How to Set WordPress Image for Social Shares using All In One SEO plugin

Things have been so busy the last few months with my mommy blog that I have struggled to find the time to share new information here with you. A few days ago I had someone ask me how to set a WordPress image for social shares and that inspired me to write this post quickly so I can show you how you can quickly and easily set which image you want to show when you (or anyone else) shares your content socially.

This quick tutorial is using the All In One SEO plugin, I am sure there are plenty of ways to set which image gets shared socially but this is the way that I know.

How to set wordpress image for social shares using all in one seo

Firstly go into your All In One SEO settings by hovering your mouse over “All In One SEO” on your dashboard, then when the dropdown menu appears click on “Feature Manager”.

Have a look at the option for “Social Meta” if the blue button says “deactivate” skip this step. If it says “activate” then click on that to activate social meta.

Now go into your WordPress post or page and scroll down to your All In One Settings at the bottom. Next to Main Settings you will now see Social Settings too. Click on social settings.

Here you can click on the image in your post or page you would like to make your image for social shares, ย or alternatively you can choose an image from your media library or even upload a completely new image that will show on your social shares.

In this section you can also set the title and description that you would like to show up for social shares if you would like it to be different to your meta title and description that you have set in your main All In One SEO settings.

Here is a quick video walk through which will show you how quick and easy it is!


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Thanks for this really informative post. Many people -like me- struggle mainly with the technical stuff in WordPress so to see step by step guide’s here is very relieving to see!

    Keep them coming and I will be sure to re-visit and pick up some more tips! where do you get your recommendations from to do your videos?


    • Hi Jake

      I am so glad you found it helpful and yes I totally agree with you. I also struggled when I first started blogging, it is not always easy to find the exact information you need. I found myself at times struggling for days trying to find out one little thing.

      How do I get my ideas for creating how to videos? Well I wait until someone asks me a question and if I haven’t done a how to video or post yet that I can refer the person to then I create one.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you for sharing this neat trick. I’ve been looking for a way to customize my images before social sharing. You’re video and walkthrough are much appreciated.

    I was wondering if you of good plugins that allow you to post directly to social media from WordPress?

    Hopefully you’ll be releasing more videos like this in the future?

    • Hey Dushan ๐Ÿ™‚ On this website I have the Social Media Feather plugin for social sharing and it works nicely. Then on another website I have AccessPress Social Share.

      There are loads of awesome plugins you can choose from just do a search to see which one you like.

      I have done quite a load of how too videos already and yes I will continue to add as I go along.

  3. Thank you. I was getting that a lot where I had to go in and add a picture after I posted it to the social platforms. Thank you this was very helpful for me.

    • Hey Ronnie, yeah I know because a couple of months back I had the same problem with this website! It was showing my profile image from my about me widget in every post. It really didn’t look good at all LOL.

      It took me a while to figure it out and even longer to share it with everyone. I am so glad this helped you out ๐Ÿ™‚

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