How You’re Annoying Your Customers Without Knowing It

It’s much easier to annoy your customers than you might think. Even your most loyal customers can sometimes be turned off by some of your brand’s behavior. Although it’s often small and medium brands that slip up, even large businesses make mistakes and do things that make their customers unhappy. If you want to avoid making your customers annoyed, there are a few things you should avoid doing.

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Too Much or Not Enough Communication

Communication with your customers is a tricky thing to get right. Too much and you’ll start to annoy them, but too little and they could feel neglected. You need to get the balance right, so everyone’s happy. Be careful not to send out too many emails and be especially careful with calling people.

Putting Down Competitors

You can find many adverts with brands comparing themselves to named competitors. While this might be borderline acceptable behavior, there are some ways you should talk about them. Avoid putting down your competitors and saying negative things about them, or it might put off your customers.

Ignoring Feedback

It’s much easier for customers to give feedback in the modern world. An email or a message on social media is simple to fire off. Even when things get a bit heated, it’s not wise to completely ignore the feedback you receive.

Time-consuming Tech Problems

If technology helps to keep your business ticking along, it’s essential not to neglect it. Tech problems can cause all kinds of issues for you and your customers. Don’t leave them struggling to use your services or products due to bugs in your tech.

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