Impressing Visitors to Your Office

Businesses of any size need to impress their visiting clients and customers, but when you’re a small business, well, making a first impression is even more important if you want to convince people to use your services now and in the future. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to impress visitors to your office. Here’s how:

Impress visitors to your office

Hire Fantastic Receptionist

Your receptionist is usually the first point of contact between your business, and it’s visitors (customers/clients/potentials), so it’s pretty important that you take the time to hire a receptionist who is not only highly competent, but who is smart, presentable and, perhaps most importantly of all, very friendly. If you can do this, you stand a much greater chance of making a positive first impression on visitors.

Keep the Building Clean

If your office is dirty, unkempt and full of clutter, it is not going to impress, and it might make your visitors wonder how you can run your own business if you can’t even keep an office clean. So, make an effort to keep the interior and exterior of your business premises clean at all time. Invest in a commercial power washer or industrial vacuum from www.jetwave.com.au, hire a fantastic cleaner and make it clear to your staff that they should make an effort to keep their mess to a minimum. The last thing you want is to lose a potential client because the toilets were dirty or there were stacks of papers all over the place!


Offer Quality Refreshments

Offering your guest refreshments is only polite, but if you offer them low-quality instant coffee or weak tea, they’re unlikely to be impressed, unless that’s what they asked for, of course. So, it may be worth, if your budget can stretch to it, investing in a quality coffee machine, like the ones from www.nespresso.com, which you can install in the recipient area to put your guests in a good mood. Good coffee really can make things better.

Inviting Decor

A mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they don’t really pay much attention to their office decor. They leave their offices as cold, sterile places which are merely functional, rather than inspirational. This can put visitors off, so don’t be afraid to inject color, via furniture and art in the room, or to fill the place with plants and perhaps even allow your staff to decorate their own desks/cubicles with a few personal, but appropriate decorations of their own. It will make your company seem a whole lot warmer and inviting.

Genuine Interactions

Of course, it doesn’t matter how clean or well decorated your office is, if you do not greet your visitors with genuine warmth and talk to them honestly, it won’t matter a jot. If you are too fake, ‘salesy’; or cold towards your visitors, they will not feel at ease in your office, which could well mean that they won’t want to come back again, and you could lose a lot of business as a result. So, go out of your way to make them welcome, but do this in as authentic a way as you can.


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