Instantly Boost Your Sales with a Video Wall

The surest way of boosting sales in your store is by increasing the number of walk-in customers. These clients come to your premise without an appointment. Usually, they are passersby who have seen something interesting, and they would like to see it up close. Many of them would buy the products you are offering immediately, or they would make plans to purchase them. Video walls attract walk-in customers because they are big. They are also bold, and colorful. Passersby notice them immediately, and they feel as though they should walk into the store to see what else you have in store for them. Consequently, they boost your sales instantly because some of those walk-in customers would buy your goods.

instantly boost your sales with a video wall

  • Take Advantage of the Internet

Video walls have internet connectivity allowing you to share your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram profile with your customers. Ask them to leave positive reviews on these sites and to share them with their friends. Create promotions on these social media platforms, and run them on your video wall. For example, you can create hashtags on Twitter to promote your brand. Ask them to participate in it, and then display their tweets on your video wall in real time. Your customers will appreciate it. Moreover, you can give them a prize for their participation. Interestingly, studies reveal that 50% of consumers would purchase a product from a company more frequently than they currently do if they have a positive experience with the company.

  • Teach Your Customers How To Use Your Products

Sometimes, people have an interest in your products, but they do not know how to use them. Teaching them how to use these products boosts your sales because they no longer have any reservations when it comes to purchasing these items. Unfortunately, traditional signage materials are ineffective when it comes to developing tutorials for your potential clients. In contrast, video walls provide a visual means of communicating to your audience about such matters. For example, you can develop a video tutorial on how to use a new product that you are launching. Run it on your video wall. People will feel inclined to buy it once they know how they can use it.

  • Encourage Your Clients to Check out Other Products in Your Store

In most cases, businesses focus on core items. These items constitute the bulk of its sales volume. Unfortunately, consumers forget that the company has other products as well. Video walls are instrumental when it comes to highlighting neglected items in your store. Displaying them on your video wall encourages your clients to ask about them. Many of them would buy these peripheral items in addition to purchasing the core items that you sell. Consequently, your sales volume would increase. More importantly, your dependence on the sale of core items to sustain your business would reduce.

  • Clarify Your Message to Your Clients

Instantly boost your sales with a video wall by sending a clear message to your clients. In other words, your sales pitch should be simple, relevant, and informative. For example, it is easier for consumers to see your product in action than it is for them to read or hear about it. Video walls help you achieve this objective. More specifically, consumers would see the benefit of the product immediately. Their urge to buy it would increase exponentially because they now see it as highly relevant to their lives. Moreover, video walls are a powerful way of displaying your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Your clients would connect to the images and videos of charitable activities immediately.

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  • Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Business environments are competitive. You will gain or lose customers depending on your response to what your rivals are doing. Respond positively to emerging forms of technology. More specifically, start using video walls so that you can awe your consumers before your competitors beat you to it. Remember, consumers will remember the first store where they saw a video wall. Other details such as which store had the best video wall or the most advanced one will stay in their memory as well for a long time. Get a video wall today to stay ahead of your competitors. Get the most advanced one with touch capabilities and high resolution so that you can amaze your customers. Remember, people love to associate themselves with the latest trends. That means they would visit your store and buy your goods more often if you have a video wall than if you lack one.


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