Make Working From Home Work For You

Some of the worlds most giant corporations are embracing the idea of their staff working from home. The worry in the past for the big bosses has been that to allow your team the freedom of working from their living room and, very possibly, their pyjamas, could encourage a certain amount of slacking off and even more importantly, missing out of the creativity that occurs when humans get together. Over the last 20 years, it has become widely accepted that homeworking could be the future of increased profits and productivity.


The proclamation of “Work to Live Don’t Live To Work” is being more closely followed, and home working flexibility offers workers the chance to create a more positive work-life balance. It also allows for co-parenting as well as both parents an opportunity to contribute to the home finances.

But what do you need to make it successful, prove to your employers it’s a viable option and will it work for you?

Create A Designated Work Space

By creating a space that is purely set aside for work will minimise the chances of you being distracted by everything else going on in your life. If you work better with background noise, perhaps a better idea than where your children bed down to watch TV, is having a radio or digital music player plugged in quietly in the background. Go green and consider a plant or two, a piece of art that inspires you or anything you need to make it all about a calm headspace for you to do your best work and maximise your contribution. One thing to ensure though is that you take it out of your bedroom. If you have to get out bed and get dressed, you will be far more inclined to treat your work as a job.

Don’t Go Overboard Online

The most significant fear for employers is that if you are allowed to escape the office environment, you will then spend all day on social media, so you need to exercise control and prove them wrong.  Save your tweeting time for your designated lunch break and get into the habit of only checking your emails once every couple of hours.

Time Management Musts

When no big bad boss is checking in with you every five minutes, it’s easy to lose time. Set yourself daily schedule goals and stick to them. A to-do list works well for this, updating it every day with clear tasks to achieve by the end of the next working day and have it prominently displayed when you begin work.

Meeting Of Minds

Humans are social creatures by nature and spending extended periods alone can be unsettling. Make sure you schedule some interaction on a daily basis to reward yourself for your dedication. Most people go crazy spending all day alone. This can be something as simple as calling your mum for a much needed ten-minute mid-morning break, speaking to the neighbours with a cup of tea or having that long overdue lunch with a friend.

Make Others Come To You

Be selfish. Treating work as work will set you in good stead with your employers and will allow you to enjoy the flexibility of working from your own home. This means you can schedule the Mobile Computer Repair technician to work with you, the car to be valeted while you work or just getting the groceries delivered to your door. By utilising home services, you will achieve much more with the time allowed and indeed start to enjoy the freedom this type of work permits.


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