Lessons We Learn From Apple: Launching a Product

When you think of product launches, then one company springs to mind; Apple. Their product launches for all of their new products are like no other. They really have become the stuff of legend! They have really understood that the launch of a product can be the key to maximizing sales. Plus, there is an exclusivity around their product launches; people want to be the first to try something new, especially if it is an Apple product. But can you learn from Apple and create enough hype around your own product launch? Of course, some of it will come down to time and reputation. But with a few of the right steps, you could create a product launch to kickstart your own products. Companies like Apple do have a massive fanbase. But they employ certain strategies that any business can emulate. Here are some steps to get you started.

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Focus on People, Not The Product

Speaking of Apple, we all know who the managers and CEOs of the company were and are don’t we? But for other company launches, do we know the names of the people behind the product, or just the product? Having a focus on the team behind the product was one the best things Apple have done. And with social media these days, it makes it easy to show the people behind your business, not just some corporate machine spewing out new products.

It is also important to talk about how your product can affect the user’s everyday life. Steve Jobs has always been clear on addressing how something can change your life, not just talking about the specifications of the product in a sterile way. When you address the issues of your consumer, and how your product can help, then it makes it much more likely to create a buzz around the launch. Are people going to be more excited because something will save them time on a certain project, or because it has a certain screen resolution or processing speed? For the everyday user, the former will appeal much more.

Get Opinions On Board

From a very early stage, having opinions from influencers is a great way to create a buzz around the new product. Experts in your field, as well as relevant bloggers and influencers can be really key to a successful launch. Again, with social media and the internet, this makes it easier than ever before. If you’re not sure about going down this avenue, then an article like this one http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/ could change your mind. There are many benefits to using influencers. You might not have major news channels talking about your new products like Apple has, but over time, using the relevant people to your business, you certainly could be. Let the media know who you are, and it can go from there.

Be Revolutionary

There is no denying that the people behind Apple products have created some pretty revolutionary products over the past few years. When something comes from Apple, you know that it will carry some weight and be another inspiring and revolutionary product. Can you be doing the same? You are not likely to have the same reach or audience as Apple products. But no matter the size of your business, you have the potential to revolutionize your business and the industry that you are in. Look at your competitors and look at the things that they haven’t been doing before. Think about what your customers really need in their lives and what could make a difference to them. When a company inspires, then people are often chasing to find out the next thing from you, rather than you having to chase people to have them talk about you.

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Streamline Production

The same goes for the production of your product. You can only have a good launch if you have all of the products ready to launch. You want to make sure that your production is streamlined and revolutionized too. Are you using things like the latest conveyors and systems to get your products made and stored easily? You could have a look at https://www.goughecon.com/product-solutions/conveyors/ if you need a few ideas of things that could help bring your production into the 21st century. You will need your production to be able to compete with the demand. And if you launch it well, there hopes to be a lot of demand for your products.

Create an Event To Launch

If you look back at previous Apple launches, as well as other large company launches, they go big and create a massive event around it. Even store launches have included celebrities and influencers to be there to help create some hype around it. It isn’t just a quiet event where now your website is live. But it ends up as a larger event for customers, clients, and suppliers. Why not have you as the CEO take center stage? You don’t have to be a showman as long as you know what you’re talking about.

Of course, this kind of thing can take a large budget that you might not have. But there should be some kind of launch and event, even if it is just done across social media or online. Potential customers, and the media for that matter, are much more likely to take you seriously if you invest time and money in your launch. It is likely to have a reflection in your sales too. So investing in your launch can be really worth it.

So as you can see, we can learn a lot from other companies and brands that we can take and adapt for our own business. While Apple might not have always gotten everything right, they have done a lot of things well. So look out for companies that you’d like to emulate, and learn from the strategies that they use to bring their products to launch. It could make a massive difference to you and your business.


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