Make Money Liking Facebook Pages… Really?

Have you come across any adverts claiming you can make money liking Facebook pages or perhaps following people on Twitter? I have come across plenty of those adverts and they often claim you can make a fortune. I’ve got a few views on this type of make money offer that I would like to share with you in case you are considering trying this out.

make money liking facebook pages

How to Make Money Liking Facebook Pages?

Well if you are interested in trying this out just do a Google search and you will find plenty of websites that claim to pay people for liking Facebook pages or following on other social networks. I honestly don’t believe this is possible, but for the sake of investigating this money making opportunity I signed up on one of the websites: likes2cash.com. It was the second ranked on Google, simply because first option which is getpaidforlikes.com was offline.

After signing up and liking loads of pages nothing has happened and my account balance is $0. On top of that nothing on the website works, it won’t give me likes history or my financials. This is after spending a decent amount of time attempting to make money doing this.

likes2cash make money

How Honest is Liking Facebook Pages?

This is the reason I am not prepared to make a real effort to try this out as a making money opportunity. This is not honest work. People buy followers, likes, retweets or shares to make themselves look popular and then there are people all over the world clicking mindlessly at their computers to make them look popular.

This doesn’t fit my idea of honest work at all. Not only is it dangerous for a business to buy online followers, it is pointless really. Just as trying to make money liking pages is pointless. It is not worthwhile work and even if it was it won’t pay you.

What are the Risks for You?

When you do anything on social networks it is there for all the world to see, the people you follow and the pages you like. Do you really want your Facebook profile to show all these likes?

Here is another risk, it is against all social networks to engage in activities like this. Whether you are the one buying the followers or whether you are the person clicking away to try and make money, this is against the code of conduct on all social networks.

To take Facebook as an example, if you like too many Facebook pages within a certain time frame you will be temporarily restricted from liking pages. This is the first warning and I am not sure what will happen if you continue. What I do know is that you will be restricted from liking pages a lot faster than you will make any money!

Make Money Liking Facebook Pages banned

So what is my verdict on trying to make money online by following on social networks?

Let’s just say it like it is…. this is not a clever idea! In summary you will make yourself look bad online, you will put your social network account at risk, you won’t make any money and it is dishonest. Need I say more?

If you want something honest and legitimate where you will actually make some money, click here to read my review of my #1 Recommendation. Alternatively have a look at my page where I list real and honest opportunities, there are some around!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for the information. I have heard a lot of people actually make money with Facebook, just by posting and liking. It sounds legit and I can’t decide whether it actually is. Do you have any information about legit schemes to hire people to post on Facebook for cash? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Gin

      I have heard about that, but that posting things on Facebook is a completely different ball game to clicking like all day! I haven’t come across anything relating to posting things yet. If I do find anything I will most definitely share. Thanks for the suggestions.

      Kind Regards

  2. Wow! Definitely something I wouldn’t do as I — more and more — trying to clean up my act.

    I didn’t know about this make money liking Facebook pages thing before today. I mean, I know that you can buy likes if you want. I don’t see the point of it beside making your page look popular when in reality it is not. But I didn’t know that they were adverts claiming that you could make money out of it.

    Something I will definitely stay away from.

    Thanks for sharing Lynne

    • Hi Guy

      Yes, do a Google search for it! There are loads of so called opportunities to make money by liking Facebook pages and of course all the other social networks. Not something that I want to do for a living, not only pointless but also so unethical.

      Kind Regards

  3. I didn’t know that there are actually people making money by liking Facebook pages. For me personally, I won’t do this, because it is not honest (as what you said), and it does not do any good to my page, anyway.
    I think, rather than looking at number of followers and likes as a metric of how successful your brand is, it is more important to look at the engagement (i.e. how engaged your audience is).
    I’ve just come across a very useful article regarding this: just google this: dustin w stout meaningful metrics (it’s an awesome article).

    • Hi Rina

      I agree with you 100%, rather have a few fans that engage and give value to your social network than have thousands of fake followers! I only promote work opportunities that are honest and ethical, liking Facebook pages doesn’t fit my criteria for making honest money online.

      Kind Regards


  4. Thank you for your review on making money by liking Facebook pages! I agree with you that it wouldn’t be real working just to click likes on some pages. With this review I think you spare a lot of time for other people who are thinking to try this. Thank you!

    • Hi Roope

      Thanks for your feedback. I can’t agree with you more, it is senseless work anyway. Who wants to spend all day clicking on the like button?

      Kind Regards


  5. I have been following you for a few months now. I find you are a very hard working young lady that has had some hard knocks in life. Being honest in in the online business makes a minority hero out of you, as there it is full of rip off merchants out there. Good luck honest hard worker.

  6. I am so happy that I came across your website. I have been asking myself questions about websites like these. I mean really? Why would I want to pay someone/or a company to like my social media pages anyways? Those aren’t real followers now are they? For me, it’s like false representation. Thanks for this article.

  7. I can see that some of these opportunities are dishonest from a social media point of view but they do work. When a new business or website starts off they find it dreadfully hard to attract interaction due to their low following/likes. These programs hand them a step up by making them look more popular than they are – I’ve even used this method myself to great effect in the past. It’s all about looking popular to attract new (and real) followers! 🙂

    • Hey Chris

      I’m surprised though. Wouldn’t it be better to use Facebook advertising to create more (and genuine) likes rather than purchase fake ones?

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