Inbox Dollars Review

Inbox Dollars Review
Overall Ranking: 40/100
Price: Free
Website: inboxdollars.com


Inbox Dollars offers cash rewards for surveys, cash tasks, online searches, reading emails, watching videos, playing games and taking up offers. They appear to be a very popular website that has quite a good reputation online.

Inbox Dollars Offers

$5.00 for Inbox Dollars Confirmation Email

I earned $5 for confirming my email which was nice but it didn’t make me too excited as the cash out amount is $30.

Earning from Inbox Dollars with Surveys

The sign up process is simple and when I registered I filled in 3 surveys which were just to get more information about me such as my interests and my household. Each survey had a small monetary value as shown in the screenshot below. They claim to have new surveys every day. I earned $1 for filling in these surveys.

Inbox Dollars surveys

Earning from Inbox Dollars reading emails

I then headed over to the email offers but I was told I don’t qualify for that because I don’t fit the correct geographical area so that earning potential has been crossed off the list.

Earning from Inbox Dollars playing online games

The next area to check out was the online games. This honestly doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t consider this work. Once there I played a game of Bejewelled and then figured out that to earn from this you have to actually pay for games and you earn a percentage of money back (1-4%). Paying for a game and then earning a small percentage back when I play it is not my idea of earning money online so I left this one alone.

Earning from Inbox Dollars performing tasks

I found this a little confusing to be honest. There were no available jobs, but 37 potential jobs. I cannot access the potential jobs which I find strange. I couldn’t find information on their website that explains this.

Inbox Dollars cash offers


Earning from Inbox Dollars from referrals

You can refer other to Inbox Dollars and earn 10% of your referrals earnings.

Inbox Dollars referrals

Being paid by Inbox Dollars

Payments are made by mailed cheque which I personally find very unappealing and old school. I really feel payment should be offered via Paypal, especially when I am in a different country.

Pros & Cons


  • Legit Company
  • Paid Cash (as opposed to vouchers)
  • User Friendly
  • Variety of ways that you can earn


  • Earning potential is very low.
  • Few earning opportunities compared to what they claim
  • Payment options only by cheque that is mailed
  • You have to log in at least every 10 days or your account will de-activate

Who is this suitable for?

Anyone that would like a bit of extra cash might enjoy this.

Training/ Tools Overview

No training provided. There are some FAQ’s which don’t adequately answer the questions I had such as what the difference is between potential jobs (which I couldn’t access) and available jobs.


Live chat support.


No costs involved.

Verdict for Inbox Dollars?

I rate this as a legit company that has very low earning potential. This is not for me personally but I can certainly see how others would rate this highly. If you like taking online surveys and enjoy search loyalty programs I would advise you give this one a go.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Inbox Dollars Review
Overall Ranking: 40/100
Price: Free
Website: inboxdollars.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hey Lynne
    This is a helpful overview. I’ve seen many other platforms with similar options. Many of them have the disadvantage that the revenue is terribly small. And what I also think is negative, that you have to log in within 10 days at least once.

    I’m using a similar platform, where you have to click on other websites. With a cool revenue system you can earn decent money. But unfortunately it’s not valid in the states. If you know somebody in Europe I could give you more details.

    hang on, Stefan

    • Hi Stefan

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes I totally agree with you. Such a low earning opportunity is not what I am looking for!

      I would love to know what that platform is and how it all works. If you clicking on websites is that not just generating fake traffic for a company?

      Kind Regards


  2. I heard about InboxDollar quite a few times, already. I was tempted to try it, but the thought of spam emails will be flooding my inbox made me sick, so I didn’t try it yet.
    Have you been able to cash out your money? $30 is pretty low ( I saw some other survey /make money online schemes with higher cash threshold at $50).
    I also don’t like that some of its program is only available for certain regions (e.g. USA, UK). Definitely a cons for me who live far away in Asia.

    • Hi Rina

      I haven’t been able to get any more than the $6.03 yet. I suppose I can go and search every day there and make $0.01 for a search until I reach $30… but that is not my idea of trying to make money online!

      I am more focused on real opportunities that I can make decent money from.

      Kind Regards


  3. I’ve found inbox dollars to be a relatively easy site. You don’t get flooded with that many emails a day, and they do add up. You can get 15 cents a day easily just by doing enough searches to get that daily. I’ve also found their surveys to be really easy and you always get credit for those, and I rarely DQ from them as opposed to swagbucks. Plus if you can just do a few 40 cent or more offers every now and then, it’s a good extra site if you spend just a little bit of time a day to do the daily searching, open the emails, and do one special offer or one quick survey. Plus the surveys give you stuff if you don’t qualify, which is nice because you can get an extra 25 cent token for the next survey. I make about 40 dollars a month from this and it’s very easy to cash out. Also, when you reach the $30 cash out threshold, they give you the option of earning another 10 that month and they waive the processing fee ($3). And then, they give you $5 dollars after you cash out each time. Also, if you’re an avid swagbucks person, many of the special offers at swagbucks are also at inbox so you can repeat the way you already know how. I’ve found inboxdollars to be a positive experience, and I don’t think I spend more than an hour a day there. Usually less!

    • Hi Sarah

      I am so glad you enjoy Inbox Dollars and thank you for sharing your personal experience with them here. It is great to get another perspective from someone that enjoys them. I must admit that I am very impatient with anything that has a low earning potential and don’t give it the time of day if I believe you can’t earn much from it!
      Yes, I have also reviewed Swagbucks and found them to be honest and legitimate, but also low earning potential! Click here to read my review on Swagbucks.

  4. i felt the same way when I tried Inbox Dollars.. Thank you for a good review… It is hard out there making money and want to find real ways to do so..

    • Hi PJ, sorry you also had a bad experience with Inbox Dollars. It really is unfortunate that there are so many terrible things online and it is so hard to find anything remotely worthwhile! Check out my #1 Recommendation for an online business opportunity.

  5. I agree that taking online surveys takes too much time with little reward. At least this company is free to join.

    However a better company that is free to join is Wealthy Affiliate, which I noticed you mentioned here.

    I can say that this company is the real deal and you will learn so much to online marketing that you will be making good money with a little hard work.

    Thanks for the review.

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