List of Online Scams!

I’m going to list online scams on my website. The reason for this is that I am so tired of coming across them online, it makes me just plain angry.

I hope to warn as many people as possible to the many online scams.

List Online Scams

Firstly here are a few things to watch out for when looking for online business opportunities:

  • Websites that claim to make you rich fast. There is no such thing!
  • Earning money by liking Facebook pages, following people on Twitter and other social networks. This is unethical for starters, never mind the fact you will have to click all day and night to make a pitiful amount of money!
  • Any website where you need to pay money first before being able to try it out!
  • Earn money by posting ads. This isn’t a job, this is spamming people!
  • Earn money by playing games. Really how can this make you money?
  • Earn money by clicking on ads or videos. Does this sound like a career to you?
  • Websites that ask for your email address or details but there is no information on the website telling you how you will make money
  • Survey companies that mess you around

I suggest you only try something out if the website offers these 2 basics things:

  • There is lots of information on the website explaining exactly what they offer. If they have nothing to hide, they won’t hide it!
  • Free to use or free to try before you buy.

Here is a List of Online Scams and Time Wasters that I have personally reviewed:

Click here to read my post on Ways To Avoid Scams Online.

If you have come across a scam online please leave a comment so I can check it out and review it!

Are you looking for a real and honest online business opportunity? Click here to read my #1 Recommendation.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. hello,

    You have a really good list there of scams. Not sure if some are totally scams but I know there are a bit shaddy. I had tried the a few of the “take surveys”, but too often I would spend almost ten minutes on a survey and then one of the questions asked would disqualify me. In being disqualified I didn’t get paid for the time I spent on the survey.It was fery discouraging. Thank for spreading the word on some of these business’

    • Good point Debra, not all are scams exactly… but I certainly don’t want to earn money spamming ads or liking Facebook pages. It is just not an honest living or a career!

  2. Good information here! I have been involved in online business for the past several years, and I can tell you, hands down, that if it sounds too good to be true, then it is! I really wish that someone was around to explain this to me before I wasted thousands of dollars on worthless marketing programs! Thank you for putting this out there for everyone!

    • Pleasure Allan. Sorry you also had to waste so much money and find out the hard way.

  3. Hello and THANK YOU for pointing out these scams. For people who are just starting out it seems they ARE looking for get-rich-quick companies because of the false promises that some sharks are putting out there. And you are right – there is no such thing. To build a true online business you have to put in the work and in order to put in work you HAVE TO LEARN FIRST. Don’t throw away all of your money with these scams. Find some good, legitimate training and you’ll be on your way!

    • J Nelson it is sad how many people are caught in these scams! So much money, time and effort wasted. Plus it is also such a bash to confidence for someone wanting to try something honest and real.

  4. Hello and thanks for the post, I have never heard of people being told they could earn money for liking facebook pages, or for twitter follows, that is funny but at the same time down right low. Again thanks for the post and the extra tips always nice to learn something new.

    • Yes Jason, they claim you can get rich by liking Facebook pages! Crazy isn’t it? Maybe you can make money but it is not honest work.

  5. This is a great list for newbies to take note of when first starting out earning online!
    I like the way you’ve covered those dodgy social media actions sites ( Facebook likes etc etc ). These sites are terrible for stopping people from reaching the payout threshold!
    Do you know of any earning possibilities that are worth trying out? Something that is suited to a newbie perhaps?

    • Thanks Chris, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Wealthy Affiliates is awesome! I am still on the look out for other great opportunities and if I find any I will let you know.

  6. Hi Lynne.
    Lots of points to think about here, In fact you could write several post about each of these on the list.

    I like where you say about clicking ads- Does this sound like a career to you? I suppose those type of scams will only appeal to the lazy bones who just want to exert a little pressure on a mouse all day.

    In reality, so many people are mislead looking to make their fortunes from their wobbly computer chairs without seeing past the scams that these slick marketers trick us into buying.

    Websites that ask for an email address,- yeah, so they can get us on the auoresponder and send us out more spam.

    What you have listed are mostly cheap scams where someone else-(like us)- either does the dirty work or gets mugged.

    So thanks for sharing Lynne, maybe you have a few more scam alerts to warn us from?

    All the very best


    • Hi Pete, yes I have loads more to come! I just need the time to get the posts up 🙂 Come back soon to have a look!

  7. Hi there
    Im one of the people who have lost money to internet scams,was looking for ways to avoid them or know exactly how to spot scams and your site came up and glad to read this.
    Unfortunately was not informed of internet scams before i lost my hard earned cash.
    Thanks so much for a very informative post,next time i know what to look out for. to avoid the scams.

  8. I am a proud member of the Wealthy affiliate Family and I can say that it is definitely the best and the most legitimate online business in the world. I’ve also been scammed with other website that offers huge return but needs start up funds. Wealthy affiliate is a small online business but it offers a very big opportunity to earn money and help each other within the community. Nice article Lynne

  9. That’s some interesting scams, I knew of a few I have on my website, but there’s allot i never knew, thank you. I have another you might be interested in “stuffing envelopes” I tried this many years ago I know “call me stupid” but it’s not what I thought, you have to pay them money that they send you information. you make copies, advertise and then you have to pay for the mailing list. it’s like a pyramid scheme just like MLM. I love your thoughts.

    • Hi John

      Yes I’ve seen the stuffing envelopes one around but I really haven’t looked at it very closely. It just has to be a scam, especially now when people can just email things! Snail mail is a thing of the past so hopefully this scam will fall away soon.

  10. I like your break down on the typical guru moves and websites to watch out for. These things are either a waste of time or are designed to get money from you, not help you.

    I come across scams all the time online, they are becoming easier to spot as time goes on. Anything that promises overnight success or makes it all seem quick and easy is on a huge red flag. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Tim

      I agree with you there, once you know what to look out for it become very easy to identify scams online!

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