How You Can Convert ASIN to UPCs Instantly

Do you want to be more efficient at selling products on Amazon? Are you trying to figure out which items are in the highest demand? Converting the product numbers from ASIN to UPC (universal product code) is the first step towards becoming a better seller.

What is ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a 10-character alphanumeric identifier assigned by Amazon.com and its partners for product identification within the Amazon organization.

What is UPCs?

UPCs are barcodes used at the point of sale. To list an item on Amazon in the USA, you must have a UPC. In Europe, they use EANs (European article number). You do not need a UPC, however, if you sell your item under an existing listing.

There are many websites offering product research for Amazon sellers. What services you need will determine whether you can use the website for free or if you need to have a monthly subscription. If you are a new seller or are just starting to do product research, you could try out free data conversion. If you have a large amount of product (20+) or need further analysis tools, then signing up for a monthly subscription would help you manage your listings.


Amazon Conversion and Analysis

SyncCentric is an eCommerce data provider that works with Amazon sellers around the world. They collect product data that helps sellers identify high-demand and high-profit items. They are involved in 11 global Amazon locales with over a million products searched on SyncCentric.

Convert Amazon Identifiers

To analyze products in the market, you first need to collect ASINs and convert them to UPC (or another identifier). It’s easy to do bulk conversions too. You can put all your ASINs into a CSV and upload it to the platform.

ASINs can also be retrieved by using UPCs. Import your UPCs onto SyncCentric. Then search by UPC or Keywords to find the ASIN. You can use filters like Brand or Manufacturer to narrow your search.

Once your product codes are converted, you will also be able to access product data. Amazon sales rank, shipping costs, and FBA estimated fees will show up in columns next to the UPCs. You can search, compare, and manage the results as well as export the data into a CSV file.

Analyze Amazon Data

To gain an edge as a seller you need to analyze product data. SyncCentric provides statistical data for each product including real-time sales rank and information about the seller.

Sales rank tells you which product has the most visibility and is in high demand. It’s also important to know how many sellers are offering a similar product. SyncCentric looks at sellers who have low pricing and high positive feedback. With these analytics, you can get a better understanding of the competition for a certain product.

Data Management

SyncCentric has designed a user-friendly platform to store and manage your data. On their interface, you can filter specific columns and search for specific products. You can store thousands of products with their analytical data.

Different campaigns can be set up for your data. This means you can manage various sales strategies, suppliers and Amazon locales. You can switch between campaigns easily to organize your data.

While your data is stored on SyncCentric, your product data automatically updates every few hours. This Auto Buy-Box feature includes data such as pricing, rating, and sales rank. You can know the latest market projections with fresh product data.

SyncCentric makes storing and filtering data easier than ever. Every export of data is saved as a file within your account. You can open and download previously exported files for months.

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Price Comparisons

If you want to compete in the market you need to be aware of your seller competition. SyncCentric collects updated Amazon listing buy box prices and shipping costs for both new and used items. They link these items directly with seller name including if Amazon is the seller.

You can now gather information on the lowest prices by FBA sellers and merchant sellers. This data includes new and used products with shipping costs. The listed price for products usually shows the full retail price suggested by the manufacturer, supplier, or estimated in accordance with standard industry practice.

Become a Stellar Seller!

Maybe you’re wondering if you should buy a monthly subscription. The main questions to look at are: Do you want to convert bulk files at one time? Do you want more analysis and product details? If you can answer yes to both those questions, then it’s time to look into a monthly subscription package.

Selling on Amazon has never been easier. Taking advantage of these services helps you become more efficient in your business. And, with more efficiency comes more profit!

If you want to be more profitable with your Amazon selling, you need to utilize ASIN to UPC converters and product analysis. Using product research helps you see what’s hot on the Amazon market now. You can know what products to sell and at what price. Quit your day job and make selling on Amazon a full-time career!


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