How Working With A SMS Payment Provider Improves The Customer Experience

The customer experience is pivotal to any business’s success, and companies should always be looking to improve their customer’s satisfaction. The payment experience is often one of the biggest stressors for customers, so optimizing the payment process is a must.

SMS Payment Provider. By working with a text payment provider, your business could easily offer your customers the capacity to make payments via SMS Payment Services– a quick and easy process that allows them to simply text information to a specially designated number for your business, or else simply tap a link sent to them in a text to pay. The payment amount can then in some instances be taken off their phone bill, or they can pay using previously stored data. No long, frustrating phone calls with customer service reps – and for your business, quicker payment resolution and happier customers.

But how could working with a text payment provider offer specific benefits to your customers? Let’s take a look below at some of the positives.

SMS Payment Provider

Ease Of Payment

SMS Payment Services means you can get your customers the information they need for payment and ensure that it’s seen in a more streamlined fashion than ever.

It’s simple:

  1. The customer accesses the information provided from a number designated to your business by the text payment provider.
  2. The amount for payment can be added to the customer’s phone bill, for them to pay at the end of the month.
  3. Customers often will have an account with a text to pay business, meaning that their card or bank account information will be added on file.

The whole process is done almost instantly, with just a few taps on the customer’s phone.


Once enrolled, customers can customize their dates for payment notifications of payment, with the system used automatically sending out a payment reminder message. Customers can then pay instantly, safe in the knowledge that everything is operating to a schedule that they’ve decided.

Payment Options

Most SMS Payment Services have capacities to enable customers to use their credit/debit card, or bank account information, to make payment through SMS (instead of adding onto their phone bill). Text payment providers often direct customers to a secure payment page in order to enter relevant data, and ACH payments are a common payment method. With multiple payment method options, customers have more control over their payments.

Customer Service

By working with a text payment provider, your business is equipped with a dashboard through which your customer service reps can manage text notifications to your customer, and automate canned responses to be sent out. This improves communication between customer and business, and cultivates customer loyalty with promotional material, loyalty incentives, etc.

The Bottom Line

To talk further about how working with a text payment provider could augment your business, contact Agile Payments today. With almost two decades of payment experience, we’ll be able to guide you through revolutionizing your payments.


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