How to SEO Youtube Videos

Ok so I have mentioned over and over again how much of an impact video marketing makes on your website ranking and also your conversions. Today I want to explain to you how to SEO Youtube videos.

But before I do that I just wanted to share with you a few things that video marketing has done for me personally. I originally started creating Youtube videos because I was told that adding a Youtube video to your post is one of the big ranking factors.

Simply put, adding a Youtube video to your post means it will be ranked higher.

So now the question I have been asked by other people is why create your own videos, why not just embed someone else’s videos into your posts? Well this is an option and I have done this myself and yes it helps to rank your content higher.

There just two little problems with this.

The first being that you are adding someone else’s video so this means your reader could click through to their video and then their website or possibly even buy the same thing but through their affiliate link. So you are very likely leaking your visitors through to the creator of that video right?

The other thing is that you are trying to create a name for yourself, to build yourself up as an authority figure, yet you are not making use of something massive that can create a really nice link between you and your readers.

SEO youtube videos

Creating your own Youtube videos has so many benefits for you, that quite frankly if you are not creating videos then you are being left behind. I have heard that video marketing is going to be hugest trend in 2017 and I am not surprised.

So here’s why you want to create and add your own Youtube videos to your content:

  • Like I mentioned already it will help your content to rank higher
  • Your Youtube video can be ranked on Google so your video can be found in Google Search as well as your website content
  • Youtube has it’s own search function and more and more people are searching for content directly on Youtube so you are widening your reach considerably
  • Creating a video closes the gap, it makes a personal connection between you and your readers. They can see you and they can hear you.
  • Lots of people would prefer to watch a video than read, which means you are giving your readers more options on your website. Your content has a much bigger chance of being absorbed.
  • Like I have also mentioned you are building your brand, your own authority and video is an excellent way to do this

So hopefully I have convinced you now that video is the way to go… let’s now talk about SEO which is the reason why you are here!

How to SEO Youtube videos

So the first thing you need to do is keyword research and competitor analysis, I have covered that quite thoroughly in this post which shares my secret sauce for ranking posts. The trick now is that I have not found any useful information about keyword research specifically for Youtube or how to do competitor analysis for Youtube so I have my own methods which work well for me.

I simply do keyword research the same as I would for a WordPress post, of if I am doing my video for a post that I have already done keyword research for I use the same keyword.

For competitor analysis I have a look at the videos that come up on the first page of Youtube and see what I am up against.

Youtube Competitor Analysis

  • Is the keyword in the video title?
  • Is the keyword in the video description right at the beginning
  • How long is the description?
  • Is the keyword in the last few sentences of the description?

Naming Youtube Files Correctly

The next thing is to name the actual video file using my main keyword. This can make a difference to your ranking so if you are using software to record your video and it will allow you to upload directly to Youtube rather save the video file and rename it correctly with your keyword and upload it yourself to Youtube.

The next file you need to name is your Youtube Thumbnail as your keyword too. As a general rule with working online, name everything  as your keyword, ok? If you are going to upload something to your website or the internet name it correctly using your keyword!

It is quick, it is easy and it is free to create Youtube thumbnails. Trust me on this one, I am really dumb when it comes to creating images and things like that! So here is my training on how to create a custom Youtube thumbnail.

Add Youtube title and description

Ok so your title of your video needs to be your keyword and add something that will make people click. You don’t just want your video to be ranked, you want it to be clicked on so come up with something enticing and clickable to add your your keyword too.

Then on the first line of the description you must add your keyword and your call to action. This must include your link.

Very important with this bit, your keyword, call to action and link must be above the fold, so with the first 2 lines. The reason this is important is that a lot of people won’t click to see the full description, you need to ensure that your audience can click your link easily and without any extra effort.

Then your actual description should be relevant to your video and it must be over 200 words at least. The more you write about your video the better your chance of being ranked, not just for your main keyword but also other LSI keywords too!

Then at the end of your description put your name, your website name, your website link to the post that you are going to embed the video into and then your keyword again right at the end with the link to the youtube video right at the end.

Adding Tags to your Youtube video

Then make sure to add your tags to your Youtube video too. The first tags should be your keywords and then add your name and your website name too into the tags.

Activate Comments and Engage with your Youtube audience

Just like on your website engagement adds to your ranking, it shows that your audience enjoys your content and this ranks it higher. In addition every comment that is added is new content that is added and fresh content. This can add new keywords to your video and make it rank even higher.

And that is, in a nutshell, all you need to do to rank your Youtube videos and also don’t forget that ranking your Youtube videos is much like ranking your website content. It doesn’t happen over night and the more content you add the stronger your Youtube channel becomes.

Don’t forget to embed your Youtube videos into your WordPress posts and share your Youtube videos on social media too! Did you know that you can Pin Youtube videos to Pinterest and it can be watched directly on Pinterest?

I hope you have found these instructions on how to SEO Youtube videos helpful, please leave a comment if you have any great information to share on this topic!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi Lynne, great tips to SEO Youtube videos, I want to start a Youtube Channel too, and I will apply the great tips mentioned here!

    Since you are already earning from your Youtube videos, can you share with me some advice on the hardware I would need to kick start my video marketing business? Do you know any software that is easy to use to add those special effects on a video?

    Thank you again for these excellent tips, I wish you have a great day! Cheers from Italy, Venice! 🙂

    • Hi Anis

      Oh I wish I could advise you on something awesome and easy to use, the problem is that my technical skills are more than severely lacking when it comes to video!

      I have used Screen Cast O Matic for my videos, you can find my training at Wealthy Affiliate on using Screen Cast O Matic.

      I have tried to find something simple to use for editing videos and I have not been able to figure out anything, so I really can’t advise from personal experience. I just wing it with my videos and do the best I can.

      I would love my videos to be more professional but I think then I will have to hire a professional to come and do it for me. I suppose if I battled along I might be able to figure out video editing skills but I just want to blog, I don’t want to fight with software!

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