Keep Your Cake Decoration Sweet With These Must-Follow Steps

Working from home has become a staple way to earn a living over recent years. Not so long ago, only the most successful freelancers could make a go of this. Now, about 34% of the U.S. population makes their living this way. Popular avenues to take are blogging, or ecommerce ventures. And, there’s a wealth of information out there about how to make either work.

But, there’s another form of freelance which has been creeping up behind them in recent years. Cake decorating has seen a major boom in popularity thanks to programs like Ace of Cakes. Keen bakers are turning their hand to the pursuit, and many are managing to earn a decent wage. By accepting orders for wedding cakes and big events, you stand to make a lot of cash with cakes.

But, starting up a cake business at home isn’t as easy as, say, writing a blog. When working with food, there are rules and regulations which everyone has to adhere to. We all know they apply in restaurants. But, they also apply to your home bakes as soon as you start selling them. Failure to acknowledge this could lead to closure or even lawsuits.

So, it’s crucial you get on top of things. And, to help you do it, we’re going to look at some stages you can’t afford to skip.

Cake decoration business

A separate baking space for your business

You may think that shoving cakes in the family oven will cut it, but think again. It’ll be a lot easier for you to keep on top of hygiene if you buy commercial kitchen equipment especially for the job. Set it up in a separate workspace, and make sure to keep it as clean as possible. You can’t risk pets, or children, contaminating this space.

Relevant food hygiene training

It’s also essential that you get a hygiene enforcement officer to look at your caking space. Having correct hygiene training is a legal requirement for any food-related business. It’s a seal of approval that you’re fit for purpose. Try not to stress about this, though. Most times, you’ll be given a certain amount of time to rectify any issues. Procedures like these aren’t in place to catch you out. You and the officer in question can work together to provide the best standards possible. You’ll also find that a that qualification will help customers have faith in what you do.

Allergy warnings for your cakes

When you buy a cake in a shop, it’s essential that there’s a list of ingredients. Obviously, you aren’t going to print out a list of ingredients for each bake. Nor do you have to. But, you should always provide an allergen list. This involves knowing your ingredients, and what allergies they could exacerbate. Nut allergies are often relevant here, but it’s also important to consider gluten allergies and so on. You may also want to state if a cake isn’t vegetarian-friendly. Complete transparency like this is the best way to protect your pursuit!


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