How to Create Effective Content for A Website

If you know how to create effective content for your website it will make ranking your website so much easier. Remember that the best way to get your website ranked is to create quality content on a regular basis.

So let’s quickly look at what we mean by quality content.

What is Quality Website Content?

Quality website content is content that is thought provoking and engaging. It provides value to readers and fulfills a need.

How to Write Quality Content

1. Keyword research

The first step with any content should always be to properly research your keywords. Choose your keywords carefully and remember to rather focus on keywords that you can rank for even if they have low traffic. Focusing on high traffic keywords with high competition is going to be pointless now isn’t it?

If you don’t know how to choose good keywords learn about that here.

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keyword research for seo

2. Plan your Post

Remember that content should have an introduction, a body and a summary at the end. Plot out the main points that you want to cover and plan your content before you start writing. This will help you keep to the topic and your content will flow nicely.

This will make the writing process much easier and faster.

how to create effective content for a website

3. Write for Your Audience

I’m going to really emphasize this point…

People read content.

People engage with content.

People share content.

People buy things online.

People click through.

Search Engines don’t do any of those things do they?

So write for people, make your content conversational and personal. Bring across your personality and your opinions.

If you write quality content that your audience enjoys your content will rank.

what is quality website content

4. Use headings and small paragraphs

Break up your content into bit sized pieces by making use of headings and sub headings. Use small paragraphs and short sentences that are easy to read. It will make a huge difference.

5. Include Images

People are visual creatures, we love images. Images also help break up a post into sections. It will also keep your content lively and colourful.

Infographics are really taking the online world by storm now, try and include these in your content.

Infographic using images



So what is SEO content writing and why have I not covered this here?

Writing content for SEO is focusing on getting the attention of search engines. Just remember that although a piece of content might look great to search engines, this does not mean your audience will enjoy it, they might not even be able to read it!

The emphasis should be first to implement these steps and to focus on your audience. Once you have a post that is great for your audience try and implement some SEO content writing techniques while making sure your writing still looks natural and easy to read.

Now that you know how to write great content for a website, learn how to implement some easy SEO techniques to help your content rank even higher!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have been able to learn something new! If you have any questions or maybe have some awesome tip to add please leave a comment.

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Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hello Lynne,
    Great topic that i need to learn better myself. Spending too much time and thought into getting organic traffic has made my posts not enjoyable for my readers. There is a fine line to walk and i lean more towards search engines, even though i know better. Thanks for your helpful post, the information has really helped me!

    • Hi Robert. Yes that is often a problem, writing for search engines first. However the great thing is that search engines look kindly on content that is updated! This means you can go back to your old posts and edit them to be more audience focused, the search engines will smile on you for it too!

  2. Hi Lynne:
    Thanks for the article on writing good content for your websites. I believe keywords are important too. Jaaxy looks like a great tool. Is there a membership to Jaaxy that will give you unlimited searches?

    The use of imagery is critical. I agree we are visual creatures. That is why social media such as Pinterest can be useful in getting traffic to your website.

    You want your content to be eye catching with color and some pzazz. I do not like visiting websites that do not have an visual appeal and are boring to look at. I think utilizing all the real estate on your website and within your content is important. Too much white space can be dull, but not enough white space can make it crowded and slow down your load time. It takes a good balance for sure.

    Great read. Looking forward to more articles.

    • Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your feedback. Yes Jaaxy has a membership for only $19 per month and you get unlimited searches. I have 4 websites so this really is a bargain for me, I use it all day every day! Read my review on Jaaxy here. You can try out 30 free searches first to see how great they are.

      Yes I love Pinterest too, just haven’t been able to spend a lot of time there yet! I have an account and need to get there more often.

  3. LYNNE,

    nice article, with clean website and clear outline . most importantly is to write for your audience.
    I believe writing conversational and personal content will bring higher engagement.
    and I really like Jaaxy keyword research, it does help save lots of time for us to research about keyword, and find the low hanging fruit keyword to grab !

    • Thanks for visiting Spring 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying Jaaxy, I can’t recommend them more! Outstanding keyword research tool.

  4. hi Lynne
    great post on how to write great content for a website! I spend a fair amount of time researching good low competition keywords. I am not always successful and I won’t let it define all my posts but I do research words before posting any article. I like to write in a conversational manner as well, so that readers feel I am talking to them not a robot. I find so many sites where the information is so technical, they lose me. Talk normally people! And please please add tons of pictures and headings! Although I am an auditory learning, when I read articles, there needs to be space, headings and visuals. So I do that in all my posts as well.

    • Hi Emily. Thanks for visiting again. I agree with you there, I get lost in the first paragraph on some websites when people get so technical. I love to read so if I get bored while reading there is a big problem! If I laugh out loud while reading something that person has me for a fan for life!

  5. You know some people write just for the search engines. But you can tell immediately. Sometimes they do keyword stuffing.

    But Google matured and became smarter. Writing keywords in white print in between paragraphs doesn’t get you anywhere anymore. Google likes pictures too.

    So not only will it help your human readers, you won’t lose out with Google either.

    • Hi Ben. Yes those tactics won’t work at all anymore! Anyway those methods are trying to beat the system by tricking search engines. I wrote an article on black hat techniques which you can read here.

  6. You covered all the main tips in a clear way–even the faint of heart when it comes to writing will give it a shot after reading this post. Also, this site is a pleasant user experience!

  7. Seems to me that writing posts around a popular keyword somehow distorts ones unique writing style. I suppose a fair balance may need to be considered – not too much comprising your writing but keeping in mind generally searched keywords. Great article

    • Hi Drew. Yes that is exactly it, finding the right balance can be a bit tricky but with a bit of practice it becomes much easier.

  8. Great tips on creating quality content for a website. I think most important tips are using keyword tool and writing for people because some people try to write for search engines instead of focusing on creating engaging content that helps folks. But from my experience I know that most people that come from search engines don’t read content, they look it through and leave your site. So it’s really hard to keep people on your site. What is your experience?

    • Hi Rufat, I also find it is quite hard to keep people on a website and to get them engaging. Most definitely first thing is to write for your audience first. If you don’t you will gain nothing!

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