I’ve Made $600+ With Clixsense and You Can Too!

When I first came across Clixsense in 2015 I was not particularly impressed and the original review I wrote echoed those sentiments. However I had so many people telling me that I was wrong about Clixsense that I went back to give it another go and I had to go and update my review to show my new findings.

Clixsense has even improved since then in my opinion since doing away with the PTV (pay to click) side of things and focusing instead on surveys, offers and tasks. My earnings have increased substantially since then and I now mostly just promote Clixsense and do the odd survey once in a blue moon.

When I first started blogging and I wasn’t earning much completing surveys was a really nice way to add some extra income in my spare time.

I’ve now earned well over $600 and close to hitting the $700 mark. Not bad for a website that I initially thought didn’t have much potential for me.

Now these earnings did not happen overnight and I have put in the work to get these earnings. Most days I earn up to $2 – $3, some days a little less and some days a little more. However I can’t remember the last day that I earned nothing at all from Clixsense. It is a small but steady income now which is really nice.

Watch this video to see how I have made $600+ from Clixsense and you can too!

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How I Made $600 On Clixsense


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. This is a great article. I signed up for Clixsense a long time ago and hated it because the amount of money never seemed worth the work.

    I didn’t even try it long enough to realize that there was an affiliate program. After watching your video, it does seem like a nice little passive income and I think I will give it another go!

    • Hi Leah

      If I was broke sitting at home and I had an internet connection I would definitely make a go of the surveys because it is money and if you have the time why not! But yeah I focus on the affiliate marketing side of it – it is a small but steady income which is lovely plus it is growing all the time.

  2. Nice article and good on you for making money online. There are lots of different ways and eventually they start to add up like you mentioned. I like your video blog too. Do you ever actually do the surveys yourself or just use the afilliate program? As you say its not a get rich program but a nice steady income stream. Everything helps and it all adds up.

    • Hey Dave 

      I was doing the surveys for quite a long time to see how Clixsense works and for some additional income. I always use something myself before promoting it 🙂 

      Now I hardly ever have time to complete surveys myself. I do them occasionally but mostly I make affiliate income.

  3. I actually never think of Clixsense before since my friend said that that it has low potential but I actually get more and more information and I know that it is possible to make good money and you are a good example for that. I really think that I can make this work.

  4. Hi Lynne!

    I’d never heard about Clixsense until I came across your review. I might have to check it out!

    I’m glad you went back and revisited it and have found new success. The online entrepreneurial path can be extremely frustrating at times. My journey has been a roller coaster for the last five years.

    But if you stick to it, there really are so many ways to earn a location-independent income!

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