Ride the Pokemon Go Trend!

The new Pokemon Go app has gone completely viral with over 15 million downloading it within the first week of its launch!

So here’s the thing, if this has gone so crazy online you can make money with Pokemon Go. Anything that is trending online is a an income opportunity so take advantage of that!

Just before I go into how you can make money with Pokemon Go I want to take a quick look at what Pokemon Go is and what is happening with this crazy game.

Check out what is showing on Google Trends for Pokemon Go! I don’t know about you, but anything trending like this makes me excited.

Google Trends for Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a free reality mobile game that you can download to your Android or IOS phone. It has just launched now, in July 2016 and is available in most regions. It has already become one of the most used phone apps even though it is still only in its launch month!

This app is location based makes use of your phone’s GPS and camera, allowing you to capture, train and battle virtual creatures called Pokemons.

What is Pokemon Go

You can find out more information from Wikipedia about Pokemon Go.

It has received mixed reviews with some people saying it is great because it can help people get fit and takes them outdoors.

Then there have been some absolutely insane consequences to this game with major accidents and harm being caused.

Here is an article about a 26 year old that caused a car accident. He admitted to playing Pokemon Go while driving and stopped to catch a Pikachu!

Pokemon Go has also had its first death, a teenager was shot dead after breaking into a house while playing Pokemon Go.

I have also read some articles that have said that some of the Pokemon Stops and Gyms are located at not only sometimes completely inappropriate places (graveyards/ adult stores etc) but also have taken people into downright dangerous areas. Remember children play this too, yes there is apparently an age restriction of 13 but really would you want your 14 year old out on the run catching Pokemon’s all over?

I’m not sure about you, but I find this incredibly disturbing that a game can have such a major impact in the world and cause such chaos! This game it not available in South Africa yet so I haven’t personally seen any of the madness but maybe it will spread here soon?

How to Make Money with Pokemon Go?

Ok so now we know what Pokemon Go is and the craze surrounding it, now let’s check out how you can make money with Pokemon Go!

How to make money with Pokemon Go

1 Create Digital How To’s and Guides for Pokemon Go

Everyone is playing this game, the online searches are going wild and people are wanting to know how to play the game. Creating digital products now while this is still quite new will be an incredible way to make some money. Do some research into Pokemon Go and see how the game works so you have the knowledge you need to create these products. Remember you can also easily outsource this work on an online marketplace like SeoClerks.

Just bear in mind that creating quality content is the way to go, hiring cheap content writers or creating inferior products will just add more low quality products to the internet. Always make sure to add quality products that provide great value to your customers.

2 Offering Specialized Pokemon Go Services

Believe it or not but there are actually people making money offering to be Pokemon Go drivers, walkers, hatchers and guides and they are making money. So advertise your services to drive Pokemon Go players are to keep them safe while they play!

4 Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

There are various ways to earn money online with blogging and affiliate marketing so if you want to know more about that then read my article about affiliate marketing. This is what I do and I love it.

5 Youtube Videos

Do Youtube reviews on Pokemon Go, share news and updates, share cheats and how to’s… I’m sure you can even just film yourself playing the game too. Youtube is very popular with gaming so get yourself up there and monetize your channel.

I make some money using Youtube too. It is not too hard to get going!

Check out my Youtube channel here. 

6 Sell Pokemon Go Merchandise

Check out Amazon and see how there is already a load of Pokemon Go merchandise on the market!

You can either sell physical products or just do what I do and sign up with Amazon as an affiliate and promote their products and earn commission.

7 Sell your Pokemon Go Accounts

Some people are selling their Pokemon Go accounts on websites like eBay or Craigslist for thousands! Yes isn’t it crazy? I just read that the bidding for one Pokemon Go account stopped at GBP 7 300.

Not a bad amount of money to make within just a few weeks of this game launching!

8 Lure Pokemon Players into your Local Business!

Yes you can use this Pokemon Go craze to lure customers into your local business. Here is a great article I found that will explain this in more detail.

And there are plenty more things I have seen to make money online that cross the lines of being honest and ethical. The 8 points above are all nice ethical ways of utilizing this trend.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and perhaps you will be taking some of these ideas to make some money. The point of my article though is not just to show you how to make money online from Pokemon Go right now, the point of this article is more to show you that when you work online you can make use of any current trend online to make money in a number of fun and creative ways.

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