tells me once again it must open in a new window. Then I get a window that tells me I will be able to Unlock High Paying Surveys. Have we heard that before today? Hey we can also win a R13 500 supermarket voucher. I click on it anyway, just for the sake of the screenshot.

adwall unlockAnd here we go. Enter your phone number to win! It is easy, although now it is a R2000 shopping voucher. Read the small print and you’ll find that if you enter your number you will be on a subscription service for umm hold on we don’t even know! What we can see is if you enter your number here you will be billed R6 per day.

is MIntvine a Scam

I have now gone through almost all the features on Mintvine that I could find. There is only one part that I haven’t looked at and that is the support. I found it strange that a website that can waste my time like this has forums! So I just had to go have a look at all their support, help and forum features. Here is a screenshot of what they offer.

Mintvine helpIf you click on the blog it takes you to a blog and quite frankly I found the topics irrelevant to what their website is about. They claim you can make money, well then write posts on how your members can make money. Give them tips and tell them how. A post about Halloween and another about Spring? Yeah that’s nice and sweet, but what is it there for. I can’t figure it out.

mintvine blog

The next items on the list are the Quick Help and Forums. There is a reason I put these together and you’ll understand soon. I just want you quickly to think about what you think of when you see Forums? I think an interactive community space where members can ask questions and get help from the rest of the community as well as the staff of Mintvine. Maybe I am a bit stupid and my understanding is incorrect.

The reason I put those 2 items together is because whatever you click on it doesn’t matter, it takes you to a FAQ sort of page. There is are no forums. They don’t exist. I had a brief look at the page and there was nothing interesting there. Just Questions and Answers that Mintvine has put together.

Can you Make Money from Mintvine?

I sincerely doubt it! As you can see from my experience this looks like all it does is waste your time. Oh wait and steal your personal information too of course!

But there are plenty of people claiming this is a great opportunity. Here is a Youtube video you might find interesting….

Is Mintvine a Scam?

No I don’t think MintvineΒ is a downright scam in itself, however they are not upfront with what they are doing and the websites they associate with are dubious.

My Verdict for Mintvine

I have to be honest here and say this was a very annoying experience and I would not advise anyone else to bother. What disturbs me the most is that I personally investigate any alleged opportunity I can find. Not only do I sign up myself, but I also search online and see what other people are saying. I did not come across any negative reviews for Mintvine before I signed up myself. I read a whole load of positive reviews and immediately thought this must be a great opportunity to share with my readers. How can that be?

I’ll tell you how. I could have done a glowing review, added a link to Mintvine. Yes an affiliate link and earned points for screwing you over! That is how people make money from Mintvine, screwing other people over.

I will not put an affiliate link on my website to anything I consider even slightly underhanded, even if I can make a killing from it. I will not do it. I despise the thought of advising anyone to use Mintvine to line my own pocket with money. No thank you, I would rather starve.

Not only that but a lot of people do not personally investigate the website. They read another person’s review instead to write theirs up and because there are only positive review they assume this is legit and a good website. This is taking a short cut. There is a reason people get conned and fall for these things. Lets not be sheep here and lets all out in our own work and come to our own conclusions based on our personal experience.

Maybe Mintvine does not have a definite scam on their website, however they are most definitely affiliated with websites that are untrustworthy. They have huge big buttons on their website sending you there! On that basis alone I give them the thumbs down. I will not associate with and start business with any person or company I feel is dishonest or untrustworthy. Mintvine has done this, they have links sending you to places to waste your time and your money.

Further more shortly after entering my details into Mintvine and the websites they sent me to my phone beeps… spam. I check my emails and I have loads more spam than usual. A little while later my phone rings… do I want to buy life insurance? Then my phone beeps twice in a row and yes it is spam. Barely 24 hours later and I am bombarded with spam from all directions.

Thanks Mintvine and friends. I said no I did not want anyone contacting me, I am not interested in any offers. How irritating. So you and/ or associated websites have sold off my private information and wasted my time?

I have seen people saying that they have made money from Mintvine, one lady commented on some or other website defending Mintvine and saying it is not a scam. She has been on Mintvine regularly for the last 2 months and just cashed out her first $10. Congratulations to you young lady! I am happy for you, but also incredibly sad that it took you a full 2 months to make $10. It must have been a long and painful 2 months. I wasted one afternoon and nearly lost it.

Yes I admit too that I refused to download apps to my iPad or phone so there were offers I maybe could have made a few points on. But really think about it, you want to make money online and so do I. Would you consider this a career, would you be proud to say you make money on Mintvine? Would you quit your day job? Would you be proud to say you made money referring people to Mintvine?

This is my personal review and through my personal experience with Mintvine and the websites that Mintvine associates with I rate them a complete time waster and annoying website. This one ticked me off big time.

Are you tired of being messed around like this? Then check out how I make my money online, a lot more fun and certainly more worthwhile!

Mintvine Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owners: Branded Research
Website: www.mintvine.com



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  1. Hi Lynne,
    I never have heard from Mintvine, but how it looks from your review I didn’t miss anything important.
    people do have to watch out more and more what is crawling around on the internet.
    I am happy I have found my platform with Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t need anything else.
    But, again this is just my opinion.

    • Hi Syliva, thanks for popping by. Yes Mintvine was an awful experience! I am also loving Wealthy Affiliate, everything I need is here and it works for me. Unfortunately it is not the quick fix everyone is looking for, it entails dedication and work. But I am fine with that, happy to earn my living the proper way.

    • Hi Everyone:

      So sorry to hear that Mintvine, is not quite what you are looking for or pleased with. I on the other hand is finding it to be successful to me. However, I work off the emails that I get from Mintvine and once I work through the regular surveys and just do 2 or 3 of the funnel surveys and the daily poll. That is about it but the points do add it. I am finding better success with Quick Rewards. This website offers a lot more and so many quick ways to earn money and gift cards. No minimum to meet and can cash out when you want and any amount that you want. It pays out less than 24 hours. Give this one a try for sure.

      • Hi Pamela

        I’m glad you are finding Mintvine works well for you. Thanks so much for the tip about Quick rewards, I’ll definitely give that a go and hopefully the experience is better.

    • Lynne thank you for your report. I am on mintvine.com currently as a panelist, and just in the last few days I’ve decided that once I get $12.00+, which I’m soon to reach I’m going to quit mintvine.com because I find it not worth my time. I hate that it takes you so much time before they pay you back for the money you’ve earned. They keep your money pending for a very long time. I like to be paid right away once I’ve hit the required number. Mintvine.com pardon me f…s with you everyday when you try to participate with them. You constantly don’t qualify for surveys with them way more frequently than you do qualify for surveys with them, and to me that shouldn’t be tolerated, because it’s a waste of my time, energy, and effort. I have better things to do with myself and my time. All surveys should pay you right then and there once you’ve hit the required number to reach a reward with them. Also to reach the reward it shouldn’t be so difficult to reach any reward you wish to collect. I find some websites doing this business of surveys are ridiculous in that they make it extra ultra difficult to get their cool rewards, especially money ones that I want, like paypal. It can be very hard to make $25.00 and $50.00 with them.

      • Oh Chris you can say Fuck on my website, especially when it comes to a website that messes you around so much like this one!

        I really found Mintvine to be a pain in the ass and I hate it when my time is wasted. I found everything just to be spammy and annoying.

  2. Hi Lynne, love your review on this site. there is nothing more annoying than being redirected everywhere except where you want to go! Do good survey sites even still exist? Do you think this is a legitimate way to make money online? If so, then what would be your recommendation? The one time I did get caught with a scam it was for taking surveys and I unfortunately lost a bit of money which put me off surveys for life!

    • Hi Kerry, they DO exist.

      However I have only found one and it is South African based.

      It is simple, you register and fill in your profile in detail. Then they send you an email if there is a survey that fits your profile. When you click on it there are maybe 2 or 3 questions tops in the beginning which are the screening questions for that particular survey. If you don’t make it in then they put you in a draw for a cash prize. In addition to that most surveys actually are suited to me and I have no problem completing them. Probably less than 5% I am kicked out.

      There is no funny business at all. The pay out straight into your bank account. You do have to have a certain amount to cash out but it is not a lot.

      It is through this that I can spot a scam or time wasting opportunity with surveys so quickly. I have been with them for about 4 years.

      However you will never make a huge amount of money from surveys, it is peanuts! You can read my review on that company here.

      I honestly hate nothing more than scams and time wasting exercises.

      If you want to really make money than I suggest you check out my review on Wealthy Affiliates. Yes it will take time, hard work and dedication BUT it is a real business opportunity. Just like any business you will need to put in to get out.


  3. Thanks for your honest and objective review of Mintvine. There are many of such programs on the internet deceiving unsuspecting people. I have equally subscribed to about two of such programs in the past, but I have since discontinued.
    I think you are building a good credibility and integrity for yourself by refusing to join the badwagon of those misleading others.
    Don’t worry, your integrity will soon start to pay off. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Sam! It just irritates me so much that these places continue to get away with it and also that people are promoting it. Shocking really.

  4. Hi Lynne, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of this one, and I’d not lose any sleep if I never heard of it again.

    These types of sites are appearing all over the net because they know people are desperate to make money online. Unfortunately, you usually end up spending more money, than you do making it!

    I installed some software when I was new to these type of sites and it was full of viruses and malware. It was so bad I ended up having to do a reformat. So I’d never advise anyone to install anything from these sites.


    • I totally agree Jay. It is risky especially when you don’t know what to look out for.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi,
    Mintvine and a lot of similar sites tend to base themselves on a system where it is really hard for normal members to reach the cashout. Some do cashout but most give up the ghost long before that.
    Great review – I’ll be giving this one a miss and looking for something else!

    • Thanks Chris, I suggest you miss this one πŸ™‚

  6. Hi again Lynne – I forgot to ask your opinion on the subject of online ‘task’ sites before!!!
    There are so many of these sort of offer walls etc online these days I was wondering how much experience you had with them?
    Basically I would want to know which of them you would recommend as the most trustworthy?

    • Hi again Chris, thanks for coming back πŸ™‚ I don’t like these task based sites at all. When I think of the word task I think of doing something worthwhile and the tasks given really are ridiculous. For example how can a task be playing a game, liking a facebook page or clicking on an ad. It honestly makes no sense. How can that be earning you money? I have not found one task based website that I thought was real work.

      When I find a website and look into it I always ask myself:

      – can this be a career?

      – will I be proud telling people this is what I do for money?

      – can I quit my job to do this full time?

      Any task based website you have found that fits those criteria? I really doubt it?

  7. I’ve never heard of this but I’m glad I haven’t. I think it’s great that you’re reviewing things like this to save us all the time and aggravation of venturing into the same issue. I myself actually tried something many years ago by the name of Cashflow Tycoon I believe. It was nothing more than what I thought to be a pyramid scam trying to take the money of innocent beginners, Keep up the great content, what a pleasure!


    • Hi Destin, thanks for visiting. Yes I got involved with a pyramid scheme once but it wasn’t online. I only realized after I was in it. Very disappointing and upsetting. I think the worst for me was not the money lost but the feeling of disappointment when I realised what it was. I felt just plain stupid for falling for it and for sucking a friend in without realizing what it was first. All I wanted was to start my own business and I couldn’t find anything worthwhile.

  8. Hi Lynne – Hope your OK from your MintVine experience. i have never heard of them, but I will be giving them a wide berth if i ever encounter them.
    MintVine sounds absolutely dreadful. I hate it when they move you around. Surely once you fill your details in they should be able to use them for every survey you register on.
    Sounds like one big waste of time to me.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Mark, thank you for visiting. Yes it was a dreadful experience.

  9. Hello Lynne, Thank you for this review about Mintvine. It is more than helpful, I actually liked how you are describing all activities there using the screenshots. As long as someone reads your review, he discovers himself it’s a kind of a scam even before your conclusion. Thank God won’t register myself there.

    • It is a pleasure Charlotte. I like to really show what my experience was and not just explain it! Yes please avoid that unless you want to spend 2 months doing what I did for a day and just go around in circles. It was a most unpleasant experience! Glad I could help.

  10. Lynne,

    Thank you for an open and honest review of Mintvine. I honestly have not heard of this site until today, but from what I have read I will definitely be passing them by. I don’t have the time to waste with redirect websites or spam sign up surveys, and I am glad that you provided such a thorough review in the hopes that people will not get caught up in the scheme.

    • It is a pleasure Allan. I really hope to save some people from the pain of experiencing something like that themselves! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Lynne,

    This is the first time I heard about the Mintvine, and Oh boy, how many hours you wasted on this partcular website, I feel sorry for you and your time, These survey site’s are more time wasting than anything else, Out of all of them I like the Swagbucks a little, but even from them one can not make any substantial income.


    • Thank Kunal. I have been thinking of trying out Swagbucks, just for the sake of reviewing them on my website. What is your personal take on Swagbucks?

  12. Hi Lynne,

    Great article and really well writing! I am creating a business online and your article definitely help me to complete what I did not know . For the moment it’s a small business , but I hope it will grow with the time.

    Thank you for this great and informative blog

    • Hi Daniella

      It is a pleasure, I wish you all the best with creating your online business.

      Kind Regards


  13. Thanks for the information, or should I say warning lol. But seriously thanks for the honest review. Like you said a lot of people would have recommended someone just to chalk them up as another referral. Which is wrong. Keep up the good work, and I wish you good luck.


    • Thanks Jason πŸ™‚ Yes it is very definitely a warning unless of course you are into that sort of thing. It does appear that some people enjoy messing around on these websites, I can’t figure out why!

  14. I signed up for one of these survey sites. I don’t remember which one because I threw it all away. It turned out to be a gateway page to a number of different programs which I could sign up for. Some of them looked not so bad so I signed up.

    The best one if I really answered all the questions I could make maybe $1 or $2 an hour. That certainly isn’t going to pay the rent.

    But they also had some where I could make between $5 and $15 for a single survey. So I tried those, because it would be they only way to make any real money. Each one asked a few qualifying questions and then they said sorry, I wasn’t allowed to take that survey.

    I don’t think it was a total scam. The surveys were real and they would pay, but only if you were in the desired demographic group. If I was a female between 15 and 35 from a middle or upper class neighborhood and drove a nice car and shopped in all the fancy shops they would have invited me right in and paid top dollar for my opinions.

    But I’m an old guy from a depressed neighborhood who doesn’t need or want any of the junk they want to sell so they don’t give a crap what I think and didn’t want my opinion.


    • Hi Gary

      Yes I agree some people might be able to make some money, but even some of the highest earners will not be able to make a living from that. I fit into the demographic you described: female, 36 years old, middle class neighbourhood, drive a bmw (its old but it is a bm lol)… umm don’t really shop anywhere fancy but I do all the shopping for my family. They didn’t want me either!

      Kind Regards


  15. Hi Lynne!

    I enjoyed reading your review (you have a delightful sense of humor), although I am sorry to hear mintvine turned out to be a bad experience. =/

    I had never heard of this program before but it reminded me of a program I used (clixsense) to earn money. It was slightly different and I did earn hundreds of dollars on it but it would take me all my time.

    This kind of program is not worth it unless you have hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of referrals. They can be quite time-consuming and make you feel desperate.

    Would you call mintvine a scam or just a waste of time?

    • Hi Sarah

      That is a tricky one, I don’t think it fits the criteria for a downright scam to be honest. It most definitely is a waste of time!

      When I am online I like everything to be above board: honest and straightforward. If I deal with a website I want all their links to be above board and honest too. Mintvine did not fit this and I really disliked that. Their website appeared all above board, just a waste of time, but then they link to dishonest websites?

      Birds of a feather….

      I would never link or promote anything I consider to be dishonest or time wasting! It would bring down the trust on my website and I would just feel wrong about it.

      Kind Regards


  16. Lynne, reading you post gave me a lot of fun and frustration. A lot of fun on how you unveil this scam and frustration that these kinds of sites exists. Totally disappointing. I also experienced this when I was a newbie. Surveys are not available most of the time so there is no assurance of steady income, if there is actually an income from this. There are times after taking surveys that they don’t credit you points. Like you I ended giving up after my time was wasted. On top of this, I see similar sites like this even in Yahoo News homepage as sponsored articles which promises earning through surveys. This is why I love google so much rather than yahoo. Thanks for the review. It made me feel better.

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for your feedback. I really just have to pop a little bit of humour in there, otherwise the frustration of it just gets too much lol.

      I am still on the search the “real online survey company” that you can apparently make a fortune from like all these claims, looks like I will be hunting for a long time yet.

      Kind Regards


  17. Hi Lynne This is what happens after you join Wealthy Affiliate everything else pales by comparison especially worthless sites such as you have described. The only people who could possible give this a good rating is someone who has never made money online.

    Thanks for your personal story about this and for the efforts you have gone to and the screenshots to clearly spell out for your readers what this program is about.

    Good to see you are recommending Wealthy affiliate as the honest to goodness program that it is. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for visiting again.

      Yes these online money making claims are quite sad really. I feel bad for people that try them out and get disappointed and often lose their money too.

      Yes I am all for Wealthy Affiliates, the first real and honest way to get started.

      Kind Regards


  18. Yep I’ve had plenty of experience with this bunch and I was not overly impressed myself!
    It seems a lot of these ‘get paid to’ sites seem to take the wrong route these days – surely it’s harder to fail than it is to succeed. They have loads of successful sites to base their model on – why don’t they take a few tips instead of failing so miserably?

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for stopping by again. Yes it is very disappointing! That is exactly the feeling I get from most of these online survey companies, they make it impossible to succeed.

      Kind Regards


  19. Hello there Lynne.

    Thanks for bringing me to the attention of Mintvine. I don’t think I could cope with spending that amount of time building up points. Not just that, but the registering all the while, My inbox will be inundated with trash.

    It just seems I will end up doing more work and become distracted than I bargained for. All people want is just a simple way of making a few bucks without this unnecessary nonsense dragging us down.

    Thanks for discovering Mintvine before I did and let me in on the facts. I don’t want phone calls and spam emails from all and sundry wanting me to take part in this and that. This would surely cause me a massive headache, so I think I’ll steer well clear of this one.

    Very best,


    • Hi Pete

      Thanks for visiting. I feel exactly the same way. All I want is to be able to earn money online, not be messed around and spammed. This is clearly not a great way to earn money in a simple and honest way!

      Kind Regards


  20. Reading through your review I could understand why you were ready to punch your computer screen with frustration. Mint one sounds like a waste of time. I belong to a few survey programs, and at least they actually have surveys available and do pay out (modest amounts though). Had never heard of Mintvi e but agree it sounds like a total scam.

  21. Lynne,

    You cracked me up in this article. I was laughing out loud reading this at work and people were wondering what I was laughing at lol.

    Great review. I loved how you used screenshots. It had me imagining that I was going through this disaster of a process with you. I have never heard of Mintvine like most people have said in your comments, but I’m glad I haven’t.

    Great article!


    • Hi Stu

      Glad you could have a good laugh! It was completely ridiculous πŸ™‚

      Kind Regards


  22. Oh my god. I knew I shouldn’t quit my day job with earnings from surveys, but this is ridiculous! It looks like one big advertisement portal where they want as much of your personal info as they can get.

    Even if you did 15-minute surveys for 70 points. It would take you – I calculated – 3.5 hours to earn 1000 points for $10… But from the looks of it, you’re not gonna get there at all.

    Thanks for the warning on this program! I’ll steer away from it.

    • Hi Jurgen

      I think it will be impossible to reach the pay out on Mintvine, I am still getting emails for “available surveys” and I have gone to have a look a few times and it is just the same story over again.

      Kind Regards


  23. Wow, you have thoroughly described an unpleasant and painful experience with Mintvine. I wonder why they made their site so cumbersome. Thank you for providing the details on this so that others can avoid the experience. Have you found other similar sites that were easier to use and more fruitful?

    • Hi Mike

      It is amazing that so many places are wasting people’s time and/ or money. For surveys if you are in South Africa I recommend Answered Insight. You will never make loads of money but for a little bit of extra pocket money it is great. There is no BS and it is so easy to use.

      If you really want to start an online business doing something worthwhile have a look at my #1 recommendation πŸ™‚

  24. Mintvine is like a bait system where they wanted you to do specific things for them. I personally don’t like this type of company. It does nothing to get a big reward.

    In other hand, by doing an online business will greatly help people who are desperate for cash. Although it takes some time, but it will pay off eventually!

    What would you recommend to find the opportunity of owning an online business based on my passion?

    • Hi Edy

      Yes Mintvine was very disappointing! If you are looking to make money and start a real business check out my #1 recommendation!

  25. Hey Lynne, I would like to commend you on your website design. I am no expert on surveys but isn’t 0 rating abit to much. You just proclaimed them as an use less entity in all accounts.

    Although I believe you have good cause for being as harsh as you are.They really did a number on you.

    Keep up the good work


    • Hi Hamilton

      Yes maybe you are right, perhaps I am too harsh!

      However these are my personal reviews and they are all to make money. If I feel one cannot make money and gets messed around it will be a big fat zero from me!

      Kind Regards


  26. Hello LynneHuy
    Very interesting article on Mintvine.
    Mintvine really sounds like a very bad and confusing experience. I’m sure their integrity has been destroyed since they keep their customers going around and around through one bogus site after another.
    How can they have the audacity to ask people to do a phone survey and to charge them for it? After all their online is a hoax and they do have it in very small print of the phone charge but since there is a timer I’m sure most people do not see the fine print.
    I have been on a few survey websites in the past and quickly learned that they are very time consuming just to take their 10-15 minute pre-questionnaire for eligibility and to find out after that I don’t qualify for the survey. Then I would be send off to another place asking me to purchase things. There would be a little comment saying try it and then cancel before your payment is taken out. Why bother doing something like that? I am sure that most people who do those things forget about it until their payment gets taken out.
    There are so many scams out there and it is getting harder to find the legit ones. Glad we found WA!!

    • Hi Angie

      Yes I have come across those too. I am not making purchases to try and earn money and certainly not buying something and cancelling it, what a waste of time and energy. How can people think that looks like real and legitimate work!

      Nice to see you are also a WA member, now I know you have found something worthwhile!

      Kind Regards


  27. Hi Lynne,
    Wow, I agree with you about mintvine being a complete waste of time. They make you go around and around and around and find nothing. Just following you walk through it makes me dizzy.

    Anyway, it is good for people thinking about joining it because now they know what it is like, and realise that it’s not worth wasting their time.
    Unfortunately for me, though, I had joined something similar but had a different name, can’t even remember, well it is not worth remembering anyway.
    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Maria

      I am so sorry you also had bad experiences. I am hoping my reviews help others avoid wasting their time and efforts only to be upset and frustrated.

      Kind Regards


  28. Hi,
    I have actually just signed up for mintvine about a week ago. I didn’t have the problems you seemed to have at all.
    I filled out my profile and got all of those easy points, and then went to Survey Street but no surveys came up for me either. I wasn’t surprised by this though. I had just filled out my profile and it takes time for them to sort through all of the surveys to find one that I qualify for. So, I went to Points Place. There were a couple surveys it let me try. I disqualified from all but one or two. That doesn’t surprise me either because I’m sure that there are already a lot of people with my demographics already completing the survey. So I figured that I’d try again the next day. I’m very glad I did. There were a lot more surveys that I could try to qualify for and even though I didn’t qualify for most of them, I still was able to take quite a few.
    So I’ve been signed up for about a week now and was able to accumulate almost 3,200 points (about 32 dollars). I wasn’t expecting to ever make very much money doing this, but 32 dollars is a pretty good sum of money for just answering questions. You just have to be a little patient at the beginning, but it will eventually pay out.

    • Hi Christina

      I am glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful. I am just curious though on how much time you spent to make that $32? From what I experienced I would make more money and faster with a part time job…. yes doing surveys can be a nice way to make extra income from home, but surely you would like to make some real money?

      Kind Regards

  29. Oh my goodness Lynne! You are far more patient than me, I would have been snorting fire and out of there in under 5 minutes.

    I have never ever heard of mintvine before now and I’m really glad I didn’t. Thank you for such an honest and thorough review, hopefully it will save a lot of frustration for a lot of people.

    I can never understand why anyone would want to spend so much time and effort to make such paltry amounts of cash, when if they used that time more wisely, they could build a far more profitable income for themselves.

    I’m pretty sure this is the first ‘0/100’ review i have ever seen, but I agree with you that this is just a waste of time.

    • Hi Sarah

      Yes I totally agree, I would normally have been gone in under 5 minutes. However this was in the name of research so I plodded on just to see exactly how bad it was.

      Kind Regards


  30. Hey Lynne

    Great post, and I am definitely going to check into this. My question is, generally speaking how long would you say it takes to get to 1000 points? If it takes me a 3 days to get to 1000 points, is it really worth the time then? Also, does Mintvine have an app for this, because it would definitely be useful to make money doing survey rather than playing candycrush or some other time waster.



    • Hi Chris

      I am unsure whether they have an app or not. I really would not recommend this. I was trying to get to the cash out point and it took me well over a week and I have not come close to the cash out points. It was frustrating, irritating and for me a complete waste of time. Add into that all the spam emails and texts to my cell… not a good experience at all.

      Kind Regards


  31. I have never heard of Mintvine before, and I am glad. It does not sound like fun. What a great way to get tons of spam mail! My wife has participated in swagbucks and she got so frustrated she quit after the first week. She has friends who use it and have had success, but it wasn’t worth it to her to spend her time on the site for what little reward she got. Thanks for a great review!

    • Hi Ben

      Yes I have had feedback too from some people that said Mintvine worked for them, but that certainly wasn’t my experience! I think it really comes down to ones mindset though. I am not interested in making peanuts for loads of work. I could make more money in less time with a part time waitressing job! Yes that is not working from home, but at least it is more worth my time and effort.

      I will be reviewing Swagbucks too at some stage. I have heard some good things about them, but I still don’t think that is the work from home opportunity I would be interested in.

      Kind Regards


  32. Dear Lynne,

    I want to humbly thank you for writing this Review on Mintvine. I have heard about them, read some Positive Reviews, and wanted to try them out myself. However, I wonder which seems to be worse, InboxDollars which I have tried out last month or reading about Mintvine Here.
    I would have to agree with you on the fact that this Website is very misleading. Sure, it if Free to Join, but with it wasting your time/money, it really isn’t worth it.
    I do feel sorry for you especially in that you had to go here and there all over cyberspace investigating this Program out when it didn’t do any good for you in terms of earning some income. πŸ™ I also feel sorry for the lady who defended MintVine in saying it is not a scam but she was able to make $10 in 2 months. To me, that is worse than getting minimum wage at a daytime job.
    MintVine is simply sneaky and up to no good if they expect you to do so much and get by with very little in the long run. πŸ™
    I wouldn’t recommend them at all either.
    But, the place I would mostly recommend is WA. Free to Join, Support provided, and Training Top Notch at best. What more could I ask for? πŸ™‚

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hi Angel

      Thanks for your feedback. I haven’t heard of InboxDollars so thanks for warning me about them. Maybe I should a review on them too πŸ™‚

      Yes it is sad that someone is happy with $10 for 2 months worth of work with Mintvine. I still find that strange!

      Kind Regards


  33. Lynne,

    Isn’t it amazing that there are so many empty opportunities out there? Thank you for spending so much time researching MintVine for yourself. The screenshots were really helpful for me too.

    When we look for ways to make money online, we often let the idea of making money cloud our judgement. I hope that anyone considering trying MintVine reads your review first because the program really looks like a big wast of time.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Byran

      It is a pleasure and I am glad you got a lot out of my Mintvine Review. I have quite a low tolerance level when it comes to being messed around and wasting my time and Mintvine really did push the limits with me!

      Kind Regards


  34. Hi Lynne!

    Wow, you really made a detailed review. I could just follow and was like a had this experience myself. I have tried survey jobs myself in the past but the experience were very similar to this. Definitely not worth the effort.
    Out of pure curiosity may I ask, Have you ever found or heard about survey job that actually work or at least is worth the effort?

    Thanks for such a great review

    • Hi Igor

      Thanks for visiting. Most of the survey companies I have tried have been similar to this one. There is one really good one that I still use, but it is based in South Africa. You can read my review of Answered Insight for more information. You will never earn much, but at least they don’t mess you around at all.

      Kind Regards


  35. Hi Lynne.
    I never heard about Mintvine although I’m not looking for that kind of “opportunities” anyway.
    I would like to point out that what is pocket money for some countries, allows you to pay bills in some others. Just to give you an idea, last night I went out for dinner with my wife, no wine, just dinner and two drinks, check = $3, (yes three). Not everybody has the ability to keep a website running and this type of work from home are good for our countries, provided they are legit and really pay you.

    • Hi Oscar

      Yes I agree with you on that one. It really depends on what you are after. But if you compare a survey company like Mintvine with Answered Insight you really can see the difference between a company that messes you around and a company that is legit and doesn’t!

      I’m sure online surveys help lots of people make ends meet, however an experience like I had on Mintvine is truly disappointing and frustrating.

      Thank you for your input.

  36. Hello here. Your review of Mintvine is worth to check. Why? Because after reading it, I understand that I am not going to waste my precious time on this type surveys.

    I think that something similar is with Swagbucks. You play videos or complete surveys and what you got?

    I wonder, how these companies keep up with disappointed visitors and customers.

    I think that people who want to earn money online, do not know options how to earn money online.

    One thing is great that it is not scam, just lousy and boring way to earn money.

    All the best to you, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Hi NemiraB

      Yes I checked out Swagbucks too and was disappointed in it. There seems to be more time wasting websites and scams than anything worthwhile, which is why I started this website. I hope to save people the trouble of wasting their time!

      If you want something really worthwhile check out my #1 Recommendation.

      Kind Regards


  37. Lynne,

    Sure looks like this Mintvine is a Scam. Sending you from screen to screen with nothing to show for it and wasting your time.

    Thanks for going through the torture for the rest of us, we will avoid this website. Looks like you gave them plenty of chances to give you what you wanted. I have never tried one of these survey sites before, I know to stay away from them.


    • Hi John

      Yes that was my impression of Mintvine πŸ™‚ Total waste of time and energy. I have not been searching for survey companies recently to try and make money, the only purpose is for reviewing them now. So at least there is some point to all the effort I go to!

      Kind Regards


  38. I looked into this lot about seven or so months ago and I ended up being very much on the fence with them overall! I used to be a fan of online surveys but these days I use interenet marketing to make my money online. I’m sure this lot actually pay you even if you are thrown out of a survey?

  39. Now I see why your posts are ranking so well… comments, comments, comments πŸ™‚ Well Done!!

    Great review and it’s nice to see so many images in a post. My short attention span battles when it comes to too much text.

    Your mintvine review describes most of the paid survey sites out there. Those who have some success are not the ones doing the surveys (When available), it’s the ones doing the recruiting, but to recruit 1000’s of people to earn a few cents from each one of them does not show any logic in my opinion.

    It is far more viable and takes the same amount of effort to recruit for legitimate higher paying products.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Marc Parsons

    • Hi Marc

      Lovely to see you here again πŸ™‚

      I totally agree, the good reviews on Mintvine must be from people earning commission recruiting others. For people wanting an online business opportunity surveys are just not the answer! Click here to read why I think this.

      Kind Regards

  40. Hi Lynne,

    Such an informative and we’ll thought out blog post. Your content is good quality and easy to understand. As for your site, it is very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. I have bookmarked your site to refer back to for more informative posts. Keep on writing these great posts.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Stephen

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed my review on Mintvine! Hope to see you back soon.

      Kind Regards


  41. Hello Lynne,

    I can see why you’d rate MintVine so badly. At first I though their website look decent but from your experience I can see how it gets really complicated. I really don’t like earning little from these types of “jobs” where you have to do so many labour works and doesn’t require any thought or development. I think if you want these kind of money, you would be better off working a part-time job in real life.

    Thank you for the review an I definitely understand why you’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The best program to educate you about making money online and how a business is still a business on or offline. Cheers!

    • Hi Anh

      I am so glad you agree about Mintvine, I still can’t understand why everyone rates it so highly when I had an awful experience. All the online survey companies I have tried are either downright scams, time and effort wasting experiences or just legitimate but not worth it because of the low pay. To read my post on whether it is worth trying to make money with online surveys click here.

      Kind Regards


  42. Thanks for a really informative review. I have no experience of mintvine but it reminds me of online surveys I have encountered before that took a lot of time and ended up in lots of spam and telemarketers calling trying to sell me loads of stuff.

    • Hi Git

      Yes they are all really similar and the few legitimate online survey companies are still not worth your time. You make such a little bit of money it is not worth it.

      Kind Regards

  43. I have been doing these surveys from different companies for a while and I can fully attest that you are telling the truth. What do I have to show from giving up y time? Nothing. I just needed that extra push from you to unsubscribe to them all.

    • Hi Kirk

      I am so glad I could help you see the pointlessness in taking online surveys. You really get nothing out of it in the end or it, even the good ones. Mintvine is just one of many that are terrible online survey companies. You might find my recent post about online surveys a good read, click here to visit it.

      Kind Regards


  44. Hey Lynne,

    This was the most thorough review I’ve seen in a really long time. Thanks for doing it well!
    I’ve never heard of Mintvine and apparently I don’t want to either:)


    • Hi Alex

      Thanks for visiting and I am glad I could help you by reviewing Mintvine. I would suggest staying away from survey companies anyway, you really can’t make any decent money even from the legitimate ones!

      Kind Regards

  45. Hey Lynne. Was doing some research and ran across your article on Mintvine. My girlfriend is into “survey” sites and she does pretty well. $200-500 a week depending on how active she is. I’ve never heard of Mintvine before so I’m assuming its very new, or it just isn’t popular. After reading your review it seems that the site is a complete train wreck and they rather have you click in circles than actually offering any surveys. Who wants to play games? or download numerous Apps to gain credit. Such a shame as the site actually “looks” good over all, but the quality seems very lacking. Thank you so much for the info. I’ll be sure to advise her to stay away from this one.

    • Hi John

      Thanks for your feedback, I am very surprised that she makes that much! This is the first time I have heard anyone making any sort of reasonable money via surveys! Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope that perhaps there are decent survey sites out there. You can check out my post on Can you Make Money Taking Surveys Online for my experience so far with survey companies. It seems you may have proved me wrong!

      Kind Regards

  46. Thanks for revealing this 100% scams, It is really great that you make reviews of this kind of frauds such as the Mintvine and the many others of its kind. I really hope people will do their research before they loose their time and money on bullshit “oppurtunities” like Mintvine and other scams online! Keep doing your thing! Thanks for sharing / John

    • Hi John

      It is a pleasure. The only thing that confuses me is that so many people really like Mintvine and I can’t figure that out! I have found so many people reviewing them positively and comments on these reviews that say they are so happy with them.

      That is why I gave screenshots to really take people through what I went through! Not a great experience for me.

      Kind Regards


  47. Thank you for your thorough and detailed review on Mintvine. I signed up to make money with surveys a few years ago. I can’t remeber the site but I felt like I was making a few pennies an hour if I would have continued.

    Lately I have been reading positive reviews about survey sites so I thought I would look into it again. That is when I stimbled on your Mintvine review. It looks like not much has changed. Still doesn’t look like money can be made with these surveys.

    • Hi Simone

      Sorry but I have to agree with you there, it really doesn’t seem to me that online surveys is the way to go to earn money online.

      Bear in mind though that Mintvine was terrible, maybe have a look at my Opinion Outpost review?

      Kind Regards


      • Thanks Lynne. I had a quick look at your outpost review. It does look more legit and to the point than Mintvine does. But like you mention, at 50 cents a survey you wont be able to pay the bills.

        • Hi Simone

          Exactly my sentiments, you can earn from Opinion Outpost but not much at all! I really wouldn’t recommend taking online surveys to try and earn an income.

          Kind Regards

  48. Hi Linney. Thanks for your answer to my previous comment. I checked out your review on Answered Insight and visited both websites and I really could see the difference. Now I’m wondering, is Mintvine only purpose to funnel you in to buy stuff? I can’t see it in any other way, do you?

    • Hi Oscar

      Yes totally, I think Mintvine is a combination of just trying to get you to buy things and also to sell out your personal details! There is such a huge difference between Answered Insight that is clearly legit and all business, to a website like Mintvine. For Answered Insight I couldn’t really even take a lot of screenshots. All that happens is an email arrives and says there is survey, click on that, do survey and the points go to your profile. You want your money, click on payout and it is paid out. There is nothing else to do there. Mintvine is like a rabbit warren of BS and you don’t even know where you are, where you are going or why!

      Kind Regards


  49. HI Lynee
    Your article is very informative and well explanation article, also I enjoyed while reading your article. I am also not sure doing survey can give a l lot of money, it might be can get of money, but need extra effort do do it. I think you got frustration did a lot of survey but you have not getting results yet.

    • Hi Christian

      You are so right about that, Mintvine was terrible frustrating of course but all the survey companies I have come across seem to be either scams, time wasters or just not enough money for it to be worthwhile. I still continue to sign up for them if only for the sake of reviewing them but I have lost hope that taking online surveys is a way to make an income.

      Kind Regards


  50. Yeah I’ve tried to do sites like this before and it always ends poorly. I either waste time just trying to find something that pays or I start multiple surveys only to be told part way through that I’m not eligible for whatever reason, I just try to avoid it now

    • Hi Devin

      Same experience here, and even if you do find a legitimate and honest website you will never earn much money anyway! My advice, don’t waste your time with online surveys at all. Try something like Wealthy Affiliate, or the Chris Farrell Membership if you want to make money online.

      Kind Regards


  51. Well after your horrible Mintvine experience I will certainly steer clear of these guys! I would be totally bummed to waste an hour on that crap, to be honest I don’t think I would’ve even lasted that long! I have tried other survey opportunities in the past and it always seems to be the same story…suddenly there are no more surveys, try again later.

    • Hi Jess

      I am glad you will be staying away from them. I think I spent about half a day checking Mintvine out. I only managed to hang in there that long because I was doing research for my review. If it wasn’t for that I would not have hung around for longer than 5 minutes.

      The majority of survey “opportunities” I have found have been a complete waste of time and energy. I just keep searching and reviewing in the hopes that something decent comes along.

      The only 2 that I really like are from Opinion Outpost and Answered Insight. They don’t mess you around at all, but of course you won’t make nearly enough money!

  52. I hate it when you end up on one of these sites and realize you’re on a pay-to-earn system. What’s worse is a lot of these offers are nothing more than malware that mess up your phone or infect your browser. Short of that you are basically selling your email address for a couple of cent returns. Still…some people still manage to make money on these sites!

    • Hi Chris

      You nailed it there, that is exactly what I think Mintvine is about! Just selling off your personal information and in return you can spammed and a few cents. I don’t think they conduct themselves in an ethical way at all.

      The worst part is that there are so many positive reviews and that s why I added all the screenshots to take you through the process I experienced.

      Kind Regards


  53. Hi Lynne,

    Well what can I say, except, how did you last so long on this site. I felt your frustration just reading your review, and I have to confess that I did laugh a few times (sorry), by the way, have you got any hair left πŸ™‚

    Seriously, thanks for the heads up on Mintvine, I will make sure I give it a wide berth and although you had to go through the pain to let your readers know about this sorry excuse for an opportunity, your review was very entertaining, thanks.


    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for reading it! Yes I have some hair left, and it was very frustrating. However I know that whether it is a good opportunity that I can earn some money on the side from or a bad one, I always get the opportunity to share that with my readers. So there is always some good that comes out of it. I also try and see the funny side of too, it really was laughable when I literally didn’t even know where I was half the time.

      Kind regards


  54. Hi Lynne:

    Thank you for your honest review of MintVine. I had not heard of it until I read your article. It definitely sounds like a total waste of anyone’s time. There are similar programs out there like MintVine. I think many of those take a survey websites such as Inbox Dollars are also scams. You spend hours taking silly surveys and make very little money. One has to consider the time investment against the bottom line.

    Thank you for warning people against this type of scam and good for you for being the first to step out and tell everyone the truth about it. I like your forcefulness and truthfulness in your writing. ~ Steph

    • Hi Stephanie

      It is a pleasure, and yes it is a waste of time. It is amazing how many reviews say that Mintvine is a great way to earn money online. For me it was the best way to drive me crazy in one day!

      Kind Regards


  55. Hello Lynne Awesome Job reviewing this site ‘Mintvine’ You certainly spent the time checking them out and I wouldn’t believe the guy who said he was more patient than you and came back the next day and found some surveys and earned $32 (yeah right). Your review is perfect as most people who want to earn money online want to start and finish in one session, not wait days to earn money. The $10 payout threshold is there to make you jump through the hoops and get you to fill in details so that THEY get paid for your information that THEY sell to the various vendors…. It’s all B.S which is why you have given them a 0 / 100 rating. Good work for exposing this. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Peter

      It is a pleasure to show the truth. I am sure some people have earned money through Mintvine, and great for them. BUT at what cost? For this reason I gave them a zero rating. I don’t want to earn money selling my personal details and having to deal with all the spam afterwards. I am still months down the line sitting with spam mail/ texts and phone calls. It is also dishonest trying to disguise this as “surveys”. Yes I am sure some people have earned from this, but how much time and effort is really spent for such a small amount of money?

      Not my thing at all, zero rating from me for Mintvine!

  56. This was a thorough review. When I first started reading, I became interested in what will be your final findings in revenue with mintvine. As I continued I did my math with the formula given of 70 points per survey at 15 minutes and realize at a steady pace, this mintvine will be a waste of time. To my assurance you in your review rightfully listed it as a scam program. Sad to hear, through your diligence and patients to get rewarded a bunch of spam mail. But, I would not call it a fail, being that through your experience you are able to forewarn others. Thanks for the review

    • Hi Terrance, thanks or visiting. Yes this was not a complete waste. I research as many online opportunities I can find, I stick with the ones I enjoy and are worthwhile and I also review everything I come across. So Mintvine really was a great website to review to show everyone what really sux and why. Here’s what you should really avoid!

  57. This sounds ridiculous! I can’t believe you had to waste your time so much but thank you for saving my time on this! I have come across this type of thing myself, I can’t remember the name, but all you end up doing is agreeing for them to use your email address for marketing in order to enter surveys, and then the spam hits. That was some years ago, so I am surprised that something like this can still go on. What a load of rubbish! Thanks for letting us know.

    • Hi Ruth, yes there are plenty of these still around! It is amazing the spam that hits me each time I have tried a new online business opportunity. And I unsubscribe from those emails but they just keep coming. I use a special email address for online business opportunities I come across so it doesn’t go to my main mailbox or it would drive me insane lol!

  58. Hey Lynn, all I can say is I’m glad you went through that experience so I did not have to. Thanks for the in-depth review and walk through. I have been to a couple of other programs like this and it sure is frustrating.

    Honestly, though, the way it sounds like mintvine is working seems sleazy to me. I’m left wondering if it’s actually a PPC program and the site owners are making money off sending you to various programs and not paying you out.

    I’m also left wondering about the data collection. You may want to brace for hoards of junk mail, but I hope not. Did you have to enter your address and phone number?

    • Hi Christian, yes I was spammed big time after Mintvine and yes a lot of the websites asked for contact details. Another website that wastes time and is dishonest about what they are doing!

  59. I hope you don’t mind my disagreeing with you slightly on this one.

    I personally am a member, and I enjoy it.

    There are actually 3 parts of mintvine: regular surveys, survey fennel/survey street, and offers.

    Yes, the offers are worthless. I agree with you on that one. So are the surveys at survey fennel and survey street.

    But the the regular surveys are fine, in my opinion. Even if you are disqualified, you still get 5 and sometimes 30 cents. Actually, most of my earnings come from disqualifications. Again, it’s only the regular surveys, not survey fennel and survey street.

    Granted, there are only a few a day, and there aren’t any right when you sign up. But I don’t think it deserves a zero, and I think you may put your link in there:)!

    • Hi Ben. I am glad you are enjoying them and make some money from Mintvine. Remember these reviews are my personal opinion and from what I experienced they get a big fat zero! Thank you for adding your personal experience with Mintinve, I really want my readers to know the truth about everything so your opinion counts.

  60. Wow Lynne,

    I admire your courage for tagging along this survey thing until the very end. All these questionnaires are really making you chase your own tail and getting nothing.

    I would have given up when I see the word ‘survey’. Online surveys are usually rubbish and all they want is your contact details so that they can start bombing your email with newsletter.

    There’s absolutely nothing productive to be gained from this kind of online task.

    • Hi Cathy, I couldn’t agree with you more! However there are loads of people that think differently and consider doing online surveys very worth their time and efforts. I can’t understand it myself, but that is why I continue to review them!

      Also a lot of them claim that you can really make a lot of money, I like to see if that is true. Unfortunately it has never been true!

  61. Thank you for that in depth review. I’ve been looking for maybe… years …for surveys that are worth doing, this is clearly not one of them. That said, even the ones I’ve been suggested to do from friends just didn’t do it for me, they may have worked but there was always something about the sites or the process that I found confusion and it just seemed to much for the small profit I guess I would have made. But I’m still all ears if a really great opportunity comes up survey wise – guessing most of them are a bit of a slog though!

    • Hi netp, unfortunately you won’t be making it big with surveys! Mintvine was an especially bad one in my experience but even the really good ones don’t offer much pay. Try out Opinion Outpost for a really good survey company that won’t mess you around.

  62. Hey, Lynne

    I just knew that Mintvine was a scam from the “0” score you gave it. LOL.

    From your review, and everything you have shared on the Mintvine program, it actually sounds like a LEGIT opportunity to make some money, but then again, I guess people can easily be deceived by programs of this nature.

    I would definitely be disappointed too if I had earned a little money from this, but told I couldn’t go on to earn more with extra surveys and also run into errors.

    This program certainly is confusing as well as head spinning, and it seems they like to pull the wool over members eyes!

    Thanks for a great review on Mintvine… But No Thank You!!


    • Hi Neil, you are so right I don’t believe Mintvine itself to be a scam. But I really don’t think they are being honest and they certainly mess you around no end as you can see for yourself!

  63. The most annoying is letting you get half way through the survey and then suddenly remembering that no one should get it right, then the survey says sorry you didn’t qualify. After getting through almost all the way.

  64. Hi Lynne, thanks for the thorough and well written review of mintvine. I was joining multiple survey sites quite a while back and luckily I did not sign up for this. It seems like mintvine is affiliated with multiple dubious lotto and sweepstakes websites and are sending members off to earn a commission.

    • Hi Edward, yes it would seem so!

      I’m not 100% sure exactly what Mintvine is actually doing, what I do know is they are a NOT company that pays people to do surveys! The fact that they are misleading about what they are really doing irritates me.

  65. This is why I don’t do surveys, exactly the reasons your pointing out. To me, you spend more time surfing the surveys, filling out your information and then having to buy this or you will be charged $1, etc, etc. So me along with you, do not fall into this trap. I want to make real money….not just pennies.

    • HI Bernice, thanks for visiting and sharing your experience with us. Yes I find the surveys very painful, even the websites that are supposed to be so great are nothing to get excited about in my eyes.

  66. Hello Lynn,
    I admire your patience when trialing these type of sites. I think I would have given up near the beginning when they kept showing that no surveys were available for you. Being sent to other locations is a bright flag for me to stay away. I am pleased that people like yourself take the time to go through all the steps and show us in great detail. You have just saved me loads of my time. I see that you have done countless of reviews, is there any pay for survey sites that you haven’t written about yet you would recommend trying? Again thank you for saving me from Mintvine torture.

    • Hi Paul

      It is a pleasure to be able to do this to help others see the truth! I don’t have a very high opinion of survey companies… but the best 2 I have come across are Answered Insight and Opinion Outpost. If you want to try loyalty websites give Swagbucks a go and Qmee. Of course none of these will earn you much of an income! If you want to really earn try starting your own business in affiliate marketing.

  67. Hello! To begin, you have an awesome site. I have always been skeptical of doing online surveys for money. I just feel like you really cant make a considerable amount of cash for the amount of time you put in to filling out surveys. Maybe I’m wrong. Do you personally fill out surveys in your free time?

    • Hi Aaron, not really no. I don’t find it worth my time either. I do some surveys with Answered Insight only. It is quick and no nonsense with them, however I only get 1 – 2 surveys a month. I honestly don’t think anyone can make decent money with online surveys.

  68. Wow. I definitely will stay clear of MintVine.

    My wife has done those online surveys before and I always thought it wasn’t worth the effort for the little reward they have to offer.

    It looks like this company is really a big waste of time.

    Thanks for bringing the awareness out there about these guys.

  69. I have also written a review of Mintvine before and a lot of people are complaining about the company. Most of the complaints are that they were kicked out of surveys just before the end of it.

    I have personally made money with survey panels, but it is just not worth it in the end. You are too dependent one the panels to get paid and you cannot really scale your income.

  70. Well I have to say, I’ve been a member of MintVine for a few years now and receive regular payments from them so the site is definitely not a scam site. I don’t do the offers, I only do the surveys on MintVine itself. As a survey site it’s quite good. Payments are quick but sometimes there isn’t a survey to take – but that’s ok, your demographics can’t be expected to be a match all the time. They reward you with 5 points for every survey attempted that don’t match your demographics.

    You won’t get rich on the site but it definitely isn’t a scam. It does take a bit of time to build up the amount required to cash out.


    • Hi Sammi

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I didn’t get awarded points for the many surveys I was booted out of and as you can see I was given the run around big time!

      I’m glad MIntvine is working out well for you πŸ™‚

  71. I like your patience
    I wouldn’t spend all this time like you did, thank you very much for this great review, IÒ€ℒm sure that such honest reviews are adding great value to us in several aspects.

    Normally most of the seekers for making online opportunities are with very limited sources and always are short of time, so to go in such experiences; means it will pull them more down, sometimes such offers will ending up users with dramatically negative situations.

    Thank you again πŸ™‚
    I will visit your website regularly to read all your reviews.

    • Hi Daria

      Thank you I am glad you enjoyed my review. Yes I managed to get all the way through the website but that is only so I could do this review on Mintvine!

  72. Hi Lynne

    I have used Mintvine once and never again. They do not pay that well as the other survey websites out there. Other websites such as Toluna is much better than Mintvine.

    Do you know of any other survey panels that one can try out and if there is better ways to earn money online?

  73. I have tried several survey sites including Mintvine but as what I have experienced it is not a scam. Although they give really low payout like any other survey sites do, the earnings you can get are still legit. But I still quit doing surveys because it can’t sustain my needs especially that I am paying for many things. So do you have any recommendation aside from survey sites that I can start to?

  74. I honestly do think websites like this have their place in the “beer money” part of the make money online world, but I don’t expect them to every be anything more.

    Surveys are extremely hard for me to complete as I don’t fit the type of person they’re looking for. Downloading apps is a good way to make a quick buck or two, and you can always delete them right after.

    I tend to stay away from offers unless the promise to not send junk mail. I don’t want any of their “trials” or subscriptions.

    This is easy money, and easy money = grinding. People can make money on these sites, but not without pulling out their hair.

    • Hi Alec

      You have summed it up perfectly. This is not a website that I will use to try and make money on, I much prefer Clixsense to be honest. Still very little pay for anything you do, but at least you can complete things!

      Now that I have some referrals to Clixsense I don’t really go on there much anymore, but I have earned over $50 this year so far and mostly from referrals. Nice money if you are not doing anything for it!

  75. Hi Lynne,

    I’m reading your articles for quite some time now and I can tell that I really love it! You write with such passion and I can really tell that you want to help people!

    I personally think that online surveys is just a waste of time. No matter if it’s a scam or not, it’s impossible to make full time income from this. It’s not worth any time…

    Well, maybe that’s just my opinion. Have you ever heard about someone who makes a living from things like this?

    • Hi Julius

      I’ve come across plenty of great reviews online claiming you can make a full time income from surveys yes, but then you find the link to the survey site is an affiliate link and very often it is a survey site I have tried myself!

      I have had the most success with Clixsense, which is a mix of things, mainly pay to click. I have a few referrals under me and I go on there daily and click a few ads, check if there is a survey or anything else available. I only spend a few minutes at a time there….

      I have made a total of $50 this year to date, $20 of which I have made from referrals. So yes the $20 from the referrals is nice but the rest is very low pay for the amount of time you spend on the website. I am only busy doing this as an experiment.

  76. I honestly believe that these “paid-for-surveys” -sites really don’t give enough revenue. Or maybe if you would be living in some very poor country where the price level is very low but I would say there are better ways to make money than contesting surveys.

    I once made 5Γ’β€šΒ¬ from one survey site but I probably needed to use 2-3 hours to gather all the points for that money. So 1,5Γ’β€šΒ¬/hour doesn’t sound very intriguing… If someone would show me a site where I could earn 20Γ’β€šΒ¬/hour by surveys I could be more interested but I’m 99,999999% sure that there isn’t that kind of site πŸ™‚

    • Hey Roope

      If you find a website that pays 20Γ’β€šΒ¬/hour for surveys be sure to come and let me know, I would be interested too lol!

      Yes you are right, the pay per hour is terribly low. I suppose someone that has an internet connection and no other way of earning could benefit… but it is not my thing.

  77. Was a member of their platform for a few months for the purposes of writing a review – nothing wrong with them overall (just your typcial survey/rewards site!). I was impressed by their frequency and choice of paid surveys and the occasional invites to focus groups paying $25 to $50 an hour. I joined one of these groups on two separate occasions and was paid good money for doing…well…just about nothing lol! Some people like these reward sites but others don’t (there are better ways to earn good money online!)

    • Hi Chris

      I’m glad you had a good experience with Mintvine πŸ™‚ Certainly sounds much better than what I went through!

  78. Hi Lynne, I was very intrigued by your review, as I’ve had an opposite experience to you. It looks as though things have changed for the better since you did your review. I’m a member of Mintvine, and use it quite often. I’ve made 2 PayPal payments so far, and on my way to the third. Survey sites in general are not the most financially rewarding, but of all the survey sites I use this is one of my favourites and one I like to recommend. Maybe it’s just personal preference. What works for one person may not work for another.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thanks for sharing you experience. I’ve had a number of people say they have had a great experience there, but as you can see for me it just didn’t work out well. I got frustrated beyond belief and just messed around from start to finish.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, I do really want my readers to get an honest all round view of what things are like. Maybe I was just seriously unlucky!

  79. After seeing a review on this last week I decided to check them out for myself. Your are right – the points rewards were low and it will take ages to hit something hat is worthwhile to withdraw.
    Apparently the minimum payout is 1000 points and that equals about ten dollars (I think). After a week I hadn’t hit that level so that’s less than 10 dollars a week pay!

    • Hi Chris

      Interesting that you also had a bad experience. I have been getting very mixed feedback about Mintvine. It seems it is a toss up whether you will have a good experience or a terrible one!

  80. Hi, Lynne. I have to say I agree with your unfavorable review. Lol I have been a member of Mintvine for quite sometime and was receiving great, on-time payouts until the last few months or so. They changed the surveys platform to ‘Survey Street’ and after that it has been downhill! The only earnings I can receive daily are the 5 point daily polls……they can’t be serious!! It will take months just to earn $10! I’ve actually given up…too many other sites to earn from. Nice review!

    • Oh I am sorry you had such a bad experience on Mintvine like me. From the feedback I have received on my review there are still loads of people finding some success but then I had a shocking experience!

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