Instant Payday Network Review: Big time Thumbs Down!

Instant Payday Network Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Website: instantpaydaynetwork.com

Introduction: What is Instant Payday Network About?

What is Instant Payday Network About?Instant Payday Network claims to be a completely automated system that you can use 100% free to make more than $4000 per day only working 10 hours per week.

Geez this sounds great, it sounds incredible.. it sounds way too good to be true!

I just had to see the video to see how Jeff Buchanan is going to explain how I am going to get so rich for doing sweet nothing. This has got to be good!

I pop in my email address to get access to the video (and I am sure I will be getting lots of emails soon too!).

So what’s in the Instant Payday Network video?

Well it is a long and boring video where Jeff Buchanan pushes the fact he is just an ordinary guy and he has made loads of money. He has designed this system where you can also make loads of money and he is happy for you to use it 100% free cos you know, he is just such a nice sharing sort of guy.
Instant Payday Network Video

In the video he says it is simple really, all he does is connect you with Fortune 500 companies and you refer people to them to complete offers.

He then goes on to say he is not into “hype” and hopes you aren’t too. He stresses again how there are no fees for anything and it is 100 honest and reliable work. If you have email and you can surf the net then this is for you!

You can make maximum money with minimum work and Jeff is going to show you exactly how to do it.

You then look of a wad of cash while he explains to you how he will pay you and what equipment you need to do this. Umm ok, surely anyone searching to make money online should understand that you might just need an internet connection and a computer/ laptop?

Ok yes I admit it I just couldn’t watch this stupid video to the end. But I did want to have a look inside to give an honest and real review of Instant Payday Network.

Instant Payday Network Legit or Scam? What was my experience?

There are 4 steps to start earning money with Instant Payday Network.

My cash freebiesThe first is to sign up with My Cash Freebiesand fill out an offer.

I sign up and I cannot complete an offer because I am not in one of the countries they like. I can however refer someone in one of their approved countries and then I can submit a support ticket and get my credit. I

I’ll be honest here I am not really getting into this, I am not excited at all! I plod along anyway maybe there is something to it?

I click on the second step and I am taken to another website which is called Double My Cash Freebies. I only notice now that the first one was Express Cash Freebies. The difference is that on Express Cash Freebies you get paid $20 per referral and on Double My Cash Freebies you get $30 per referral.

I sign up and it is the same story, I cannot start earning until I get a referral. I’ll leave this one for later too. I am not referring anyone somewhere if I don’t know whether it is trustworthy or not!

So I go to the third step. I no need to register my details with Instant Payday Network which I do.

Instant Payday Network Review

Then I click on the last step. This is where he shows us how much money he has made. This step REQUIRES PAYMENT! How odd after all that rattling on about it being 100% FREE?

Instant Payday Network Scam

I click continue anyway, you know, in the name of research!

I arrive at www.truthorhypetv.com and yes there is another video claiming how people have literally made millions of dollars! Yes you guessed it: doing hardly anything with a fully automated system. Just to top it off there is a countdown at the bottom of the screen, if you buy it within the next 4 minutes you get 75% off. Talk about a huge scam red light flashing there. Have a look at my post on Ways to Avoid Scams Online.

Instant Payday Network scam or legit

So what happened next? Well I got an email from Jeff asking me to have a look at an amazing opportunity which I did. I then got taken to www.ipasdiscount.com and a chap called Chris Jones comes up on video telling me about this amazing opportunity where I can make millions and do just about nothing! This offer comes complete with another count down video.

What is Instant Payday Network

Yeah this is getting boring. I check my emails and it looks like I have been signed up to loads of newsletters. I have one from Empower Network which turns out is exactly the same as all the videos I have seen today. It is boring, unrealistic and making fake promises of me being rich without doing any work.

Who is Instant Payday Network suitable for?

Nobody! Stay away from this, it stinks. Perhaps you can make money from it and you will be doing it by scamming other people at worst. Wasting their time and spamming them at best.

Training/ Tools Overview

There were a few pages on the website dedicated to “training” but having a closer look it is useless waffle completely unrelated to how to actually make money


I doubt there is any support available. You can apparently contact them but I doubt anyone will be getting back to you.


According to Jeff Buchanan’s claims it is 100% free. However he is pushing you all the way to sign up to other dubious programs which cost money. I didn’t get so far as to bother with finding out how much. I wouldn’t advise you purchase anything!

My Verdict for Instant Payday Network?

Everything about this stinks, from the way Jeff Buchanan claims it is 100% free yet his 4th step says you must buy another program. How is that free? The way everything he does is just to get you to sign up on other websites. Perhaps you can make money like this but why would you want to.

This is a scam, it is unethical, dishonest and filled with BS from the start. Stay away from this please!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

Instant Payday Network Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Free
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Website: instantpaydaynetwork.com



Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne,

    “Making millions doing nothing” is a giveaway that this program is a scam. The fact that you have to keep getting referrals to earn money tells me that this is some sort of a pyramid scheme – one that offers no value in terms of products or services.

    This is one hoax program that anyone new to online business should watch out for.

    • Hi Cathy. I agree with you there, it really does appear to be a pyramid scheme. There appears to be no product, at all, just trying to get other people to sign up! Pyramid schemes are one of the things I detest the most!

  2. I love reading about these online scams just for entertainment purposes! I mean come on, 100% free, 10 hours a week and 4 grand do not go together!

    I feel sorry for the people that for whatever reason get sucked into these scams!

    Thank you for keeping the public informed.

    • Hi Andrew. Yes I agree, it is laughable really. I sometimes get a good giggle doing these reviews. It is just unfortunate that some people so badly want to believe that money can be made overnight, that is why they get caught.

  3. hi Lynne!
    OMG this sounds like the most frustrating system ever! I found myself getting frustrated just reading the steps you had to take! I would have thrown my computer out the window lol! I absolutely hate that kind of programs, where it keeps bringing you to a different page, site or video. And you just keep clicking away but you never ever get an answer on how you will actually be making money. Like ever. They all tell you how much you will be making and how fantastic the program is but they never reveal how you make money. Because really you don’t make money. As simple as that. Really enjoyed your review 🙂

    • Hi Emily. I am glad you enjoyed my review. Yes I totally agree, anything that doesn’t tell you how you make the money is not worth looking at. I am sure it is just some sort of pyramid scheme in the end where there is no product at all! Ah well I will never really know the truth because I won’t throw away money to see how they scam you.

  4. Your site is great. I am glad you told it like it is and that is a scam. I tried it before and I could not get past the first step. If I had read your page I would have saved me some time. You have a lot of helpful information. Thanks a lots for being so honest about your review.

    • Hi Leighann. From what I can see about Instant Payday Network you are so lucky you didn’t make it past the first step! It is a scam and you were fortunate to not be caught by it.

  5. And this one STINKS to high heaven. I didn’t even need to read the whole review, just one whiff sufficed!

    The picture on top really threw me off. 10 hrs a week, thousands of dollars, yeah right.

    What a joke. Well hey, he could legitimately charge people for the comedy show.

    • Hey Ben, we agree on this one! Thanks you had me laughing out loud, you are right he can charge for the comedy show! I wish everyone understood that as soon as you see earning “$4000 a day for 10 hours work a week” you must rum for the hills. You are right, that alone says scam loud and clear in flashing neon lights.

  6. Hey there Lynne – 00/100?… so bad?..Another automated tool to make us rich overnight?..I make almost $50 millions a day , my bank has a huge problem keeping my money inside.I think I have to buy an island soon with all these new amazing online offers and dig the money there.

    I like the title My Cash Freebies , catchy.Another supposed free product fails to deliver on any promise.

    The problem is that I watch hundreds of ads daily , the vast majority outright scams.This will never end.

    Thanks for letting us know about this crap and keep doing what you do.You can save a lot of people.Honest review.This seems like a garbage.

    • Hi Tasos, yes I am harsh with my ratings! A big fat zero for Instant Payday Network from me.

      If I believe anything to be a scam or a complete time waster then I give a zero rating. This is about making money online and if you can’t make any money I can’t give them any points now can I?

      Yes the title My Cash Freebies is great, however like you say it is very misleading because you will get nothing there.

  7. Sounds like it’s got all the warning signs of an upsell scam program Lynne – especially the 4 products he tries to push on you! It’s a tactic many poor marketers use ( quite effectively ) to make money. The main package will be free but it wont work without a few ‘extras’ along the way! Great review!

  8. what really amazes me about the newer mlm companies is that there is far less focus on their products and too much on the recruitment. My understanding of the difference between pyramid selling and MLM, is that there has to be an actual product to sell and not a business that relies on recruiting alone. There have been a number of businesses that have started with very good products, but the payplan is geared towards recruiting alone. I think this is a shame. Look at Vemma for example. They have been shut down because of the way they marketed their product. Could be argued as good or bad, but one thing is for sure, they had a very good product. I was not involved as a re-seller but as a customer. It’s a shame they were seen as a scam.

    • Doug this is exactly my issue with MLM, the overpriced products that are well quite frankly BS. It is just a cover for a pyramid scheme. I never heard of Vemma and have no experience of their products so I can’t comment on that!

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