How To Use A Green Screen With Filmora

Here is something I have only just learned and I wanted to share with you how to use a green screen with Filmora.

I have ordered myself a green screen but it hasn’t arrived yet. I made a makeshift green screen to start practicing on and it worked surprisingly well.

All I did was buy a green sheet which I tied to a pole and then tied to the handles of my top cupboard. If you are not ready to buy a green screen then see if you can make your own.

I know that I need to figure out how to fine tune my video editing skills but so far this is what I have figured out to do when it comes to a green screen on Filmora.


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  1. That is really cool. I don’t know why I get so amazed when I see things like this. After all technology keeps growing and changing so fast. Green screen has been around for a while but how long have we been able to use it at home? Not only that this seemed so simple to do. What is Filmora? Is it just a video editing software? Is it free or do you pay for it? I want to start creating videos for my website but I have zero experience with that sort of thing. I mean I have pointed a camera and hit record, But I want to edit videos to look the way I need and want.
    Any suggestions here? Filmora?

    • Jason, my video skills have all been learned at home on my own. I also just point and shoot so yes you will be able to get this right yourself. Yes Filmora is an editing software. You can use it for free but there is a watermark – a really big one! However to check out the software and see if it will suit your needs that will do just fine and then the price is about $39 for a yearly license or about $59 for a lifetime license so it is really reasonable! 

      If you want to create videos for your website my advice is just go for it. My videos are not exactly professional but every time I do one I get a little bit better! That is what is important – that you move forward.

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