CommHubb’s Internet Conspiracy Theory – OMG this is funny!

I know, I can hear you all groan “What another review?” Yes this is a CommHubb review, but the thing is that I am getting so many requests to review websites and I was about to write a great article sharing some tips on how to rank your Youtube videos… I just quickly had a look at the CommHubb website last night and I was going to put it on my list for next week. Problem is that I read the first few lines and I burst out laughing.

So you want to know is CommHubb a scam? Let’s go and have a look.

Ladies and gentlemen… CommHubb bringing you conspiracy theories, worldwide free internet, serious job offers and lots of laughs.

CommHubb Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owner: Vashek Mohr? Amongst Others?
Website: http://www.commhubb.com

Introduction: What is CommHubb?

CommHubb will be providing the world with free internet (with your help of course), because you see at the moment it is controlled by greedy, rich people and corrupt politicians.

All you have to do is sign up to make a difference. You don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to share anything or refer anyone. Of course if you want to refer someone… well like you can hey.

what is commhubb

BUT you will still make money because people advertising on this website will be paying for the world to have free internet.

When you sign up you will get free stock and shares that will just grow in value. Of course you will get even more stocks and shares when you refer people, so this is of course gently encouraged.

Let me just stop quickly so I can wipe the tears of laughter from my face before they splosh onto my keyword and wreck my laptop.

After searching around their website all I could find was links and banners to promote their website. Once inside their cause is all but forgotten because hey now you are in and you can earn money by spreading the message.

Do you want to see what a REAL small online business opportunity looks like?

Be sure to check their website to see all three banners (one on home page before you sign up and two in the members area) that advertisers pay for that will in turn pay for the entire world to have free advertising.

And I am so disappointed, I forgot to go through the “Job” section in my video like I planned to… here is the screenshot. Yes you can get a job at CommHubb and you can earn millions of USD.

OMG I better hurry and help this shit go viral…. then I can be their Senior Marketing Manager! My stomach is hurting from laughing at this CommHubb job offer… cos it is serious right? You got to be serious.

commhubb job offer


Who owns CommHubb?

I couldn’t find out who really owns CommHubb. When I checked WhoIs it was set to private and I can’t find any concrete information. The only name that does come up is Vashek Mohr. There is a press release with his name on stating he is the Executive Manager and on one of the pages inside the website it names him as Temporary Corporate Manager.

Doing a Google search on him there were two very interesting pages that came up. A Doomsday Clock conspiracy theory press release by Vashek Mohr asking everyone to sign a petition and then another page that tells about a group of activists led by Vashek Mohr that are petitioning to have Donald Trump release his tax returns.

There is a very common theme flying here isn’t there. I can’t prove it is all the same Vashek Mohr, there are no images or anything else I could find.

It is enough for me though. Same name and same crazy theme.

Who is this suitable for?

Can I give a sarcastic response here? Because see if I just write “nobody” I haven’t got much to write about.

So if you are on a mission to ruin your name online and make an idiot of yourself, sign up and share their banners. This will help you to reach your destination oh so much faster than going it alone.

CommHubb Pros and Cons


  • Laughter is good for the soul. I laughed out loud while browsing through this website.


  • You will make yourself look very silly getting involved with this and sharing your link in public.
  • You will not make any money with this
  • You will never get free internet

Training/ Tools Overview

You get some crazy conspiracy banners to share with the world.


They have a contact form? If you try it let me know if they respond and what happens. I can’t be bothered to do anything more with this joke.

Is CommHubb a Scam?

Oh yes for sure! CommHubb is a pyramid scheme and when you add in the crazy conspiracy theory you will get double whammied with humiliation.

My Final Verdict for CommHubb

I do actually suggest you visit their website, it is really funny to read the whole page. Or maybe that is just me and my strange sense of humor?

There is literally nothing to this other than a crazy conspiracy theory to try and lure you in and get you upset with the world for making you pay for your own internet, thereafter it is just a just pyramid scheme.

Ok yeah add in the fact that if you share links and banners to this program you will be making yourself look very silly indeed. What amazes me is that this website is trending like crazy, which shows that there must be loads of people interested in it.

What am I missing here people? Have I lost the plot and do I need therapy or are there a lot of people that just cannot see this for what it is?

The way they claim that people are being repressed made me laugh out loud and think of a Monty Python Video.

If you want to make money and do it with pride and dignity please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, this is a real online business where you can see how you will be making money online. Sorry but it will take some work, unlike CommHubb or Phoenix Power Rising claims!

What do you think of CommHubb? Please share you opinion in the comments.

CommHubb Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owner: Vashek Mohr? Amongst Others?
Website: http://www.commhubb.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Ha I love a bit oppression and Monty Python. Well I didn’t vote for you!

    I recommend that people listen to Lynne’s advice on this post. Stay away from the scams and let Lynne tell you what isn’t a scam!


  2. Hi Lynne

    Ok, Is my brain is on freeze or am I just not getting it? What is it that this website actually wants us to do?Just get angry and annoyed that we pay for our internet as you say?

    It doesn’t make sense actually because I don’t see what they’re talking about that ppl should know the truth ( don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot that we are not told ) But I don’t see it’s point

    • Hi Fatima

      I think the owner has a screw loose. There is only one name that comes up related to CommHubb and that is Vashek Mohr. Go and Google him, he name comes up with other weird conspiracy things.

      You are so right, this makes no sense at all.

  3. It’s hilarious.
    Their idea is not going to work and you have done a really cool review on them. Pyramid schemes are not good for thw soul. I wonder if there are any real people involved in it – who believe in commhubb. I never heard of them before and I didn’t miss anything. It’s sad that people buy into these things – you gotta be careful!
    Thanks by the way 🙂

    • Hi Alexey

      Yes this was great for a good giggle. If it was launched on 01 April I would have thought it was just set up for a laugh for everyone.., unfortunately it’s not, this is supposedly serious!

  4. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I really like it. It seems that you’re writing with passion and really want to help people!

    This thing just seems stupid. When I visited their website, it seems that they’re just trying to allure people with bullshit like “5 FREE SHARES OF STOCK IN A BILLION DOLLAR CORP!”. After a statement like this, I think there’s nothing left to say…

    • Hey Julius

      I’m glad you enjoyed this review and yes I do want to help people to avoid wasting their time with rubbish like this CommHubb.

      I can’t believe people think this sort of thing will work!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    Oh my word for any sane, rationale person to commit to this outright loser of an opportunity to earn money, he/she should have his/her brains checked.

    Once again I commend you as you “told it like it is”, (a saying made famous by a now deceased but legendary broadcaster here in the U.S.) in your outstanding review. This has to rank right up there as the most fraudulent piece of crap online business opportunity that has Loser, (capital “L”) written all over it.

    I went to the website. They claim to already have over 86,000 members. I saw the moronic statement concerning their philosophy to make the Internet free for everyone. Do they plan on taking control over all of the cable/Internet companies and put them out of business? How does this group of anonymous people plan on achieving their goals?

    When I clicked on “more info” on the site’s silly looking homepage, it re-directed nowhere but to the same page. Hmm, something smells awfully funny here!

    I also liked your Monty Python YT vid added in the end. It ideally describes everything about this commhubb opportunity.

    Thanks for another great review, Lynne!

    • Hi Jeff

      I’m glad you enjoyed my CommHubb review, I enjoyed doing it.

      It was so bad I found it hilariously funny. You know what? I think anyone that falls for this deserves to be scammed.

  6. Hi Lynne,
    I saw CommHubb somewhere and was struck at the mix of MLM/pyramid/stock offerings/job offerings/change the world/free internet all rolled into one. In trying to figure out what their deal was I stumbled on your review and recognize you from W.A.! How cool is that! Good job keeping up on the latest wild offers online! I am so glad we found W.A.


    • Hi Jessica

      Yes CommHubb is a really strange mixture of funny and scary lol. Lovely to have you bump into me here 🙂

  7. Free internet for everyone?
    Well, I get a free internet from my office.
    A free internet from Starbucks and other coffee shops I visit.
    And with $5 per month, I can easily have fast internet access.

    Why would I risk myself to a scam when I can afford cheap internet?

    • Hi Arief

      Exactly. I don’t think this CommHubb scam will make it very far, it has probably already fallen on its face.

  8. Lynne,just wonder if you have done review for 4life research company?Would like to hear your review on this company,thanks

  9. The first normal trend is the traditional reaction of the critics, reviewers, and success suppressors who make the uninformed post, videos, or product infomercials in an attempt to discredit any unusual ideas that creative thinkers attempt to accomplish. Their reasoning is often to generate favorable ratings and credibility for their particular efforts at new products at the creative thinker’s expense. Just ask the startup teams who masterminded the Facebook and Twitter implementation about this tactic.

    • Hi Kenneth

      I love creativity, pyramid schemes and conspiracy theories.. well not so much hey. So you totally believe they are going to take over the internet and you are helping them?

  10. @Kenneth. I SO agree with you. Also, it’s very telling that the reviewer and every commentor thus far–besides you and myself–is utterly inarticulate. Whenever such folk don’t understand something in the affiliate marketing arena (CommHubb isn’t even that type of opportunity, as a matter of fact), they immediately scream, “SCAM.” The reviewer repeatedly states, “it’s a pyramid scheme.” The very nature of a pyramid scheme REQUIRES the buying and selling of something to someone. What exactly is being bought or sold? No worries though. We intelligent “idiots” will be laughing all the way to the bank and this “review site” (now THAT is laughable) will be long gone.

    • Hey Marva

      Thanks for the giggle, it is good for the soul.

      A pyramid scheme does not require the buying and selling of something at all. The very nature of a pyramid scheme is that it is based on recruiting.

      Here is the definition of a pyramid scheme from Wikipedia:

      A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal

      And like you have just said in your comment “What exactly is being bought and sold?” … thank you for proving my point.

      • Lynne, just keep promoting WA–that’s your speed. (BTW, when you cite a quote, you should include a WORKABLE link to the original site so your readers and refer back to it and see that YOU ARE WRONG.) Doubt if you’ll post this though.

        • Hi Marva

          Of course I’ll approve your comment. I have nothing to hide… and the link works just fine.

          I promote a good few excellent opportunities for working online, as well as tools for online marketing, however I only promote good opportunities and CommHubb just doesn’t make the cut, not by a long shot.

  11. Sure its funny, its probably not possible to make (lots of) money, they say to be 60+ years Americans even though I found out at least one is Marocan, and the Englisch sometimes is worse then mine (I am dutch) and that is already a bit of a scam in it self. But where is the big scam? You dont have to invest money, you dont provide creditcard details or nothing at all. Where is the scam?

    They do make some money out of the adwords, but they also pay out. (I already received $ 20 for doing almost nothing. Thats more then I ever won in a lotery. So I dont get it. Where is the scam?

    You are correct, it is a pyramid system to grow, but I dont think it’s a pyramid scam. Or am I missing something here?

    • Ronald the thing is that there is no product and this not sustainable. You may be earning money now but you won’t be very soon. The only thing being marketed here is to recruit other people.

      This company is not registered with SEC so it is not compliant.

      Furthermore this company apparently gets its money from advertisers. Who in earth is interested in people advertising on this shoddy website? This is going to fall through and nobody will be making money soon.

      They claim that you will be owning your own piece of the internet.. how through virtual shares that will soon be worthless?

      This is just ridiculous. I’m glad you made $20 but I think you should stop sharing links to this rubbish.

  12. It must be nice to arbitrarily post negative reviews without even talking to anyone at the website. No questions – no inquiries – just inane stupidity at it’s best. I am happy that you have a little following of insecure people who actually need you to tell them the good and bad. I know what the website is about. I get paid from the website and their backoffice is nice as well. Please stick to things you know. They require no money (2 months and they have NOT asked for a penny) and they do pay commissions. Your lack of logic escapes me.

    • Oh Eileen, can you not spot a tacky website? Who on earth would want to advertise their website there? I certainly wouldn’t. Do you really believe that enough advertisers will come on board to support worldwide free internet. Perhaps you need a new calculator?

      I am perfectly used to the comments I receive for when I expose rubbish like this. Take my Phoenix Power Rising review as a good example, and now it is crashing already…. and CommHubb will fall. If you want to go ahead and spread your link to this rubbish go for it, it certainly won’t affect me in any way.

  13. So much Fun indeed! we’ll see how it all turns out hey ! lol. whatever happens I’ll end up laughing 😀 I’ll just leave this here. cheers! | Corporate Update [ 15th Jun, 2016 ] There are some bad posts out there saying we are a ponzi scheme, an MLM, and a scam. The first two require money and we ask for none so we are NOT those. These “experts” calling us that are also trying to sell you their products which DOES cost you. Some members are also posting about long admin waits and therefore we are scammers. This is a FREE program and we are trying to BUILD THE PROGRAM and make it successful. If you would rather we focus on customer service more, then we would be forced to charge for that and we will not do that. When you post stupid things you hurt our program. If you find our free program objectionable then just quit. We are doing the best we can to make this program a success. Help – do not hurt. And if possible – post something positive. A lot of you made some good money last month and more is on the way!!

    • Hi Erik

      See this is how people see things differently. Something being a scam or a pyramid scheme does not always revolve around money being paid.

      This was the argument made by so many people joining Phoenix Power Rising too, there was no money paid in the beginning so people said it couldn’t possibly be a scam. However people have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on that so called opportunity. Now people are not being paid.

      A scam is when something is unethical, it is when time and/or money is stolen. It is when promises are made and not kept. Yes perhaps CommHubb is paying for now, but it won’t be for long. It will crash and when it does it will break the trust of all the people that have signed up.

      Yes I promote products on my website for sure, of course I do. I have never made that a secret. However when I review something I tell people what I see and here I see BS and I won’t be promoting this.

      I have lots of amazing opportunities that are legit. Unfortunately the facts are that there are thousands of scams to a handful of wonderful opportunities. Saying that doesn’t make me a negative person. I am simply stating the facts.

      For the record I am not the one hurting anyone. I have not created this scam and I am not promoting this scam. The people that created this rubbish and the people spreading it around are the ones causing the damage. I am helping people to avoid wasting their time and getting their hopes dashed, which is what scams do.

      I am not getting all emotional over this, but it seems a lot of people really are. Obviously you are promoting CommHubb, well I really with you the best of luck. I hope they continue to pay you.

      • This one is quite amusing, but if it is paying now and stops paying later, what are people out?, nothing according to what I read, because there is nothing to pay for, only if you advertise on their site. If it is totally free and you don’t have to refer, then there is nothing to lose.

        • Derek since when does a scam have to only involve money?

          This is not going to last and it is not going to continue to pay.

  14. Hi,
    I came across your site and your review re CommHubb – Interesting!!!

    Maybe you also think Google is waco, into conspiracy theories also!!!

    Before you laugh and scoff too much – maybe you would care to read this article re free internet and what Google is up to:


    Whether CommHubb is a scam or whatever – you are way off the mark when you think that companies are not considering or investing into free internet.

    Hence, maybe you might also care to undertake some research into the concepts prior to marking them down as a scam!!! Sometimes because of our own worldviews, we put everything that is outside our worldviews down to whacky or whatever because we don’t understand that others who are thinking outside the square think differently and potentially see trends we don’t see or have any concept of.

    Is CommHubb a scam or into conspiracy theories and the like – maybe, maybe not.
    Maybe CommHubb has simply picked up a trend that people actually want – free internet and are trying to build a global community. Is their website advertising interesting, absolutely not.
    However, CommHubb has simply picked up a trend that clearly Google also has picked up on and is investing heaps of dollars into.
    If you type in the keywords : How to get free global internet worldwide
    There are 68 million search results. So if Google by it’s own analytics are showing that over 68 million people are searching online for free internet, maybe, just maybe, the concept is not so laughable, whacky, outrageous as you might think.
    Penny for your thoughts????

    • Yes of course people want free internet. People want free everything.

      Here’s a good question for you. If CommHubb is so determined to provide free internet to the world how come they are so passionate about it on their website before you sign up and then when you are inside the program there is not much about the free internet and the worldwide take over.

      I can spot rubbish from a mile away. Yes CommHubb has picked up on a trend and they are using it to spread their pyramid scheme all over.

  15. Hello,

    Friends dont join this site . This is a scam site . after you reach withdrawable affiliate commission your account will be deleted . my account was deleted , although i am very honest in getting my referrals . my friends account in US also got deleted . it very difficult to reach the minimum withdrawable amount . they may be showing some fake payment proofs .

    • Hi Raja

      I am so sorry to hear that. I have had lots of people tell me so far that they have been paid out, you are the first person to give me feedback that you are not being paid out or that something dodgy has happened. I knew it would happen simply because this type of thing is just not sustainable. It is often the case where they pay out in the beginning and then payments stop and the owners start doing dodgy things like deleting accounts to avoid paying out.

      I am so sorry that you were conned 🙁 That is awful.

      Why don’t you try and start a real online business instead? Yes it will take hard work and time to start earning but it is not something like CommHubb that will dry up and leave you without money!

      Check out how I make money online here.

  16. Hi Lynne, I think you can’t figure out how the free internet will materialised, that’s resulted negativity towards commhubb.

    As one of the companion of prophet Mohammad pbuh said which means, “One is an enemy to something he/she know not”. I could see the possibilities of it come to an existance but I’m not in the position to disclosed it, but it is possible.

    I think the significant issue here is, is it a pyramid scheme and is it a scam? It does not fully fit to be pyramid scheme as it is totally free.Pyramid schemes charge steep startup costs for joining, including mandatory training, a starter kit and a non-refundable membership fee. Although we may not exactly know whether is it a scam, but we can see the signs/criteria.

    (1)Scam website are prone to make guaranteed promise, whereas commhubb more towards proposals and an insight future view.

    (2)Scam websites looks colourfull and attractive(as to look professional), commhubb delivers what they only have.

    (3)Scam websites normally used sofisticated copywritting and provocating words, commhubb are straightforward.

    (4)A scammer will not go with an empty hand(chargeable), commhubb are free-nothing to loose. With regards to whether or not Companies will advertise at commhub – I think one of the reasons any Company/ies will advertise their business is where there are more viewers, as commhubb targetted the 99% of layman, it fit what it takes.

    I understand to survive, is to ‘kill’ our competitor but it might be indirectly killing ourselves-lets assume commhubb accomplished their noble intentions and big dreams – It will increase netizens because its free. It will create jobs and online business, therefore it will increase credit cards holder.

    These all means increasing the world purchasing power that will increase our revenue whatever we promote. Lets not belittle someone just because he/she is different colour or he/she is not a rich and famous. If you appointed a young man from a wealthy family to uplift the life of the poor and middle class, it will not give a better impact rather than if he was from a layman family. Because he experienced the hardship thus have more sincere intention and more determination to succeed

    • Hi Joseph

      Thanks for sharing your views on my website, the items you lists as what the signs are for scams are very different to the things I listed on my article on how to avoid scams online, you should really check that out when you get the chance.

      If you look at the definition of a pyramid scheme as described on Wikipedia you will see that it is simply based on recruiting new members with the promise of reward and this does fit exactly what CommHubb is offering. They say you will earn money from shares when you join their scheme… here is the definition as shown on Wikipedia:

      A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

      Pyramid schemes have existed for at least a century in different guises. Some multilevel marketing plans have been classified as pyramid scheme

      There is really nothing of substance to this website or this business, and from what I hear people are already being let down with payments. It won’t be long and this website will be removed from the internet.

  17. Well you had me until you referred to wiki. If anyone states wiki as reference for anything and as their only reference you have just found a niche to manipulate.

    First and foremost a pyramid scheme promises rewards. Commhub simply states hey for signing up here’s 5 shares. Sure if you refer people we will kick nack some more.
    They don’t go out of their way to have you download anything at all. In fact it is quite akin to bitcoin whwn it started up and you would of called it a scam as well.
    You give a name. Confirm your email and that’s it. It is actually just a clever way to harvest emails. You are just jealous you didn’t think of it first. Regardless. Other than a passive hey if you want to you can attitude no one has to do anything. They get emails they can sell and everyone does and they het clickthrough revenue. You wrote this drivel without researching it so it will fluff up your own numbers hoping to make more money yourself. I know this because this is your scam.

    • Oh my… so people that reference Wiki are manipulating niches? Sounds like a very simple and easy way to manipulate a niche! Yes adding a high authority link, such as a Wiki link can improve your on-page SEO and increase ranking. This was included in my list in my article on how to get great rankings. However just adding a Wiki link to your blog on its own won’t do anything to improve your ranking or do anything as drastic as manipulate a niche.

      Yes CommHubb promises rewards, the shares are rewards. So you openly admit that CommHubb gets emails to sell but you believe everyone does that? Harvesting email addresses to sell them is just plain dishonest and no not everyone does that.

      I’m sorry but there is no scam here, I show people how to make money online in an honest way that does not include getting involved in a pyramid scheme or harvesting emails to sell. Yes I promote some great opportunities and yes I make commission if anyone signs up, that is my business… affiliate marketing.

  18. You, intelligent people, stop! internet is their purpose, but not necessarily their result. It does not make of them hens wet by milk. The ambition is praiseworthy and the result will surprise you. You who live in the well-to-do countries you laugh at it but But you know only human beings’ great majority are in poor zones , and they have only what they can possess in fitness. They are ready to follow this project because they are not going to spend any money; Their commitment is going to force owner of the site to be serious. So that that continuous it is necessary people stay, then they will make everything so that they stay. And the result will be ridiculous in the inverse sense. The more poor people come, the more they are strong and the more it is possible that continues.

    • Oh my gosh I wasn’t going to approve this comment because it just makes absolutely not sense. Not grammatically or in any other way.

      The comment you made about hens wet by milk was mildly entertaining in a very disturbing sort of way.

      You may be thinking you will be getting free internet but you won’t, you think you are “not paying” anything but you are giving this company your time and your trust. Your time will be wasted and your trust will be broken.

      How exactly do you think that “poor people” signing up to CommHubb is going to make them stronger and make it possible for the entire world to have free internet?

  19. I am afraid I am way more lost on your explanation of COMMUNITY HUBB being a scam than most of your readers. How are people being scammed for signing up for a free service that advertisers are going to support and pay for . It seems to me that if we are being scammed, it is by the providers we PAY now, They charge us millions for the service then sell advertising on what we are paying for and make billions and give us NOTHING for selling space on the service that should belong to us and give us NO compensation for it . Maybe you need to think about the definition of the word SCAM befor you use it so freely.

    • Hi Vera

      A scam does not necessarily mean that you lose money. It can mean that you are being conned out of your time, you could have your email address and other details collected and sold and many other things.

      Do you really think that so many advertisers are going to go with CommHubb that it is not only going to cover the cost of everyone in the world getting free internet but also pay all its members out too? That certainly is insane.

      I have a number of websites and I have been in marketing for a good number of years. I pay for advertising my business but I would never pay CommHubb any money to advertise my business on their website, it is a complete joke. I sincerely doubt any other professional businesses will either. So you are looking for the corporate world to pay for your free internet through CommHubb? Not likely.

  20. Finally, I got to learn about this controversial site. Thanks for this review.

    I’ve been seeing them when I tried browsing LeadsLeap’s ads (they are heavily promoting in there). I wondered what is this free internet they are promising in their pages. Now, it is clear. No free internet! (*laughs*)


    • Hi Gomer, well I sincerely doubt anyone will be getting free internet through them, sorry! It really is just an awful MLM “opportunity.

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