How You Can Boost Sales by Integrating Instagram with Your Business Website Design

Having a website for your business today is absolutely imperative, and web design’s importance cannot be overlooked. It is no longer enough to just have a basic website listing the things you do and where people can find you. You need a high-performance site that is well-designed, intuitive, and effective even beyond aesthetics if you want to reach out to your target audience and have a high conversion rate.

Surveys reveal that as many as 40% people tend to leave or “bounce” off a site if it is poorly designed or takes too long to load. 94% of first impressions from website users are design-related. 75% go on to say that their entire opinion of the brand is formed based on their website design. It takes very little time to form an opinion, so you have to ensure you come up with a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics in your website design.

How You Can Boost Sales by Integrating Instagram with your Business Website

Instagram Is the Key

Your Instagram and social media marketing efforts can be great, but if the target users are eventually directed to a poorly designed site, they will just bounce off and your conversion efforts will be in vain. Instead of keeping the two aspects of the funnel i.e. Instagram and the website separate, you should be looking to maximize the effect by integrating Instagram into your website. Here’s how.

Embedding the Feed

You can really make the most of Instagram’s power by embedding your feed into the website. This is simple enough; all you need to do is put the feed below the homepage’s fold. With thoughtful, well-designed content, you will see that the feed really adds a dimension of color and depth to your page. Users will be happy to navigate through the website as well as follow you on Instagram, thus becoming omnichannel targets. Ensure that you are using a theme which seamlessly connects Instagram with your design and products.

A Much-Needed Boost

Anyone who has been in e-commerce for a while knows how difficult it is to get by in the competitive industry. You will need to use a variety of tools to gather the right audience, drive real Instagram followers to the website and then convert them into customers. By linking your landing page to your profile description on Instagram, you can add a big boost to your efforts. The landing page should have a variety of photos and graphics to attract the prospective customer and allow them to learn whatever they have to before making a purchase.

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Taking a Marketing Approach to Things

If you’re a straight shooter, it makes a lot of sense to create a page with sales as its main focus. When users click on your pictures, they will be led directly to the product pages on your site to make a purchase. This skips a number of hoops that the usual funnel would have them jump through and boosts conversion rates as well as your bottom line.


There are a number of effective strategies that allow you to leverage the power of Instagram and use it effectively as a marketing tool. As you begin to attract more followers organically, you will also be able to see sales figures getting a natural boost. That is the biggest advantage of a well-formed social marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a social marketing expert and blogger. Having helped a number of startups get critical mass through SEO and SMM, he now writes articles on how you can build a real Instagram followers base and boost sales.



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